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11|26|2013 02:49 pm EDT

.DE Registry to add Redemption Grace Period (DENIC)

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs, Up to the Minute

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As of December 3rd, 2013, DENIC, the operator of the .DE ccTLD will also introduce a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) that allows the original domain owner to recover their expired domain for up to 30 days after the expiry, the same as for gTLDs.

See the full press release after the jump.


06|07|2013 09:50 am EDT

.IO Domains Offline?

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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As reported on twitter and Hacker News, .IO domains have stopped resolving and apparently new registrations are not going through either. .IO is the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean territory. The TLD is especially popular with startups. According to comments on the post, 5 of 7 nameservers are returning NXDOMAIN (=domain does not exist) for queries for IO domains.

DNN has reached out the registry operators for comment.

[Hat tip to George Kirikos]

04|09|2013 09:52 am EDT

Mali to give .ML domains away for free

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While a large part of the domain industry gathers at the 46th ICANN meeting in Beijing this week, big news are being made in the country of Mali in Africa. As reported by The Guardian, .ML domains will be available for free in July 2013. The registry will be operated by Freedom Registry, the same company that currently operated .TK (ccTLD for Tokelau). .TK currently has over 16 million active domain names according to the registry operator.

Sunrise starts on the 1st of May 2013 and will last for one month until May 31st. Landrush will begin the following day and will end on July 14th 2013. General Availability starts on July 15th at the ICANN meeting in Durban, South Africa.  There will be no restrictions to registrations of free domains and anyone can register their own .ML domain. Free .ML domains work exactly like any other extension and can be renewed each registration period at no charge.

Further details on the launch schedule, FAQs and the reseller registration process are available on

[via The Guardian, Press Release (PDF)]

10|29|2012 07:25 am EDT

Speaking out against the Nominet proposed release of second level .UK domains

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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After releasing single and two letter domain names, Nominet, the operator of the .UK ccTLD is currently running a consultation on a release of domains under the second level, i.e. his site domain industry veteran Edwin Hayward from Memorable Domains details why he opposes the proposed procedure for release of those domains with a 22-page document (PDF).
Here’s a short summary of his most important points from his website:
  • Most businesses use, and 93% of UK names are
  • […] these [second level] names will not be offered to the owners of (e.g. the BBC would not automatically get
  • Instead priority will be given to trademark holders. Sounds fair to you? Read here why this is a bad idea.
  • Existing domain owners will have to prove that they are entitled to the matching .uk domain name, or buy it at auction (if it hasn’t already been taken by a trademark holder)
  • This will cause uncertainty and confusion, and risks damaging trust in and hurting UK businesses
  • [Due to the higher proposed annual registration fees] the direct cost to UK businesses will be at least £50,000,000 per year, and associated adjustment costs could run to £billions. This estimate does not account for auction income from domain names that several parties are interested in.
  • Other countries went about the same process quite differently. In every previous case, existing domain owners were given priority ahead of other interests.

If Nominet still decides to go ahead with the release of second level domains, Hawyward is proposing a process (“Proposal for the Equitable Allocation of .uk Domain Names” as of page 8 (PDF)) where the existing registrants of the equivalent of the names get priority in a sunrise procedure for registering the .uk counter part.

The phases of the counterproposal are:

  1. Domain Owner Sunrise (60-90 days): Sunrise phase for existing domain owners, also taking trademarks (from current domain owners) into account
  2. Trademark Sunrise (120 days): Sunrise period for trademark owners without existing domains.
  3. Landrush (60 days application + 30 day auction): Expression of interest available to everyone
  4. General Availability (first come first served): Domains available to everyone, normal registration fees
The proposal is backed by a lot of underlying background data, including a comparison how similar launches were handled in other ccTLDs.

What do you think, who should get priority rights for the release of .UK names? Should they be released at all? What do you think of Edwin’s proposal?

04|19|2012 05:20 am EDT

DENIC and Netnod Team Up for Further Name Service Enhancement of .de

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs, Up to the Minute

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The operator for the German .DE ccTLD announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Swedish based Netnod, adding Netnods 35+ worldwide DNS locations to their own network.

“We have chosen Netnod for their outstanding technical expertise and fully trust their competence to meet the high level demands associated with the operation of our supplementary name service for .de, which is by far the biggest ccTLD worldwide. Also, both Netnod and DENIC are not-for-profit, neutral, and independent basic infrastructure-providing organisations and share similar strategic positions and views. Therefore, this partnership ideally matches with DENIC’s commitment to provide services of utmost reliability, on a self-regulatory basis,” said Dr. Jörg Schweiger, Member of the Board and CTO of DENIC.

See the full press release after the jump.


04|18|2012 11:54 am EDT

15 Million .DE Domain Names Registered

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As per a press release sent out by DENIC, the German .DE registry operator, the 15th million .DE domain was registered today at 12:56pm central European time. The domain was “” (which translates to

See the full press release after the jump.


09|02|2011 09:55 am EDT

.FR Registry, AFNIC, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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The .FR registry AFNIC, is celebrating their 25th anniversary today. As a birthday present to itself, the company has updated its logo, webdesign, anniversary magazine  and is launching a contest “The French Connection” that rewards five .FR websites to “showcase the best Internet experiences in .fr domain names“.

The highlight of the program will be a special event held on 11 October on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower with the French internet community to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the .fr namespace. There will an award ceremony for the winners of the contest, at which more than 300 guests are expected.

[via Press Release]

04|18|2011 12:12 pm EDT

IDN ccTLD Request From Yemen Successfully Passes String Evaluation

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ICANN announced the successful completion of String Evaluation on proposed IDN ccTLD string for Yemen, ????? (xn--mgb2ddes).

With this announcement, a total of 27 countries/territories requests have successfully passed through the String Evaluation. Of these, 17 countries/territories (represented by 27 IDN ccTLDs) are delegated in the DNS root zone; with the remainder either readying to apply, or actively applying for, delegation of the string.

ICANN is looking forward to enabling the availability of non-Latin country-code domains for countries that qualify. ICANN will continue to accept applications for new requests in the Fast Track process, as well as processing requests through the String Delegation function. Staff support is available to help all countries and territories interested in participating in the Fast Track Process. Please email for any inquiries for participation.

03|07|2011 05:50 pm EDT

.AU Passes the 2 Million Domain Mark

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auDA, the Australian Domain Name Administrator, announced today that the registry had passed the 2 million registration mark last night.

“The .au domain has the highest penetration rate in the world for regulated namespaces with restricted eligibility when you take into account our population. The .au domain has become part of the fabric of doing business in Australia. We have seen continual strong growth in the namespace despite the global financial crisis and other market factors. .au is Australia’s domain namespace of choice and the only place to show that you are a trusted Australian,” Mr Kinderis, AusRegistry’s CEO, said.

01|10|2011 10:58 am EDT

.AT Crosses 1 million Domain Registrations [updated]

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The Austrian Registry just crossed the 1,000,000 domain registration mark this morning as reported by DVmag [German]. The registry has run promotions such as the free registration of IDN domains in 2006 or a reduced rate for registrars for new registrations in months of their choice. The registry also is hosting this year’s DomainPulse conference in Vienna in February.

According to DomainQuadrat [German] the 1 millionth domain name registered was (= dog-puppy paradise in German) at 4:28pm CET. The official press release was published here by

[via (German)]