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03|02|2010 11:22 am EDT

.Me Makes it Personal

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions

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The .ME registry has partnered with NameJet yet again to offer up another batch of .ME domains at auction. This time it’s personal . . . as in personal names.  The list of 300 domains includes some of the most popular first and last names such as Adam.Me,  Michelle.Me, OConnor.Me, and Smith.Me

The full list of names to be auctioned can be found at www.PersonalNames.Me . The official press release can be seen after the jump.


11|05|2009 03:56 pm EDT to Auction 2 Character .Biz Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions

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navi_logo-poolOn the heels of the recent 1 character .biz domain and 2 character .de domain auctions at Sedo, domain auction house announced yesterday that they have teamed up with Neustar to auction off more than 1000 two character .biz domains.  The domains will be made available in a phased release beginning November 30, 2009 through February 2010. Two character domains, which were previously unavailable, include names like PC.Biz, and  A full list of the domains to be auctioned can be found at the site TwoDotBiz.Biz

Neustar’s Tim Switzer stated:
We are very pleased to be working with to make a short, memorable alternative available. The demand we experienced during the release of one-character .BIZ domain names validated the attractiveness of the .BIZ brand. There are many companies with long company names, and others who have names that are difficult to spell or remember

Neustar sold over $360,000 worth of 1 character domains through the Sedo during the October auction.

03|04|2009 07:59 pm EDT

Al Gore Wants To Create New Domain Name Extension .ECO

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions

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ecoFormer Vice President Gore, who often took barbs about his misconstrued statement about ‘inventing the internet’, can now partially lay claim to inventing a new domain name. Al Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection have announced  their intentions to join a group of other “internet entrepreneurs, leading scientists, ecological and philanthropic groups, and environmentally conscious high-profile individuals”  in applying for a new domain name extension, .ECO. The domain name will still need ICANN approval however before becoming a reality. (more…)

07|21|2008 01:29 pm EDT

Expiring .TV Call Letter Domain Names Not So “Highly-Prized”

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Alternate Extensions

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While Andy Purdy called the auctions of the 4-letter .tv domains that use the call letters of U.S. TV stations “highly-prized”, it seems that his speculation was a bit of hype.

On Friday of last week, Purdy posted a report on his website explaining that a Florida resident had let 285 4-letter .tv domain names expire – many of which represented successful broadcast stations across the United States – and the impending public auction between July 19-23 would be a great opportunity for anybody looking to grab these “highly-prized” TV domains. (more…)

05|13|2008 03:28 pm EDT

.Asia and Come Under Fire

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions

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Domain Name News received a “press release” today from Thomas Rucker of Madunia GmbH. In the emailed article, he refers to the sunrise auctions of .asia domains as “shady” and “dubious”. Rucker’s claims that the CEO of, Richard Schreier, is benefiting from the company’s relationship as auctioneer of the .asia domains.

[Update]: DNN has received a response via our comments from’s CEO, Richard Schreier, which we have now quoted below. was contracted by the .asia registry to auction all domain names that received multiple applicants during the .asia landrush period.

Rucker points out that the CEO of the company that auctions these domains likely would have inside information on the top bids placed on these names. Rucker has discovered that Schreier is also the owner of several other companies in Europe which have acquired some of the premium keyword .asia domains including , and Rucker has documented his opinions and findings on this matter at the site View the emailed “release” after the jump. (more…)

11|07|2007 06:24 pm EDT

.Mobi Buyer’s Remorse ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions, Domain Aftermarket, Domain Auction


MobiIn an email sent out today, has announced a re-auctioning of a batch of .mobi domains purchased recently from the TRAFFIC domain auction in Florida. The domains have now been placed back on the market by the winning bidder.

Note: I was not a .mobi buyer or bidder.

The buyer/bidder of these .mobi names at TRAFFIC wants to sell the domains at cost due to other financial obligations. Here is a list of the premium names sold at TRAFFIC to one bidder that now wants to sell them for cost .

