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11|30|2007 03:06 am EDT

Vote For The Domainers Choice Awards

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Events


domainers choice awardsThe Domainers Choice Awards voting is taking place – and you have an opportunity to submit the nominations before voting the final round, which begins on December 16, 2007.

Nominees are being accepted on the site right now. Nominees currently shown in each category have come from the community and additional suggestions are welcomed. Every nomination is up to the domainer community to submit. If you think a company or individual is deserving and not listed, you should nominate them today. The top three choices in each category will be eligible for the final round, with the winners being announced at DOMAINfest GLOBAL ’08 in Hollywood, taking place between January 21-23, 2008.

The award categories include:

  • Domain Ambassador Award
  • Best Industry Spokesperson
  • Industry Achievement Award
  • Industry Trade Association
  • Industry Customer Service Rep
  • Parking Company Award
  • Best Domain Auctions
  • Best Domain Marketplace
  • Best Hosting Company
  • Best Domainers Blog
  • Best Domain Publication
  • Best Registrar Award
  • Domainers Rising Star
  • Best Domainer Tools

Organizers Donna Mahony and Sally Letzer believe opening up voting to the entire domainer community will catch on fast and grow to great heights in the future. “We intend this event to eventually become a world class event,” said Sally Letzer of Domainer Choice Awards, “equal in stature in every way to the ‘Hollywood’ standard of star making awards ceremonies.”

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to submit your nominees and don’t forget Domain Name News has no shame so vote for us. ;)

11|30|2007 02:45 am EDT

Dell Computer vs Trademark Infringing Domainers

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Legal Issues


In a push against automated trademark infringing domainers, Dell filed a lawsuit against three Florida Registrars on November 16, 2007, based on complaints of cybersquatting, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, dilution, and unfair competition.

Dell Inc., along with Alienware Corporation, a subsidiary of Dell, brought this action against BelgiumDomains, CapitolDomains, and Netrian Ventures and were also named in the filing, as they are also controlled by the man that is behind it all, Juan Pablo Vazquez (known as “JP� Vazquez). According to the allegations, JP Vazquez was in charge of conducting the day-to-day operations of all five companies, which have often worked together as a single entity for the purpose of unlawful activity.

The defendants have collectively registered and are monetizing over 64 million unique domain names, thousands of them beginning with “Dell”, and are believed to be using an automated process to obtain the majority of them. They are also accused of making successful attempts at concealing their identity using shell-entities, fictitious business and personal names, as well as restricting the publicly viewable WHOIS databases of BelgiumDomains, CapitolDomains, and DomainDoorman.

This is definitely a case to keep an eye on and Domain Name News will try to keep on top of developments.  The Washington Post has a piece on this story with a general overview.

The pdf documents from this case can be downloaded (right mouse click and save as) or viewed through the links below.

Document 1 : This is the original federal case filing. 66 pages

Document 2: This document contains many of the Exhibits 1-5. Special mention to note the list of companies in Exhibit 4 . 109 pages

Document 3: Exhibits 6-10, mainly whois information for specific domains and screen grabs of parking pages. 111 pages

11|28|2007 10:44 pm EDT

Domain Registrar DomainCentral wins Australian 2007 Deloitte Technology Fast 50

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars


Australian domain name registrar, Domain Central announced that they have received the Australian Technology Fast 50 Award from Deloitte. The company placed 6th overall in the Technology category and was noted for their rapid growth rate of 1,055% over the past three years.

[From company press release]

11|28|2007 04:28 pm EDT

ICANN Chooses Iron Mountain For Registrar Data Escrowing

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy


Iron Mountain Inc announced in a press release today that it’s technology division has been chosen by ICANN as the data escrow back-up for the over 900 ICANN accredited registrars.

“The vast majority of ICANN’s accredited registrars offer high levels of service and integrity; however, as we have seen, there is the risk that poorly performing registrars can hurt registrants significantly,” said Dr. Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN. “ICANN has selected Iron Mountain Digital as its escrow agent to help implement the Registrar Data Escrow program, a sensible and practical measure to protect registrants by storing and safeguarding a backup copy of domain name registration data in escrow.”

