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04|01|2009 04:27 pm EDT

Domain Pope Defrocked Over New Orleans Controversy

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2009.


DNN has received official word from The Papal Cardinal of Domains, Francois Doticus Comus, that long time Domain Pope, John Berryhill has been defrocked. The disheartening news came only weeks after the pontiff was caught on camera dangling a “marital aid” from a balcony in New Orleans. Berryhill likely has been under a great deal of stress with sanctification of new TLDs weighing heavily on his mind.

pope2The Domain Pope had a large following and many friends, so the defrocking will not mean that his work will cease. Still many others have expressed outrage over the incident.  One domain industry insider who chose to remain anonymous wondered “If the Domain Pope has been caught doing these sorts of things in public what exactly could he be doing at those ICANN meetings ?”

A formal statement from Berryhill is expected later this week.

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