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02|18|2013 10:09 pm EDT

RIP Igal Lichtman aka Mrs. Jello

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domainers

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According to Larry Fischer at, a well known domain space veteran has passed away.  Igal Lichtman was a very successful business man and domain name investor.   Many will remember him from forums and from his whois where he left his mark as Mrs. Jello.  He had an inspiring portfolio with many gems such as,, and more.  He was involved in launching two parking companies ( and, advertising companies and even a geo site at  He was also a very successful entrepreneur in the software business in the 90s. His work in the software industry can be found at wikipedia.

I’m sure there is much more to Igal on a personal level, but it’s a sobering reminder that one day we all expire.
RIP Igal and may your domains auto-renew forever.

If you’d like to know more about Lichtman, he was covered recently in a DNJournal story.


12|16|2009 02:32 am EDT

Ohashi Wins Business Plan Competition

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domainers

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Kevin Ohashi, a domainer and student, recently won the Venture Cup Syd business plan competition in Sweden.  Ohashi, who is studying for his second Masters in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University, won the top prize for student business plans and another top 10 recognition for a second plan.

Naturally, both of Ohashi’s plans revolve around internet based ventures. His “Twitter Jobs” plan uses social media to match job seekers with employers through  The other plan “Brand Research”  involves a brand monitoring service that allows companies to learn what consumers are saying about their brands on social media websites. Ohashi’s winning plans netted him a prize of $17,500 SEK.

We enjoy hearing about people in the domain space who find success in other ventures, especially when those ventures spin off of domain name or internet-based businesses.  Congrats Kevin. Keep up the good work.

12|07|2007 12:06 am EDT

Yet Another Domain Name Blogger ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domainers


Chris Stewart, a good friend of Domain Name News, announced today the start of his new blog,

Chris brings an interesting combination of domain name experience and finance accumen into the domain-blogosphere. Judging from his first article, Chris appears to be started in the right direction. An exerpt is below :

. . . most recently we learned that NameMedia has established a new credit facility for $125 million, which will be used to pay down a prior credit facility and for continuing operations and new acquisitions. And while I am not privy to the specifics I can probably estimate that this deal is both positive for NameMedia and the domain industry overall. Having perused some of the other domain blogs I have yet to see anyone come out and give a good/bad opinion on this announcement. I have seen some comments from individual posters who believe that this news had negative implications. I couldn’t disagree more.

We look forward to reading more from Chris because of his unique insights and experience. Good luck Chris !

Read the of the article “Why Companies Borrow, and Why I think NameMedia Borrowed Smart” at

04|01|1942 10:21 am EDT

Source Claims Schwartz and Ruddell Feud Biggest Stunt Yet

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Domainers

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Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2011.

DNN has received an insider tip from a Miami Beach domainer who informs us that he has spotted Chef Patrick and Rick Schwartz together enjoying dinner with Alina Schwartz, Howard and Barbara Neu, Ray Dillman, and an unidentified young male.  Photographs sent from our sources mobile phone are a bit blurry but by the looks of it Chef (in green on the right next to the male in pink pants) and Schwartz (at the head of the table) seem to be enjoying a dinner together.  Smiles all around.  Our source says there was lots of “laughing and high-fiving.”

The most revealing part is our source claims to have overheard the 2 conference organizers plotting and scheming.  “They were talking about what they were going to do next and how they really pulled one over on everyone”   You have to hand it to Ruddell and Schwartz, these guys really know how to get people talking about them.  Their recent feud over Ruddell’s reported breach of whois privacy has garnered hundreds of comments on their respective blogs and drawn attention to both men.  As they say “There’s no such thing as bad press” . . . fake press, well that’s a different story.