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05|21|2008 12:49 am EDT


by Frank Michlick in Categories:

5th & Final Question:

What was the name of the posh hotel where one of the first organized domainer get-togethers took place in late 2002, reportedly later inspiring Rick Schwartz to start TRAFFIC ?


1st Question: How much money did Frank Schilling use to begin his investment in domain names? Answer: $200,000 Winner Steven N

2nd Question: How much did Google pay for Applied Semantics? Answer: $102 m, Winner: Liz P

3rd Question: What was the first domain Rick Schwartz purchased? Bonus question: What year was it purchased? Answer:, 1995, Winner: Paul S.

4th Question: Name the investment bank and the banker responsible for the sale of BuyDomains in 2005 ? Answer: Milbank Roy and Ari Bayme, Winner: Ross C.