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09|19|2013 12:50 pm EDT

Go Daddy Acquires Afternic [Press Release]

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Acquisitions

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So here’s the official Press Release for the acquisition of Afternic and Smartname by Go Daddy from Namemedia.

GoDaddy Acquires Afternic – Primes Domain Aftermarket For New TLDs

Move Also Delivers Improved Service, Selection & Speed to More Aftermarket Customers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Sept. 19, 2013) – GoDaddy, the world’s leading domain name provider, has acquired Afternic, one of the industry’s leading domain name aftermarket companies based in Waltham, Massachusetts. The move creates an unprecedented level of domain name aftermarket inventory from one source and a frictionless marketplace – enabling buyers to purchase registered domain names offered for sale quickly and easily.

The move also bolsters ICANN’s upcoming Top Level Domains (TLD) program by fueling a more diverse aftermarket. Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) displays domain names at more than 100 different registrars – including 18 of the top-20. This gives new TLDs registries and resellers the best chance and easiest way to showcase their aftermarket domain names. As an example, instead of choosing a single registrar to sell an already registered name like Pizza.NYC – the name can be offered across the entire DLS network – giving the seller the most exposure and customers the best experience.

“Having the right domain name is vital, no matter your venture,” said GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. “GoDaddy is working to bring the ‘domain aftermarket’ together with new registrations and make both super-simple to access. Our customers need an easy way to buy the name they want, regardless of whether it’s new or has been registered previously. This acquisition forms a registrar-led process that creates faster and more trusted transactions across the board.”

DLS gives buyers a more diverse range of results and affords sellers more exposure to customers searching for domain names. A domain name can be listed at a single registrar and also displayed across the registrar network – without any more work from the domain owner. GoDaddy plans to incorporate the DLS into its domain search results and add its aftermarket domain name inventory to the DLS in the coming months.

“The success of the new TLDs and the aftermarket relies on a tight-knit group of diverse registrars and Afternic has done tremendous work to bring everyone together,” said GoDaddy Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin.

Industry partners, operator of Network Solutions and, and fully support GoDaddy’s new registrar-led model. “This is a terrific move by GoDaddy and a real milestone for the domain industry,” said Tucows CEO Elliot Noss. “Making it easier for customers to find, buy and manage aftermarket domain names is important. That is why GoDaddy, Tucows and other large registrars are working together for the industry and for customers.”

Afternic’s Fast Transfer network completes the transaction instantly, and will leverage the full security of GoDaddy’s world-class architecture, without requiring days for a domain name to transfer or having to negotiate confusing industry regulations.

“GoDaddy’s adoption and endorsement of Afternic as the standard for Fast Transfer will accelerate the growth of the domain aftermarket across the entire industry,” said Afternic SVP of Business Development Bob Mountain – who will remain Afternic’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Registrars around the world are realizing that the aftermarket presents a significant opportunity for revenue growth. GoDaddy’s acquisition and investment in Afternic is a win for registrars, domain owners, and customers, and will provide the necessary scale to grow the aftermarket for years to come.”

“Afternic and GoDaddy share a vision for creating a unified domain aftermarket,” said Kelly Conlin, the Chairman and CEO of NameMedia, Afternic’s parent company. “By operating Afternic with the interests of the registrars and their customers first and foremost, this transaction not only fulfills this vision, but reinforces that registrars are the very best place to find all available domain names.”

GoDaddy plans to keep the Afternic staff in the Boston area.  GoDaddy is also acquiring SmartName, a domain parking service, as well as NameFind, a new service for helping entrepreneurs brainstorm a brand name for their business. NameMedia will continue to operate its marketplace of proprietary domain names and its website development group. Conlin will remain Name Media’s Chairman and CEO, while also becoming a strategic advisor to the Afternic management team following the acquisition.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

To see Afternic’s inventory – visit
GoDaddy’s expired domain name auctions will be held at

[via Press Release]

01|28|2011 10:49 am EDT buys ShopWiki for Undisclosed Price

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Acquisitions

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As announced in a press release this morning, has acquired ShopWiki to expand its portfolio of websites that help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

ShopWiki is a international internet shopping comparison search engine which was founded in 2005 and was majority owned by the growth equity firm Generation Partners. The company currently serves 11 countries in North America, Europe and Australia. The sites jointly list nearly half a billion consumer offerings. The acquisition is the first in the consumer retail space for Oversee’s expanding Vertical Markets division, which is further developing the company’s contextual search and comparative results capabilities to create site experiences that help consumers make purchase decisions.

Oversee, which operates successful comparison sites in the travel and financial services sectors like™ and, was attracted to ShopWiki because of its potential to serve as a cornerstone of Oversee’s retail presence. “ShopWiki is the most comprehensive shopping search engine in the market,” said Oversee CEO and President Jeff Kupietzky. “The acquisition is a perfect fit with our ability to apply our expertise in acquiring and managing Internet traffic to improve comparison and buying decisions for consumers.

ShopWiki CEO Rory Cumming was attracted to Oversee for similar reasons. “Oversee provides services for over 10 million domain names and has unique insight into consumer preferences and Internet traffic,” he said. “Through contextual search, consumers who navigate through Oversee’s network of names will see relevant offers more often with ShopWiki.” Cumming will serve as Oversee’s General Manager, Retail, and will continue to run the property from New York as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oversee.

