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06|12|2007 12:06 pm EDT


by Frank Michlick in Categories:

DNN Available Advertising Spots

DomainNameNews (DNN) targets the domain name industry including domain name investors, advertising networks and related businesses such as SEO, SEM, monetization and hosting companies

To advertise on this website, please contact Frank at (514) 316-1050, or via email.

Advertising opportunities include the following options:

  • Banner ads (One spot 468×40 on top, up to four 125×125 buttons in the sidebar, one spot 468×60 on secondary post pages below the fold)
  • The above options include a text link in our RSS footer (rotation)
  • Custom options available on request

For our advertisers we offer use of our adserver, banners can be hosted on our server or remotely. DNN reserves the right to reject any advertising or advertisers at its sole discretion.

Average monthly Website visitor statistics for H1 2011

  • Unique visitors: 35,894
  • Number of Visits: 71,875
  • Pageviews: 233,992

DNN Feed (RSS & Email) Subscriber Statistics (Nov 2011)

DNN RSS Subscriber Stats November 2011


Up to date RSS feed subscriber statistics:

Advertising Sales are provided by:

DomainCocoon Inc.
3551 St. Charles Blvd
Suite #545
Kirkland, Quebec
H9H 3C4
phone (514) 316-1050
frank (at)