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12|19|2008 08:06 am EDT launches .DE backorder service

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs has just added the .DE ccTLD to their backorder services. Their site currently lists about 1,600 .de domains that will be expiring as of January 23rd.

It appears that the list only contains names that are in “TRANSIT” state at this point, which means that the registrar has handed the domains back to the registry after the original owner did not renew the names. For domains that are in TRANSIT,  the registry operator DENIC will try to invoice the registrant directly at a higher rate and delete the domain if the registrant does not respond – so this state could be loosely compared to the redemption period for other domains.

In order to see the list of Domains will be offering for backorder, either download their full list of upcoming domains, or go to the “Deleting Domains” page, check the .DE TLD on the bottom left and click on search. Since none of them are expiring within the next 5 days, you will have to click on “View All Domains” on the following screen.

Only few registries actually publish a list of expiring domains and DENIC does not publish an official list.

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December 19, 2008 @ 5:19 pm EDT

Now that is a useful service…..

Unlike the .mobi drops which are worthless and overhyped… recycled — > garbage.


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