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12|23|2014 10:40 am EDT

Ron Jackson Finally Owns

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction, Domain Sales

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For more than a decade, Ron Jackson has been producing his domain industry publication DNJournal.  It’s been regarded as a “go-to” industry publication for his weekly sales reports and his “cover stories”, featuring prominent industry profiles, but did you know that Ron didn’t even own  OMG Ron you don’t own all variations of your domain?  How could you even conduct a successful business?!

The site has always operated under name (DN being an industry acronym for Domain Name) and over the last decade I’d say Ron has done a great job of making that a name we all know and trust.  I would venture to guess most of us in the industry call it by DNJournal.  Even so, from a brand perspective it probably would be smart for Ron to pick up too.  Ron already owns and, in case you were wondering.

A few weeks ago the domain name expired and more recently went to auction at NameJet, with the closing slated for December 22nd. The final sales price ended up being $250.  The winner was none other than Ron Jackson.  There were a couple of bidder IDs that showed up early :  “pheenix”, “aaaaaaaaa” and “thegeneral1979″  but there wasn’t much competition. It really feels like the name was not bid up at all . . . maybe as a courtesy to a really great guy.

Unsure about who was bidding for Ron or if he was bidding, I reached out to make sure he had his sights on this name. He replied with an interesting story about domainers and “dick moves”.

I don’t know if you know the story behind that domain. Goes all the way back to the end of 2002 when I asked people at DNForum to help me pick a name from a few options I listed. They picked DNJournal which I liked best as well, so I registered that name. Within a few days, some other forum member from Canada (forget his name – Lorenzo or something like that) registered and tried to sell it to me. At the time I was too stupid to consider registering other variations of the name. He has held it for 12 years and I was determined I would never let him profit from it (at least from me as I thought his initial action was a dick move). Others who inquired said he wanted $1500. I would have gone that high in this auction but would never have given it to him.”


What do you think?  Was it a “dick move” ?  IMHO it was.
Here’s one the older DNF threads where the former owner talks about owning this name : .  Many of DNFs older threads seem to be missing.

I’m just glad to see after all these years to see Ron the new owner of

10|29|2013 05:30 pm EDT

Go Daddy/Afternic and Sedo’s reported sales for the week ending on Oct 28th, 2013

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Over the past week, 705 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1,3m. Go Daddy/Afternic’s total domain sales for the week summed to  $1,696,432.

Over 47% of total sales at Sedo were the result of Buy Now listings.

The top seller on Sedo’s list, for 45,000 USD was a SedoMLS sale that came through Go Daddy.  The domain was owned by Frank Schilling.

The top ten sales in the week ending on October 28th, 2013 were:

  1. $45,000 USD (Sedo)
  2. $28,000 USD (Afternic/Go Daddy)
  3. $20,000    USD    (Afternic/Go Daddy)
  4.    $15,000    USD    (Sedo)
  5.    $15,000    USD    (Sedo)
  6. $14,900 USD (Sedo)
  7. $14,000    USD    (Afternic/Go Daddy)
  8.    $13,500    USD    (Afternic/Go Daddy)
  9. $13,500 USD (Afternic/Go Daddy)
  10. $10,500 USD    (Afternic/Go Daddy)

See all of the reported sales after the jump.


10|22|2013 11:50 pm EDT

Go Daddy/Afternic Sales Report for the Week ending Oct 20th, 2013

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Go Daddy and Afternic reports $1,625,205 USD in sales for the week from 10/14/13 – 10/20/1.

The top six reported Sales at Go Daddy / Afternic this week were:

  1. for $19,000 USD
  2. for $12,000 USD
  3. for $9,950 USD
  4. for $7,500 USD
  5. for $7,500 USD
  6. for $7,500 USD

See the domains included in the report after the jump.


10|22|2013 05:55 pm EDT

DomainAgents Exclusively Brokering Sale of [Press Release]

by NewsDesk Editor in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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A once in a generation opportunity to purchase the premium domain name:

Pop singers, world class chefs, fashion houses, race car drivers and even plumbers share the name Mario, but there is only one In a once in a generation event, this coveted generic domain name has come on the market. DomainAgents is happy to announce that they are the exclusive representative for the sale of this uniquely brandable domain.

“The power of this domain is its flexibility. Mario is a name known worldwide and could be the home of any number of existing or new brands. There are many Marios, but the new owner will have the opportunity to forever tie themselves to the Mario name,” says Phil McKegney, founder of DomainAgents.

