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07|21|2008 01:29 pm EDT

Expiring .TV Call Letter Domain Names Not So “Highly-Prized”

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Alternate Extensions

While Andy Purdy called the auctions of the 4-letter .tv domains that use the call letters of U.S. TV stations “highly-prized”, it seems that his speculation was a bit of hype.

On Friday of last week, Purdy posted a report on his website explaining that a Florida resident had let 285 4-letter .tv domain names expire – many of which represented successful broadcast stations across the United States – and the impending public auction between July 19-23 would be a great opportunity for anybody looking to grab these “highly-prized” TV domains.

Purdy, who served as the Acting Director of the National Cyber Security Division for Homeland Security for two years, believed that “releasing the domains to anonymous bidders around the world may have a serious impact on how American broadcasters maintain their online identity, particularly in light of the upcoming switch to digital broadcast.”

After one day of auctions, however, it seems not many domainers or broadcasters agreed on these being valuable domain names to acquire.

Saturday’s auction results have revealed the following closing prices:

KATC.TV Lafayette, LA ABC – $28
KATU.TV Portland, OR ABC – 23 Fisher Communications – $15
KATV.TV Little Rock, AR ABC – 57 Allbritton Communications Company – $72
KBSD.TV Dodge City, KS CBS – $10
KCAU.TV Sioux City, IA ABC – $10
KCEN.TV Waco, TX NBC – 95 Frank W. Mayborn – $20
KCIT.TV Amarillo, TX FOX – $10
KAAL.TV Austin/Rochester, MN ABC – $10
KAMC.TV Lubbock, TX ABC – $26
KAMR.TV Amarillo, TX NBC – $10
KARK.TV Little Rock, AR NBC – 57 Nexstar Broadcasting Group – $21

By scanning through the complete list of domain auctions, including Sunday and Mondays current results which continued at a similar rate, it’s evident that there was not as much interest as Purdy had anticipated.

The fact is that the .tv extension, although relevant to the industry, is still second choice for these broadcast stations and therefore limited in value.

Most broadcast stations have already developed .com websites to maintain their online identity and simply have no need for the less popular .tv domain name. And in this case, when there is only one possible end user that has already decided to go with a more common extension, the domain becomes virtually useless. The .tv extension also has lost popularity likely because of higher renewal costs and potential additional fees that the registry places on “premium” .tv domains.

However, if there is any value to be had, it is most likely in the 4-letter domains with acronyms that can be used for other applications – not just radio or TV stations. If any of these makes sense with the .tv TLD, then it has additional value because it has a larger pool of possible end users.

Another issue with buying domains at TDNAM is that Godaddy’s rules allow for an expired domain name to still be renewed by the former owner up to 7 days after the auction ends. The owner of these .tv domains could still renew these domain names even after the auction has ended. There is the potential for a domain investor or a TV station to purchase one of these domain names and have the name reclaimed by the former owner.

If you want to invest in this type of domain name, you can find more information at or inquire in the comments section. Bidding for the domains is ongoing at Godaddy’s site.

UDPATE by Adam :  Here’s some more insight on the .tv domains and what the stations think about the domains.

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Steve M

July 21, 2008 @ 4:45 pm EDT

…gives a whole new meaning to the term “highly prized.”


July 21, 2008 @ 5:00 pm EDT

There’s been alot of unneccesary hype about dotTV lately (cough! frager!)


July 21, 2008 @ 6:23 pm EDT

First of all, it’s very easy to “ignore/conceal/hide” FACTS–when they are presented when in reality are threats to your personal investments.

MANY of you–(many) have over-extending yourselves with PPC hype and “DREAMS” of media companies interested in your domains/portfolios. DOMAINS are ONLY vehicles to success–and without “keys” they are a string of characters tied together with a random tld attached–or a car without a battery.

The POINT is…”THE POINT”, that every DOT COM enthusiast fails to somehow comprehend is TIMES are CHANGING and either a) adapt AND/OR adopt…or LOSE, period. It’s not about, “when DOT TV is big”, it’s already BIG…but only at stage 1 of 1,000.