Data escrowing can be used in any number of situations such as a registrar losing accreditation, failing, going out of business, etc. Data escrowing is required by every registrar as part of the terms of accreditation. The former registrar implosion showed the importance of having back-up information. As the company management dealt with internal conflicts, many domain registrants were left in the dark about the future of their domains. ICANN has been working to implement safeguards and measures to prevent any possible future issues with registrar related problems.

11|28|2007 03:59 pm EDT

Sedo sales for the week up to November 27th, 2007

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales


Here are selected domain sales at Sedo for the week up to November 27th, 2007. (more…)

11|28|2007 12:43 pm EDT

NameMedia secures $125 Million Credit Facility

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News


NameMedia LogoNameMedia, Inc. [yesterday] announced that it has established a new $125 million, five-year credit facility. The financing was arranged by Banc of America Securities LLC who will also serve as administrative agent. A syndicate of banks and institutional lenders is participating in the facility with Bank of America. The financing was used in part to repay all obligations outstanding under the Company’s prior credit facility. The remainder of the facility is available for general corporate purposes, including acquisitions. The company also recently filed for an IPO.

[via SevenMile]

11|28|2007 12:35 pm EDT

Sendori raises funding from First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures and Maples Investments

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News


Sendori, also profiled in Venture Beat this week, has quietly raised funding from First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures, and Maples Investments. The company offers advertisers and advertising networks to rent domain traffic.

[via SiliconTap]

11|28|2007 12:26 pm EDT

Domainer Dinner in Marina Del Ray

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute


Tomorrow night on Thursday the 29th of November 2007 Domainers are gathering for a Domainer Dinner in Marina Del Ray. Please email to register.

11|27|2007 02:13 am EDT

Network Solutions Enhanced Whois Listings Provide Advertising to 1 Million per Day

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured


Network Solutions LogoDomain name registrar Network Solutions announced in a press release today the launch of an enhanced business listing service. The service allows domain owners to advertise within their whois listing by adding company information, news or even a for sale listing.

According to NSI, their Whois queries reach over 1 million users per day. For $12 per domain, the new enhanced listing service would allow domain owners to add more information to their domain whois details and potentially put that information right in front of those viewers.

Domain Name News tested out the service to find out how it works. Follow the link for more information in to our peekinto the NSI Enhanced Business Listing (Enhanced Whois) (more…)

11|26|2007 12:57 pm EDT

‘Tis the Season to Buy a Holiday Domain Name

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction, Domain Sales, Domain Sales Alert, News


santaDustin sent over this press release about the domain name, being auctioned over at

Despite a busy holiday season ahead, Saint Nick has found time to make a special stop at the auction block this year where his domain will be up for auction starting on November 29th and ending December 6th. Those who would like to make a bid can visit for details.

Wausau, WI (PRWEB) November 21, 2007 — Saint Nick has a very busy schedule this holiday season. In addition to working overtime to prepare his yearly haul for those who have been more nice than naughty, he’s apparently also made time to put his Internet address up for bid on domain auction house

According to Saint Nick, he’s been so busy that he just hasn’t had time to do much with the URL himself. So, he’s hoping that whoever buys will put it to good use for all the good boys and girls.

The auction begins on November 29th and ends on December 6th, which falls right on Saint Nicholas Day.

Those who would like to make a bid for Saint Nick’s URL should visit on November 29th.

Holiday domains are a rare breed of domain name. They sit idle all year and then “blow up” for a short time span. Domain Name News checked a few of the sales sites and found very few great holiday names, obviously a quality holiday domain name like is also hard to come by.

As domain investor Frank Schilling recently pointed out on his blog :

Holiday names are money in the bank. As the Internet fragments our interests the holidays become an ever more important rallying point.. something we can all collectively get excited about together.

Some other holiday domains for sale : (developed site) (developed site)

Additionally if you are an investor in ccTLD domain names or you build sites in the UK, Sedo is also auctioning a few very nice ccTLD domain names that end tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 27th) :