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01|26|2016 12:59 pm EDT

Thank you for your support!

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Featured


Thank you for visiting Domain Name News. As you might have noticed we’re currently not updating the site with news, but you’re welcome to read our existing articles.

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09|14|2010 04:57 am EDT

Mass Domain Development, A Flawed Model

by Michael Sumner in Categories: Domain Development, Featured

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With Frank Schilling’s recent post predicting “most high quality name traffic will leave it’s present PPC deal looking for something better” and a conference on domain development happening this week, we found the topic of our latest guest blogger perfectly fitting.   – Adam Strong , DNN editor

Mass development is the most recent trend in monetizing domain names, and it is being hailed as a successful, scalable alternative to parking. You are told that mass-developed sites will rank well in the search engines over the long term, driving more traffic and earning you more revenue. I am skeptical to say the least.

What exactly are we trying to solve here?


08|03|2009 10:49 am EDT

BREAKING: First Ever Criminal Prosecution for Domain Name Theft Underway

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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barsOver the years hundreds of stories of domain name theft have been reported, most famous among them of course is the theft of  Even as recent as last week, reports of stolen domains sent a chilling reminder through the domain industry as valuable domains, and others were stolen from Warren Weitzman. Until recently, there hasn’t been a case of a domain theft where the thief was caught and arrested. However, on July 30th, Daniel Goncalves was arrested at his home in Union, New Jersey and charged in a landmark case, the first criminal arrest for domain name theft in the United States.

In a similar fashion to the theft, the events that led to Goncalves arrest involve a long back story, one that spans well over 2 years, and many players.  Although insiders familiar with this case contend that Goncalves has stolen other valuable domains, this case centers on the theft and subsequent sale of the domain name (more…)

05|28|2009 10:02 pm EDT

Registrar Sued Because of Cybersquatter Using Whois Privacy Service

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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Court documents denying a motion to dismiss(pdf), reveal that hosting company Solid Host, NL is suing domain name registration company over cybersquatting claims for a domain name registered under the NameCheap whois privacy services WhoisGuard.

Solid Host’s domain name had reportedly been stolen by a “hacker” who used NameCheap’s privacy service.  Namecheap would not initially reveal the owner of the domain name to Solid Host because it believed it was merely in the middle of a two-party dispute.  The court’s ruling clarifies this and rules NameCheap was responsible and liable for contributory cybersquatting. (more…)

04|29|2009 12:18 pm EDT

Network Solutions Front-Running Leads to $1 Million Class Action Settlement

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured, Legal Issues

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Network Solutions just emailed notices regarding a class action settlment that came about from the NSI front running domains incident back in January 2008.   The email which can be seen after the jump details a class action lawsuit settlement which could cost the domain name registrar up to $1 million .  The complaint was originally filed against both NSI and ICANN by plaintiffs Chris McElroy, Todd Matzke and James Lee Finseth in  The US District Court for the Central District of California. The Court has approved the proposed settlement.  Anyone who has registered a domain at NSI between December 14  2007 and March 15 2008, may want to look in to this settlement.

04|09|2009 03:24 pm EDT

The Continued Expansion Of Trademarks In Cyberspace

by Paul Keating in Categories: Featured

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From time to time DNN publishes guest posts from industry experts. We received this piece from attorney Paul Keating today and thought it would be worth sharing and discussing.  Let us know what you think .

A panel of respected WIPO arbitrators recently issued their decision in Airborne Systems North America and Airborne Systems Group, Ltd. v. Virtual Point, Inc. (“”). The decision represents a further erosion of fairness in the UDRP procedure and highlights the alarming tendency among panelists to ignore both the clear language of the UDRP and the applicable laws governing the validity of trademark rights. (more…)

03|26|2009 02:21 pm EDT

Armchair SEOs Play with

by John Andrews in Categories: Domain Sales, Featured

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In light of the news that lost it’s Google placement, DNN reached out to SEO consultant John Andrews to get his take on the deal and his view on an effective strategy to take using this multi-million dollar domain name asset.

When Toys ‘R’ Us sought in a biding war with National A1 Advertising, pretty much everyone in domain world paid attention. Toys ‘R’ Us was the #1 player in the offline toy industry, and National A1 already controlled,, and Toys R Us matched bids all the way up past $5 million before National A1 ran out of steam (or money).

02|12|2009 02:24 am EDT

Action! Behind the Scenes in Hollywood

by M. Fiol in Categories: Featured

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The first big show of the year has come and gone and all that is left are memories of furry tails, cocktails, speakers, nude domainers, auctions and of course, conversations, conversations and more conversations. So what was on the lips and tongues of industry execs, domainers and providers this January? (more…)

01|03|2009 02:37 pm EDT

Domain Name Scam Warning : Pumping and Dumping Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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Pump my dollarIn a fashion reminiscent of investment pump and dump scams, domain sellers list domain names for sale and pump cheap traffic to the names to make them look appealing and then dump the names on unsuspecting buyers.  These scammers list domains for sale on domain aftermarkets that advertise the inflated traffic information and dump the domains off on a buyer who is likely unaware that the traffic is temporary. This is not a new scam, but it appears that we have some damning evidence of scammers in action on (more…)

12|02|2008 11:54 am EDT

Rebranding : Making a New Name For Yourself Isn’t Any Easier

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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The Rebranding Game by Ryan McCarthy at Inc magazine focuses its attention on Simulscribe, a company who rebranded and changed their name to PhoneTag several months ago.   Inc also ties in a secondary article to this story which attempts to advise entrepreneurs on how to buy domains.  While the advice on buying domains isn’t the best, the article on rebranding provides start-ups and businesses with an interesting perspective from a company who chose a ‘bad’ name and struggled with coming up with a new and better name. (more…)