09|20|2010 12:46 pm EDT

GMX buys and 14m Email Users

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Acquisitions


United Internet Logo

United Internet’s Free Mail provider GMX buys the domain and business for an undisclosed price from Media Corporation (MMC). The purchase includes the domain and 14 million active email accounts. LogoIt appears that the purchase does not include websites operated by MMC, that include content sites in categories including entertainment, sports, breaking news, media, finance, tech, health, shopping, fashion, beauty, and automotive. However, GMX and MMC also agreed on a cooperation for offering email services for MMC’s portal The company also owns,,,,,, and

[via ZDNet Germany (German)]

12|11|2009 02:35 am EDT

Dark Blue Sea Directors Resign As Photon Group Takes Majority Ownership

by Adam Strong in Categories: Acquisitions

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Dark Blue SeDark Blue Seaa [DBS:AX] and Photon Group [PGA:AX] announced today that several DBS board members have resigned.  The director resignations come from Richard Moore, former CEO and most recently Executive Director, Vernon Wills, Chairman of the Board and Joseph Ganim, Director.  Duncan Cornish has also resigned as DBS Secretary.

Photon Group now holds 80.2% interest in shares of  DBS following recent acceptances of the takeover offers. DBS directors had issued a statement confirming their willingness to accept the offer and recommending shareholder acceptance on November 29th.  The takeover offer closes on December 14th.

11|29|2009 06:37 pm EDT

Photon Announces Revised Unconditional Takeover Bid For Dark Blue Sea

by Adam Strong in Categories: Acquisitions


Dark Blue SeaIn a joint press release issued today, domain name company Dark Blue Sea [ASX:DBS]  and Photon Group [ASX:PGA] announced Photon’s unconditional buyout offer of DBS shares at 35 cents per share.

The company made a previous takeover offer at the end of October for 30 cents per share and explained the offer to shareholders in this document on November 13th. The new offer comes after recent negotiations between both companies. DBS directors, which hold 20.3%, have all confirmed their willingness to accept this offer. DBS Chairman Vernon Wills comments in the release indicate the sureness of this deal being sealed.

“We are pleased with the increased offer. It is in the best interest of DBS that this transaction is concluded as promptly and efficiently as possible. Our recommendation is directed at bring the transaction to a successful conclusion with minimum disruption to the company’s operations”

The offer will close December 14, which means the company will likely be under new ownership before the end of the year.  What this means for the future of the domain registrar and parking business offerings at Fabulous is unclear.

10|15|2009 01:47 pm EDT

Rob Monster Buys

by Adam Strong in Categories: Acquisitions

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We recently received word that the deal announced in the post below never completed. The announcement has since been removed from the Epik blog.

[Ed. Updated March 17th, 2010]

Rob Monster announced on the blog [Ed. Post Removed] today that expiring domain name service provider has been purchased and will be incorported in to the offerings. JustDropped claims to receive 400,000 monthly unique visitors and have 42,000  email subscribers.

Monster and creator Dan Rubin plan to make improvements and updates to the site, expand the drop catching capabilities and further integrate services in to the existing services of Epik auctions.

Monster states on his blog that “I like drop-catching even more now that large numbers of worthwhile names are being dropped on a daily basis.”   With many registrars moving domains in to auctions before they actually drop, DNN has seen the quantity of good dropping domains take a huge dive.  There are still good domains dropping but this market seems to be one that is dwindling not growing.

09|24|2009 12:22 pm EDT

Sedo Acquires

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Acquisitions

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Sedo today announced it has acquired the parking company, a domain monetization service provider that is well known for working with large domain portfolio owners and hosting companies to increase revenue.

Sedo will be incorporating the brand into its own, transitioning’s members to Sedo’s platform by the end of the month.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Sedo to extend our parking program’s industry leading services to’s customers,” said Tim Schumacher, the CEO of Sedo. “We look forward to a smooth integration of the brand into Sedo’s community of domain buyers and sellers. This acquisition is another example of Sedo’s commitment to sustain growth and increasing our membership throughout the year.”

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

[via Sedo]

01|22|2009 12:06 am EDT Acquires Sendori

by Adam Strong in Categories: Acquisitions

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Sendori Logo

Company sources confirm that direct navigation company has been acquired by sponsored listings.  Specific details of the transaction were not provided. provides a unique service in the domain space. Rather than parking domain names on a page with search listings the company’s service partners domains with advertisers in specific sectors.  Sendori apparently has applied to patent their technology.   Advertisers looking for traffic on a given topic can buy direct navigation traffic from Sendori’s domain name clients.  For example,, an advertiser, would purchase all unique visitors that come from domain names with auto insurance traffic.  Sendori has a very exclusive program and make sure to only work with top tier domain traffic.  They claim over 130,000 advertisers with access to 33 million unique visitors each month from domain traffic.

Sendori had previously raised capital with First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures, and Maples Investments investing in the business.

ASK Sponsored has been involved in the domain space supplying a Google feed for several parking companies such as Parking Panel and Skenzo.  The Ask/Google feed was pulled in Feburary of 2008 making a big change in the ppc space. is an IAC (NASDAQ:IACI) company and has made other moves in acquiring premium reference sites (and domains) under the umbrella like and

More information can be found on the Sendori site.