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05|13|2010 03:06 am EDT

Zone File Glitch Shuts Down Millions of .DE Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: ccTLDs

According to TLD Source and The Register large parts of the .DE zone file went missing today from 1:30 pm to roughly 2:50 pm. The error shut down potentially over 13 million domains names tied to websites and email addresses using the German domain name extension.

Speculation to the cause of the outage centers around the theory that the zone files may have been uploaded with no data.  TLD Source also speculates on their site that the DENIC infrastructure may be outdated .

DENIC acknowledged the problem on their site (German) and will be providing more details.  In a statement on another mailing list found cited by The Register, DENIC stated :  “Several of the authoritative nameservers for the DE top level domain returned NXDOMAIN responses for a yet to be determined number of DE domains that existed in our registration database,” the post reads. “At [13:45 UTC], all affected servers had either been disabled or fed with an earlier version of the DE zone. Regular operations were eventually resumed at 15:00 UTC.”

Last October, a similar problem occurred when a typo shut down the .SE ccTLD  for roughly 20 minutes.

[ Thanks to our non-German friends at Silver Dollars for the tip]

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Bart Mortelmans

May 14, 2010 @ 3:38 am EDT

I notice you are linking to an article on our website TLD Source ( Thanks for that! But you’re writing it in your article as (which points to something completely different). You might want to correct that.


Frank Michlick

May 15, 2010 @ 3:00 pm EDT

Thanks Bart, I’ve corrected the Anchor text.

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