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04|01|2007 03:42 am EDT

DomainTools Releases “Who’s It Gonna Be” Tool

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1 announced today via the company blog the release of the newest tool in their suite of domain services. The “Who’s It Gonna Be” technology uses proprietary algorithms and millions of whois queries to come up with predictions on who will register any given domain name in the future. Company president Jay Westerdal believes they can predict what you’re going to register before you even know you are going to register it.

Intellectual property attorneys are applauding DomainTool’s technological prowess, which enables the attorneys to send cease and desist letters to “probable” registrants before the domain name is even registered. “This is keeping us one step ahead of the bad guys” said an IP attorney who wished to remain anonymous. The tool will likely cause a serious outcry in the domainer community.

In related news, ICANN has begun consideration of a new UDPRP (Uniform Domain Pre-Registration Policy) which will set up rules and regulations for settling disputes among potential registrants and claimants. Does merely thinking about a domain mean that you have pre-registered the domain ? What if you dream about a trademark typo that is not registered ? Would thinking about building a website as a fan site constitute good faith ? These are the tough decisions that ICANN will face in the coming months.


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Desperate Domainer

April 1, 2008 @ 7:00 am EDT

When will they be releasing their top 10 “domain tools” of the industry list? My vote goes for:

#1 Jay Westerdal

and pretty much stops there.

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