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04|01|2007 04:03 am EDT

Snowe Bill Freezes In Committee

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Up to the Minute


The controversial bill referred to in the domain name community as the Snowe Bill was scrapped today in committee. According to reports a new broader reaching bill was proposed instead. The new bill referenced as the Blowes Bill was drafted by Hillary Clinton in an attempt to boost her public perception as a technologically savvy Presidential contender and a loving wife.

Following the announcement the Internet Commerce Association and other domain name bloggers announced the publication of a new list of domainers and companies who thought that this article was somewhat amusing.

04|01|2007 03:42 am EDT

DomainTools Releases “Who’s It Gonna Be” Tool

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1

Tags: announced today via the company blog the release of the newest tool in their suite of domain services. The “Who’s It Gonna Be” technology uses proprietary algorithms and millions of whois queries to come up with predictions on who will register any given domain name in the future. Company president Jay Westerdal believes they can predict what you’re going to register before you even know you are going to register it. (more…)

04|01|2007 03:37 am EDT

Sexiest Domainers List

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Up to the Minute

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Jay Westeral and Domain Tools announced today the creation of the Domain Tools “Sexiest Domainers” list. Westerdal made his first list last year of “Millionaire Domainers“. This list takes the concept one step further and gives the domain community exactly what they want. “When we published the Millionaire list we received a ton of inquiries from people asking ‘but what do these people look like’ so I think this list is exactly what our users wanted.” The awards will be handed out at the next Domain Roundtable conference in San Francisco.

04|01|2007 03:35 am EDT

Hasta La Vista .CA !

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Featured

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is attempting to push through legislation that will strip the .CA domain extension from Canada and allow the State of California exclusive rights to the domain. Schwarzenegger spokesperson, Arnold Smotcher said “Everyone knows that CA stands for California.” The State estimates billions of dollars in economic impact in internet users confusing Canada with California “This abuse of our namesake has got to stop. This is a clear violation of all international trade agreements.” (more…)

04|01|2007 03:34 am EDT

T.R.A.G.I.C – New Domain Conference Announced

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1


A new group of domain name pioneers is forging a new path to create an alternative to the testosterone driven, mostly male domain name conferences. Annette Sarcophagus and her company FemDomaination have created a new domain name conference which will debut August 31st in New York City. The conference called T.R.A.G.I.C stands for There Really Are Girls on the Internet Conference. (more…)

04|01|2007 03:33 am EDT

Skrø Sells for $3.9 million

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Up to the Minute


Loof Lirpa Media Inc. has announced the purchase of Skrø (‘sex’ in Norwegian) for $3.9 million. This marks the highest IDN .com sale in the history of the domain space. The company previously used the less popular Skrø, which ironically was sometimes mistakenly translated to ‘No Sex’.

04|01|2007 03:32 am EDT

Gangsta Domaina Magazine

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Up to the Minute


Domain Name News was privy to a sneak peek of the newest domain name magazine being released. Brian Benko of unveiled his newest project last night at a tony dinner party in Manhattan. Gangsta Domaina will focus on the cream of the crop domainers. Benko explains, “These are are ninja domainers. They don’t mess around. They roll in the Bentley and they flash the bling. They are killers at the auctions. No one gets a domain they want.” (more…)

04|01|2007 03:32 am EDT

.com Domain Space Shrinks as Oil Money Corners Market

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1

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A news release sent to Domain Name News today announces that all remaining 3,4,5 and 6 letter .com domains are now registered. Sheikh Al Futain a wealthy Saudi recently decided to dive head first in to the domain space by locking down all of the remaining shorter domain names. (more…)

04|01|2007 03:29 am EDT

ICANN to Auction Second ‘N’

by G Vegas in Categories: April 1


Governing Body to Become Simply ‘ICAN’

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – In a startling turn of events, DNN has uncovered memorandum detailing future ICANN plans to auction off its second ‘N’.

“Some people have always viewed that ‘N’ as sort of pretentious, showy,� said an ICANN official who preferred to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of ongoing negotiations with e-Bay.

In fact, DNN has obtained a classified memo dated January 20th, 2008 in which a high-ranking ICANN officer informed directors of the plan. (more…)