DomainAgents is a domain name brokerage and negotiation platform. While focused on providing a neutral platform, they offer brokerage services for super premium domain names, such as

DomainAgents is inviting interested parties to contact them at sales(at)domainagents(dot)com to arrange a time to discuss the domain.

About DomainAgents
DomainAgents takes a unique approach to brokering domains. Buyers prequalify their offers by buying a DomainAgents credit and in return DomainAgents guarantees that the buyer’s offer will be presented to the domain owner. DomainAgents also runs the domain market research tools and

[via Press Release]

Disclaimer: Adam Strong, managing editor of Domain Name News, also is one of the founders of DomainAgents.

09|26|2013 05:11 pm EDT sold for $500k USD

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Screenshot: Properties for rent near Madhapur - Hyderabad _ - Mozilla Firefox (2013-09-26 17.01.34) and a Phone Number bought by Indian startup for $1MM USD

As reported by NextBigWhat, Indian Startup has purchased the domain for $500,000 USD and the national Indian phone number 03-333-333-333 for another $500,000 USD. Their old domain, now redirects to The purchase of the domain is underlining their plans to expand their property rental listing service globally.

“Hopefully, this is going to be the biggest domain deal of the year world-wide. And it’s our first step in going global,” said Advitiya Sharma, the co-founder of, according to the article.

The startup had raised $2.5MM USD in funding from Nexus Venture Partners in June 2013 and is reported to have been funded with $3MM USD on top of their angel round.

[via NextBigWhat]

09|10|2013 11:26 am EDT

Marchex subsidiary Archeo Launches Domains Marketplace [Press Release]

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Archeo Domains Screenshot

Archeo Launches Domains Marketplace, Providing Gateway to Premium Portfolio of More Than 200,000 Names

 SEATTLE  – September 10, 2013 – Archeo, Inc., a division of Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX), today announced the launch of the Archeo Domains Marketplace (, providing direct access for businesses, brokers and individuals to Archeo’s portfolio of more than 200,000 premium domain names available for sale.  The searchable portfolio is presented in 21 categories, ranging from Business & Finance to Technology and Travel in a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

According to Archeo Chief Operating Officer Rod Diefendorf, launching the Archeo Domains Marketplace is a key milestone in the company’s broader mission of establishing a vibrant and transparent ecosystem to facilitate domain buying and selling, including the development of tools and technology enabling businesses to further promote and grow their brand.

“The launch of the Archeo Domains Marketplace is an exciting step toward unlocking the true value of our portfolio,” said Diefendorf. “We have thousands of top names and are excited to finally showcase these online while providing visitors with useful information through a simple and intuitive search interface.”

The new website features an easy-to-navigate interface that enables users to search from among more than 200,000 Archeo-owned websites, including such names as,,,,,,,,, and Archeo’s dedicated sales team, averaging 10 years experience each in the domains industry, will directly administer and manage the Marketplace.

Archeo will also be working directly with some of the industry’s leading brokers to help their customers find and purchase specific names from Archeo’s portfolio.  Some of Archeo’s current broker partners include Igloo, Names Plus Marketing and Domain Holdings.

“The Archeo domain portfolio has been well-known, over the years, for its quality as well as its comparative inaccessibility. I think I can speak on behalf of most of the industry when I say how excited is to see Archeo launch its marketplace to finally unveil one of the top portfolios in the space,” said Tessa Holcomb, Co-Founder & CEO. “We are delighted to partner with Archeo in making these premium names available to our clients.”

In addition to selling domains from its own portfolio, Archeo plans to expand its services, ranging from data intelligence to third-party sales and other related domain support services.  Complementing the Archeo Domains Marketplace, Archeo’s team manages select fully developed websites and plans to continue the development of designated domains into digital brand properties, such as and Archeo also operates an advertising marketplace, featuring an online and mobile advertising network that the company can further leverage in promoting its own developed websites, as well as those of customer sites.

About Archeo

Archeo, Inc., a division of Marchex, Inc., is a premium domain and advertising marketplace that enables the buying, selling and development of digital properties and advertising inventory.  In November of 2012, Marchex announced its intention to spin-off Archeo into a distinct, publicly-traded entity.  Archeo has filed an initial Form 10 Registration Statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with Marchex’s previously announced plan to pursue the separation of its business into two public companies.

If the proposed spin-off transaction is completed, Archeo’s technology-based business will be comprised of two complementary areas: (1) a Domain Marketplace, which includes our platform to purchase, manage and sell domains, including more than 200,000 domains which we own today; and (2) an Advertising Marketplace, which includes our online and mobile advertising network, where we sell advertising on a variety of publishers and on our own digital properties.

