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03|31|2008 10:22 pm EDT

Dark Blue Sea Investors Presentation Released

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket


Dark Blue Sea, parent company of,  made a presentation to investors on Monday, a copy of which can be downloaded as a pdf here. DBS detailed their partnership implementation with Godaddy, company earnings and expectations. An interesting part of the presentation was the detailed examples given of the domain names that were sold and their prices. The presentation gives some valuable insight in to the domain after-market by one of the major companies in the space.  Also, check out DomainNameWire for some of the details and Andrew’s analysis on the numbers.

03|30|2008 03:01 pm EDT

More “What’s in a Name?” Coverage

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute


This time Australian news site The Age picks up the domain name buzz and covers domainer Michael Gilmour, MelbourneIT, Fabulous and the Australian domain space.

03|29|2008 01:17 pm EDT Auction Dough Rises to over $2 million

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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Pizza.comThe top-tier one word domain name is up for sale on and attracting a lot of attention in early bidding. In just 2 days of bidding, the domain has already attracted bids in excess of $2 million . Twenty bidders have already placed bids on the auction which has 5 more days left. This is a stellar domain but at these price levels, Domain Name News would expect there to be “end user” (rather than speculator) bidding on this domain name.

Typically with online auctions, bids slowly come in over the first few days only to quickly elevate during the last few minutes as bidders wait to “snipe” the auction. If this trend holds true, the auction could push over $3 million becoming one of the top sales ever for and putting the domain in the upper bracket of  highest reported domain sales. brokered the sale of in late 2006 for $3 million to Russian Standard Vodka.

03|29|2008 02:34 am EDT

Christian Zouzas’ Boston NewsMaker

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute


The Boston Business Journal has a short piece on domainer Christian Zouzas selling out some of his domain assets to NameMedia. The article claims some ballparks on the average sale of .us 3 letter domains that seem a bit high to me. Regardless, congrats to Zouzas.

On a side note . . . “What’s in a Name” ? <Sigh> Is it just us or is this title a bit tired ? Poor Shakespeare. I think the overuse for domain related articles may be second only to “Masters of Their Domain” (originally coined by Paul Sloan). Anyway.

03|28|2008 01:19 am EDT

Domain Roundtable Auction Submission Closing Soon

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute


Submissions for the upcoming DomainTools Live Auction at the Domain Roundtable will be closing on April 4th.  According to Domain Roundtable Director Susan Prosser, new submissions for the live event are still coming in daily but great domains to add to the event are always welcomed.

You can submit your domains for review at the DomainTools site.  The final list of live auction domains will be released on April 9th. Domain Roundtable takes place April 18-21 in SanFrancisco.

03|27|2008 05:37 pm EDT

Big Shocker ! Verisign Raises Prices Again.

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registries

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VerisignIn an announcement sent to registrars today, Verisign announced that they will again be raising prices on both .com and .net domain names.  The price increase, effective October 1, 2008, will raise the registry fee to $6.86 for .com and $4.23 for .net domains. (*Note these are registry prices, ie what registrars pay to the registry)  You should therefore expect all registrars to be increasing their retail prices in October.

This news comes as no surprise as the ICANN and Verisign revised agreement allows for Verisign to raise rates by 7% every year of their new contract and grants them a presumptive renewal of that contract.  It’s interesting how the cost of every other technological commodity such as bandwidth and server space has decreased in price, yet Verisign somehow can increase it’s prices.

Domain Name News advice – buy Verisign stock. ;)  and renew your domains before October

The note sent to all registrars can be seen after the jump.


03|27|2008 02:30 pm EDT

Chitika for Domainers

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Chitika has announced a new service to help domainers make more money on their parked domains. “Chitika for Domainers” is a customizable product store that can be added to parked domains to generate extra revenue. The store has a very professional look and pays after the first click.

[via Chitika Blog]

03|27|2008 02:28 pm EDT Acquires Auctomatic and Changes Name to Live Current Media

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

Tags: , , , , has changed its name to Live Current Media Inc. and made a big-time acquisition, buying Auctomatic (a web2.0 eBay listing management company) for $5 million in cash and stock. These moves signal a new beginning for the company from Vancouver, Canada. (more…)

03|27|2008 02:38 am EDT

Demand Media raises an additional $35 million

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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Demand Media LogoAccording to a report by PEhub, Demand Media has raised another $35 million USD in series D financing. Richard Rosenblatt’s company has now raised $355 million in total VC funding since its March 2006 founding.

03|26|2008 08:04 pm EDT

Skenzo Announces Private Equity Investment from Ashmore Group

by Adam Strong in Categories: PPC industry

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Skenzo imageDomain name parking company Skezno announced via an email to partners today that they have received a minority stake investment from the Ashmore Group. The company release which has been copied below had not made it to either businesses website at the time of this writing.

Skenzo, a leading provider of technology, in the traffic monetization business, today announced the completion of a significant minority investment from the Ashmore Group. The Ashmore Group is one of the world’s leading Investment Firms managing funds over US$36.5 billion. (more…)