Since you were a .mobi buyer/bidder in our most recent Traffic auction I am sending this email in regard to the .mobi names. We are giving you first shot at them but we need you commitment at of above the prices below.

These are available for purchase (on a first come -first serve basis) at these prices below thru this Friday November 9th.

Domain Venue Price Live $110,000.00 Live $55,000.00 Live $8,000.00 Silent $3,000.00 Silent $15,730.00 Silent $3,000.00 Silent $3,993.00 Silent $3,000.00

10|19|2007 06:12 pm EDT

DOC renews .US contract with Neustar

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions


neustarThe Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced the renewal of Neustar’s contract to manage the .US registry. The .US domain is the country code top-level domain for the United States (usTLD), but has always played second-fiddle to the more popular .com extension.

The contract involves a three-year agreement with two one-year options. The NTIA is part of the Department of Commerce and is responsible for the development of domestic and international telecommunications policy for the Executive Branch.

“Neustar’s bid met our selection criteria and we are confident of its abilities to manage the .us domain space. NTIA takes seriously its responsibility to ensure the stability and security of the .us domain for the benefit of the nation’s Internet community,� said NTIA Assistant Secretary John Kneuer. “Therefore, we will continue supervising administration of the usTLD to achieve those goals, and will work closely with Neustar to support the domain’s growth, particularly in the second-level space.�

[Press Release]

10|14|2007 01:22 am EDT

.Mobi Sales Heat up again at TRAFFIC Domain Auction

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions, Domain Sales, Events


The live domain name auction at the TRAFFIC conference sparked a seemingly renewed interest in .mobi domains. There were 13 .mobi domains at auction and all 13 domains sold. Many of these domains were priced with a $1 starting price which spaked multiple bidders and rocketed up the prices. Several unfamiliar faces were seen bidding. However, some very familiar faces including Xavier Buck from Eurodns, reps from, Jakob Knightley from and reps from were active in the bidding. The thirteen  .mobi domains reached nearly $650,000 in sales

I tried spotting all the bidders during the auction, but I was only able to get a visual confirmation on some. If my eyesight and notes from the event are 100% correct, some of the top bidders on the .mobi domains were : – $150,000 – – $145,000 – NameDrive – $50,000 – Xavier Buck – $25,000 – Tidewinds

The other domains were sold for the following amounts = $110,000 – Phone-in bidder – $33,000 – $32,500 – $17,500 – $12,500 – $8,000 – $8,000 – $3000

08|09|2007 11:06 am EDT

Microsoft Messenger blocking .info

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions, Up to the Minute


It might be just a fluke, but Microsoft Messenger is blocking .info sites from appearing when users send messages back and forth . More on this story here.

07|19|2007 06:28 pm EDT

Sedo Brokers Biggest .Info Sale to Date

by Adam Strong in Categories: Alternate Extensions, Domain Sales


SedoSedo has just announced the closing of the highest .INFO sale to date. sold today for $116,000.

From the Press Release :


Sedo recently announced they have closed the highest .INFO sale to date, with selling for $116,000 USD.   This comes at a time when .COM sales are reaching record sales prices and is great news for domain investors. As the secondary domain market begins seeing higher sales values for domains with alternate extensions to the .COM, better returns on investment can be expected for all  top-level domains (TLDs), including Sponsored TLDs, such as .MOBI and even Country Code TLDs such as .CO.UK and .US.  Other notable .INFO sales include for €13,550, or roughly $18,500, for $11,500 and for €8,100, or about $10,500.  

“As the 6th largest TLD on the Internet today, .INFO has become a natural place on the Internet to both place and find information about important subjects, like travel,� said Roland LaPlante, vice president and chief marketing officer for Afilias, the registry for .INFO domain names. “The record setting sale of highlights the value of .INFO as the go-to TLD for information and underscores its increasing prominence in the global domain market.�

I don’t know about “natural place” since it is afterall referred to as an alternate extension. It’s still a good sale and should be a nice boost for more .info sales. Congrats also to who is likely to benefit greatly from this as well :)