To learn more about the proposed spin-off transaction, please visit

About Marchex

Marchex, Inc. delivers customer calls to businesses and analyzes those calls so companies can get the most out of their mobile advertising.

On November 1, 2012, Marchex announced its intention to pursue separation of its business into two distinct, publicly-traded entities. If the proposed tax-free spin-off transaction is completed, Marchex’s existing shareholders would hold interests in: (1) Marchex, a pure play mobile advertising company focused on calls, and (2) Archeo, Inc., a premium domain and advertising marketplace. The spin-off is currently anticipated to be completed not earlier than the fourth quarter of 2013.


04|30|2013 05:08 pm EDT

RV company buys for Undisclosed Sum

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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As announced in a press release today, Good Sam, a provider of products for the RV and outdoor recreation consumer  purchased for an undisclosed sum. The domain name was owned by Dometic Group, another supplier for the RV and Marine Industries.

The company is planning to develop the domain name into a new site by August 2013 and is hoping to benefit from 20,000 links the site currently has according to the press release. The site will cater to the “Good Sam Club” member base and offer information, access to new and used RVs, how-to videos as well as social components.

“The term “RV” defines not just a type of vehicle, it defines a lifestyle,” said Good Sam Chairman and CEO, Marcus Lemonis. “We strive to be the one-stop shop for everything in the RV lifestyle and integrating into our suite of Web-based services for RVers further solidifies our position as the leader in this industry.”

The whois of the domain has yet to be updated to the new owner.

[Hat tip to Mike of Domain Guardians]

02|14|2013 12:36 pm EDT

Luxemburg based IRIS buys 25 .XXX Domains from ICM Registry for $180,000

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) exclusively used for online adult entertainment, announces today that IRIS SARL, based in Luxembourg, has secured an additional 25 Premium Domains in a deal worth $185,000.  This is the second significant order from IRIS who previously acquired $650,000 of premium names back in September 2012.

The new .XXX names include,, and many more popular niche sectors of the adult market.

The Chairman of IRIS commented.” We have spent several months analyzing the key adult search terms and with our SEO experts and have chosen a further 25 Premium XXX names that are highly popular adult search terms. In addition, the recent changes by Google have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our other .XXX sites and this is without doubt, a solid investment in the future”

Steve Winyard, ICM Registry Vice President, added, “IRIS have been diligent in their approach to launching their initial sites and have some leading technology and ideas which will make a huge impact when launched. We are once again delighted with this further investment and will work to support them and introduce them to the very best partners we know, in order to help them achieve their goals.

[via Press Release]

02|13|2013 04:44 pm EDT

Sedo sells (Bets in Spanish) for 165,000 Euro, $1.57m for the week

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Over the past week, 800 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling over $1.57m. Over 41% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings.

Highlights of public sales include:

  • Top .com: (bets in Spanish) at 165,000 EUR, almost 222,000 USD
  • Top ccTLD:  (Veterinary in Spanish) at 8,000 EUR (=$10,750 USD)
  • Top “other” TLD: (Property Management in German) at 5,900 EUR ($7,930 USD)

We’ve also received word of the following domains being sold outside of any marketplace:

  • (roof in German) 5950 Euro (=$8,000 USD)
  • (Solid Construction in German) 5950 Euro (=$8,000 USD)
  • (Paper in German) 5950 Euro (=$8,000 USD)

See all of the reported Sedo sales of the last week after the jump.


01|28|2013 09:31 am EDT

Sedo to broker Internet Real Estate Group’s Domain & Site

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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Sedo is brokering Internet Real Estate Group’s and the web business. The site is a marketplace for fine chocolates that lists 250 vendors and their over 5,000 products.

“The domain name and address is one of the most sought after plots of virtual real estate on the Internet,” said Andrew Miller, Managing Director of “It is the global equivalent of the best address on Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, or Champs-Élysées.”

“When a rare, internationally-appealing name like is put up for sale, it has the power to shift an entire market,” said Kathy Nielsen, Director of Strategic Alliances at Sedo. “With record-breaking domain sales under our belt and a strong network of potential buyers, we’re optimistic that will be a landmark sale and are excited to help make it happen.”

The name and website has been listed before for $6MM USD and then lowered to $4.95MM USD. Sedo has not published an asking price and the domain has yet to actually be listed in the marketplace.

[via Press Release]

Disclaimer: DNN’s co-founder and managing editor, Frank Michlick, consults SedoMLS through his company DomainCocoon.