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04|01|1910 11:30 am EDT

Domain Camp Seeks To Take Domainers Back To The Roots

by Frank Michlick in Categories: April 1

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2010.

Domain Name News editor Adam Strong and Fin Lemonde have announced a new “back to the roots” event coined DomainCamp.  The new “unconference” seeks to reconnect domainers to the roots of where the domaining industry began.   New domainers and even old-school domainers that have been at it a long time can benefit from “slipping in to the shoes of some of the pioneers of this business” stated Strong.  “See through their eyes and learn how they got to where they are.

Events and outings planned for the month long excursion include :

  • Watermelon picking with Scott Day
  • Wiring and electrical demonstrations by Garry Chernoff
  • Visits to health care clinics with Dr Kevin Ham
  • Door-to-door sales demonstrations with Rick Schwartz

Accommodations are limited. Strong has reserved a 1984 Honda Accord, a VW bus and 2 double wide trailers for VIPs accommodations.  Up to 25 guests can be accommodated in tents, Strong’s parents basement or above his Uncle Gus’ garage.  Sleeping bags, Ramen Noodles and Mountain Dew will be provide for all guests.  “We really want people to feel the whole experience of what it means to be a domainer and feel that deep in their soul. This is a not to miss experience.

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April 1, 2010 @ 6:55 pm EDT

I know I’m terribly excited about this. However you failed to mention the absolute highlight, a 3 night Santa Cruz beach van-camping excursion. Participants will engage in an actual 72 hour no-break domain registering marathon. Everyone will be trading in their modern laptops and wifi gear and using genuine Metrocom 12000k bit wireless modems hooked to Pentium clones to handreg as many names as possible during the monster session. Prizes will be awarded!! No word yet on if SCPD will be on hand to deliver citations.

Domain Camp -

April 1, 2010 @ 7:16 pm EDT

[…] Camp Domain Camp Seeks To Take Domainers Back To The Roots | Domain Name News __________________ Support Marijuana Policy Reform in Washington State Initiative 1068 eliminates […]


April 2, 2010 @ 9:59 am EDT

IMHO, this would be the greatest event the domain industry has ever seen.

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