Time and time again, people, (usually/typically those NOT involved or educated), ALWAYS resist change. Some newspapers are losing a MILLION dollars a week, (Gannett), Broadcast stations have NO clue if they are city guides or News organizations and my favorite, Geo .com owners thought they were invisible. SO, the HYPE should actually be considered a FAVOR by ME and the likes of to send a personalized NEON-FLASHING SIGN, to say, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2nd coming of DOT TV has come and gone–and now people “get it” and the potential of keyword and generics for actual BUSINESS not PPC or domaining.

Well, now, after 14 months of religious research, networking, and pure ambition–I’ve uncovered a VERY serious shift in MEDIA. NOT D O M A I N I N G, not PPC, not 32 pages of size 10 black font and google ad sense. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

WE are talking about the M E D I A re-invention, where pages of text are considered sub-par and advertisers ARE NOT “ok” with just “renewing” just because…and where “sticky” content doesn’t refer to printing a $2.00 off coupon to your local family buffet.

Consumers AND advertisers want more, and they will flock (both of them), where they can find compelling, rich-media content, time and time again. It’s not about the past–not even close. It’s not even about the present, it’s about everything that has been building up in-and-around the INTERNET and world-wide-web over the past two decades.

People would rather “WATCH IT-THAN READ IT”.

( $1.65 Billion–in 2005)

So argue it’s not YouTube.TV, but a LOT has happened in 3 short years.

(Vegas.TV sells for $350,000, Golf.TV sells for $600,000…and MILLIONS in PREMIUM domains via ENOM/Verisign have been sold–and in many cases, resold underground without EVER making it to Do you TRULY believe–in your HONEST BUSINESS MIND/SENSE/HEART believe that if each and every DOT TV premium domain was published upon sale–that the landscape wouldn’t be different in terms of “acceptance” from DOT COM hardliners…? (PLEASE save your breath). Many of the DOT COM guys I speak with had little or NO knowledge about the actually system, pricing, sales, developments–etc. WITHOUT knowledge, NO ONE can make an intelligent and strategic business decision. (to invest or develop).

LinTV Corp (300-400 .tv domains)

IndyTube.TV…just as a few examples.

iReport.TV…? (not a redirect)
TNT.TV…? (they don’t even own the .com)
Macon.TV, Nebraska.TV, Spokane.TV…
ShoeTube.TV…they have COMPANIES like this…and GEO .com owners aren’t worried?

Type in EVERY SINGLE Major League Baseball TEAM name with .TV, and see what you find…(NOT BAGS OF SMOKE OR FRAGER HYPE)…
http://www.MLB.TV, NHL.TV, NBA.TV…(ALL NEWLY DEVELOPED; 2005 wasn’t the correct “TIMING”)

CoralSprings.TV…ALL owned by the CVB or city…(i thought you DOT COM guys said they were stupid? Well, they turned down for $800,000…and I quote, “we have the DOT TV, and we’re fine with that”.

Even the biggest GEO DOT COM site in the WORLD- (; Greenspun Media), felt the need to expand their development and marketing…LAS.TV

The facts are facts–and I promise, I’m not going away, because new developments, discoveries, investments, etc, are popping up with every passing day.

NYS.TV ! RealMeals.TV ! TurnHere.TV ! Fora.TV ! DECA.TV ! ModernDomainer.TV ! MISSWORLD.TV ! …and about 4,500 others i’ve found that are used by MAJOR MILLION AND BILLION dollar media companies and private investment firms. PWC.TV ! VBS.TV BrightCove.TV ! Neave.TV ! CityLife.TV ! i-AM.TV ! ExerciseTV.TV…just to name a few for the newbies. If you like cars, Mercedes-Benz.TV and Mini.TV are nice. FastCompany.TV and GeekBrief.TV are nice sites, ever seen Breibart.TV or BookVideos.TV…!!!


Enough is Enough. Admit it folks, you “missed the boat”, just like you bragged to your friends about the rest of the world missing the “.com boat”.

Ps: Much more coming with the launch of my own blog…(i know you guys can’t wait!)



July 21, 2008 @ 6:27 pm EDT

…I forgot to mention.

Just FYI:

I contacted 10/285 stations (for fun), about the LLLL.TV’s …and NONE OF THEM even knew about the TDNAM auction, so again, it’s ABOUT education…not HYPE.

Just like Macon.TV uses MaconNews.TV as their logo…


VideoClix.TV…landed millions of VC $ and no one was smart enough to reg VideoClicks.TV…


Chad Kettner

July 21, 2008 @ 6:55 pm EDT

NY, this wasn’t meant to be a bashing of .TV. Rather, it was meant to say that these domains in particular don’t hold much value because the TV stations already have their own websites that are well-established and fully branded.

Andy Purdy felt that these domains entering the public’s hands would create a serious impact on how American broadcasters maintain their online identity. I beg to differ, since they already have maintained their identities on a more popular TLD.

Regarding your point on education…of course none of the stations knew about the TDNAM auction. You know why? They don’t care. They have their own websites already. Perhaps they wouldn’t mind adding the .tv extension for fun, but they certainly don’t need it to survive if they already have their .com domain name.


July 21, 2008 @ 8:01 pm EDT

Chad Kettner

July 21, 2008 @ 8:05 pm EDT

Again, I agree that .TV sites can do very well. Nothing against investing in them whatsoever.

However, as per this story, if I own a radio station and have already built up my .com website, I don’t see a point in also building and branding the .tv version of it.


July 21, 2008 @ 8:16 pm EDT

Hey Chad, …well…I don’t know either buddy.



July 21, 2008 @ 9:00 pm EDT

Why does NBC have CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo?
Viacom CBS, Logo, MTV… more

Because, in media, it’s more profitable to leverage your talent and infrastructure in a way that gives you more sticks and carrots to throw at advertisers.

A local ad on Time Warner cable in Detroit for Deal or No Deal on CNBC goes for a few hundred dollars compared to the millions it would cost on first-run NBC. There’s big bucks at stake here- the stations have what most domain investors- don’t- advertisers already in their pockets. A few thousand to acquire the TV name gives them more inventory they can sell to relationships they already have.

Of course the ultimate should be station call letters dot com.

But in this case, when station call letters dash tv is already part of your trademark, logo, buildings, media kits… it’s really a no-brainer to register the TV extension.

Maybe the bidding wasn’t higher because investors are in a corner- what are you going to do now that Purdy made a public record- buy the domains then use Purdy’s handy directory to cybersquat the people that might be legally judged entitled to them any way?


July 21, 2008 @ 9:51 pm EDT

Replace .TV with .MOBI and you’ll get the same zealot arguments. This is their shot at making money in the domain industry since most don’t have the sack to spend real money to acquire .com domain names of value. It’s

From my perspective these zealots are bothered that the people making real money aren’t taking the bait and buying their alternative extension domain names.


July 21, 2008 @ 10:31 pm EDT

You’re statements are so foolish it’s funny.

…”my shot at making money in the domain industry”…? Talk to my accountant, haha. I’ve sold off 75% of my .com holdings to reinvest in the future–with a BETTER ROI.

EVERY single time I post, I post FACTS. 100% public FACTS–“UNDENIABLE” FACTS. But for some strange reason, the comments that follow are always personal ideas, thoughts, and agendas. *AMAZING.

It’s about REAL WORLD MONEY…NOT COLLECTING DOMAINS…and sitting by your account at the same time everyday to see how much PPC you made. It’s about Boston.TV walking into Boston and having INSTANT market penetration, advertisers and unique, exclusive content. It’s about MAJOR LEAGUE baseball owning every single team domain. It’s about Microsoft buying Surface.TV and attempting to acquire uStream.TV…and finally acquiring Navic.TV for $300 MILLION (without the DOT COM). It’s about the hundreds of companies who’ve received VC ($) and DO NOT OWN their dot com domain. (they do NOT need it). It’s about the BILLION dollar companies, not bloggers and speculators. It’s about the re-invention of CONTENT DELIVERY.

I’ve travelled the WORLD, and in MANY and MOST countries–outside the U.S., people and businesses DO NOT have the American “DOT COM” mentality. Many corporations simply DO NOT CARE and are using their ccTLD and .TV…

LinTV, McClatchy, Nbc/Abc/Cbs/Fox/, Gannett, Scripps, Landmark, Greenspun, Ion, and hundreds more are doing ok, and the reality is–you’ve heard of them, but they haven’t heard of you. (the REAL money you were referring to).

It’s sad even after hundreds of posts, thousands of pages of FACTS and media moguls publicly agreeing with these FACTS–people like you are still brave enough to post such ridiculous comments. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO…it’s happening right before our eyes, and as the days pass–more and more DOT TV domains will sell, be developed and become the “must see, must have” domain.

Sorry to awake you from your cave, but this is NOTHING like .mobi, not even close. If it wasn’t viable, and a REAL threat to so many “domainers”, these threads wouldn’t go on for hours and hours at a time.

Ps: You already bit the bait.

I’m done posting here, thanks everyone for the great conversation!


Adam Strong

July 21, 2008 @ 11:57 pm EDT

Chad, Sorry I forgot to warn you when I assigned you this story. . .

“I contacted 10/285 stations (for fun), about the LLLL.TV


July 22, 2008 @ 11:49 am EDT


My points are well taken, and for those that so chose to take their sun glasses off–they can see the “reality”.

QUESTION: “what are you going to do when Demand Media or verisign decides that the .tv you developed should cost you more a year to renew?”

ANSWER: “complete misinformation/comprehension”. The ONLY way they can raise renewals–is upon the expiration of a domain. This is their right. Auto Renew…?

QUESTION: “I mean what are you going to do if you are a radio station…buy a .tv and become a tv station instead?”

ANSWER: …What?

QUESTION: “What if you are an organization for the blind?”

ANSWER: …What?

Your comment: “It

Adam Strong

July 22, 2008 @ 4:39 pm EDT

“My points are well taken” . . . lol. says you

“I provide facts

Steve M

July 23, 2008 @ 12:01 am EDT

…an’ the real cool thing is that NV’s now able to simply cut & past (or virtually so) his rants and raves whenever anyone anywhere wisely and correctly points out the many negatives about .tv…

…an’ you know what they say about those who shout the loudest…

ps When 99% of the world is “wrong”…there’s a 100% chance that the world is actually 100% right.

Jim Holleran

July 23, 2008 @ 11:04 am EDT

I been buying .tv since 2000 and it’s paid off well. I have received offers
for for $30,000 and had about4 offers from Spanish media companies for my for up to $50,000. .TV is not hype and look at the trends throughout the world. The problem with the radio station or tv station LLLL is that it could violate trademark violation unless it has other uses for it. That is why many of us are staying away from it.

Remember it’s not what was, or what is, it’s what will be. Smart .tv investors know this already.

Thanks, Jim

Steven Lee Brown

July 24, 2008 @ 7:19 am EDT

It’s …nothing else matters in the internet envionment. are the truest and most apolitical environment to list sites, and display advertising. .TV is an acronym – for tele visual. It can be used across any tele visual display platform: an iphone, a laptop, a traditional workstation office environment, and displayable across flat screen monitors and TV’s everywhere without any geopolitical or transnational interference in terms ot its URL.

Anyone fortunate enough to have seen the capabilities of a and registered one or many, acts as a custodian to the and they look after. A with a barbarian registrant will see the geodomain degrade into a link site of vulgarity, bars, strip culbs, and casino links and dodgy date sites aplenty – akin to a wannabees wet dream.


July 24, 2008 @ 2:44 pm EDT

You are all wrong. Everyone will be using cell phones to access the web. MOBI is the only extension everyone will ever want or need. PCs and domain kings are dead. iPhone is too a fad that shall pass.

Long live the MOBI KING!

October 26, 2013 @ 6:44 pm EDT

muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, r u broke now donk ?

Kelly Lieberman

July 24, 2008 @ 7:09 pm EDT

Wow…if anything this seems to prove that the only extension with any long term relevance in this society is .me….


July 25, 2008 @ 4:33 pm EDT

.tv has a market but it is very limited.

99% of .tv names are crap and are owned by people who maxed out their credits cards to do so and are sitting on a bunch of names that produce little if any revenue – certainly not enough to pay the annual fees.

And when the bank cancels the card and calls in the debt (which is going to happen because the banks are all upside down now (but are hiding the fact) all these .tv owners are going to be feeling pretty stupid.

And it’s not like we didn’t warn them.

Hint: If you are getting substantial offers on .tv names you need to start accepting them NOW< paying down your credit card debt then investing the money in something depression-proof. Whatever the hell that is.


July 26, 2008 @ 10:54 am EDT

I read carefully the article and the comments submitted underneath, i also followed Frager posts over the last weeks.
I shouldnt have said better than NY so i cant add anything over this “argument”.
I just want to point out some things that are very obvious to me.

1. Internet is not only the US market, in fact US is having smaller part of the market each day that passes. Europe -where i live- is already used to .TV’s and this has a lot to do with faster speed we have when it come to internet connections. When you have arguments about a global thing like domains you should think global as well.

2. There is HUGE confusion about registering and renewing .tv’s and about premiums and non premium. I ve read here and elsewhere that when you have a .TV with a normal reg fee you can have its fee raised by DM whenever they feel so. WRONG!!!! This happens only if you let the domain drop.
I must admit some of premium domains are a completely joke for the price tags they have and they add up to the confusion as well, i also admit that DM has done NOTHING to make thing crystal clear and that makes the .tv cctld to hold back a little.

3. DM has changed its premium policy the last 3 weeks, now every domain that drops hits the $500 reg fee even though it was a non premium before and every premium that drops has the fee raised by 100%, 200% and even 500%
This change of policy in my opinion shows an exit coming, DM wants to get as much as they can and then sell.

Keep all this in mind and work your way out.

I cant argue about .tv’s .com’s and .gr’s, i cant say what is better.
All i can say is that video and live streaming is the way to go.

Kelly Lieberman

July 26, 2008 @ 3:00 pm EDT

Here’s a thought: with all the attention focused on TLD’s in general, is anybody paying attention to the TLD related domains on Afternic???? Huge opportunity there….

Adam Strong

July 27, 2008 @ 5:17 pm EDT

“”We believe that stations only need to purchase the domain names they are going to actively use and promote on-air,” said John Fink, vice president and general manager of KHNL-TV and KFVE-TV.”

“More important than owning all the dot-whatevers that go with your name is to take what you have, brand it really well and make sure you cross reference it and integrate it throughout all of your efforts,” including brochures, advertising and the like, Garvey said.


July 27, 2008 @ 5:53 pm EDT

Wonder why people care that much about .tv, seems like heated arguments follow any .tv post

Kelly Lieberman

July 27, 2008 @ 6:05 pm EDT

Heated posts follow almost all discussions on alternate tld’s…

David J Castello

July 27, 2008 @ 6:16 pm EDT

After reading all of these opinions here and on other blogs about dotTV. I decided to do my own research.

No matter what anyone of us think, the public always has the final vote. And in our business, a good barometer of that vote is direct navigation. If anyone disagrees with that premise, please, read no further.

According to the dotTV fanatics (sorry, after reading some of these posts I can think of no other term), the public INTUITIVELY relates television to dotTV. So, I did some exploring and discovered that one of the hottest new shows on television does not own the name of their show in dotTV (they bought the dotCom version in 2006).

I bought it. And in case anyone thinks I’m cybersquatting, I will gladly relinquish the name for nothing the moment they ask for it.

Now, I have the name of one of the hottest new TV shows in dotTV. I promptly parked the name and waited for the money to roll in.

In the last seven days the name has received ONE visitor. Me.

Bob Lange

July 27, 2008 @ 8:28 pm EDT

.tv is the country code domain extension for the nation of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean, dot-tv does not stand for Television so it is not worth much it my books.

Adam Strong

July 27, 2008 @ 9:47 pm EDT

David. Thanks for simplifying the obvious point some fail to get. I’m sure these .tv names are all bought for development and type-ins don’t matter ;)

David J Castello

July 27, 2008 @ 10:16 pm EDT

I poked around and was surprised that, except for Boston.TV and LA.TV, almost all major US city dotTV names are not developed. There is no excuse for this if these people really believe in this TLD. As in any business, action speaks louder than words. None of these are developed:


David J Castello

July 27, 2008 @ 10:22 pm EDT

PS: NewYorkCity.TV is developed.


July 28, 2008 @ 1:54 am EDT

Many of the popular Mexican TV shows run their websites at .tv addresses, but THAT is the limited market I was telling you about. tells you all you need to know about this fabulous TLD which is somehow going to overtake .com in the minds of some people out there who really need to put down the crackpipe.

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