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10|31|2008 10:30 pm EDT

Media General Purchases

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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Media General, an independent communications company and parent of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, has purchased for an undisclosed amount of money. is an Associated Cities member and considered one of the most complete geo-domains ever created. The website has 120,000 unique monthly visitors who average nearly 2.7 million page views each month. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, is able to act as a local hub for local news, events, and searches. (more…)

10|30|2008 04:33 pm EDT

ICANN De-Accredits EstDomains

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ICANN / Policy

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ICANN, the entity responsible for overseeing the Internet’s domain name system, has revoked‘s right to process new domain names because of the CEO’s recent cyber crime convictions in Estonia.

Two months ago, Brian Krebs of published a translated report showing that Vladimir Tsastsin, the CEO of EstDomains, was convicted of credit card fraud, document forgery, and other cyber crime charges in February of this year. This report was a key factor – along with other recent revelations about the company’s ways – that led to the de-accreditation of EstDomains. (more…)

10|30|2008 03:03 pm EDT Acquires

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

Tags: , , , ,, a premier Internet startup blog which receives over 1.5M visitors per month, has purchased and plans to use the site as a hub for startup-related websites offering quality content and services.

In 1998, founded by Donna Jensen-Madier, was a venture-backed accelerator which would partner with other startup companies to help them get started. Their services included real estate planning, interior design, technology infrastructure, telecommunications, legal and accounting, payroll, benefits and staffing, insurance, marketing, event launches, and more! Some of their clients included Google, Epinions, and GuruNet (now The company eventually faded and went out of business in 2002 due to the dot-com bust.

Thankfully, Jensen-Madier held on to the domain name knowing it could be used for a great business opportunity in the future. By selling the domain name to KillerStartups, she will also serve on the advisory board of the Network.

KillerStartups has received angel funding from Matias de Tezanos. De Tezanos is a domain developer from Guatemala who has built a remarkable domain empire from scratch. His portfolio of internet startups includes,, and DN Journal had a great feature story on de Tezanos a few years ago. Network plans to launch several startup-related sites by the end of 2008 and is actively seeking more sites to acquire. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

[via TheDomains]

10|30|2008 02:51 pm EDT

Network Solutions Proactive in Fighting Recent Phishing Attack

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

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Emails from NetworkSolutions to their client base reveal that Network Solutions is taking measures to alert and keep customers informed on the recent NSI phishing scam.  It appears as well that NSI is taking necessary defensive measures to combat any unauthorized access to customer domain names resulting from the phishing attempts.

The first email sent out informed customers to be aware of the phishing attempt :

Customers who have registered domain names through Network Solutions, as well as several other domain name providers are currently a target of a large scale phishing scam. A fraudster is sending e-mails to customers asking them to log in to renew or edit their domain name registration, and providing a link to a fraudulent site designed to look like and to capture customer username and password information, or other private information. If you receive a message asking you to log in to your account, we recommend that you type directly into your browser.

In a follow-up email NSI account reps let customers know that they are filtering out access and working to monitor customer log-in attempts.

1. We have put in place additional email filtering to block this traffic.
2. We have been and continue to very closely monitor and perform customer login analysis, to assist in determining if a customer account is suspect for nefarious logins/activity (for those unfortunate customers who trusted this phony email and followed the link to login).
3. Storefront and email messaging is being prepared to notify our customer base of the email phishing activity.

We advise any Customers who did follow these phony links to our Account Manager to immediately update their user id and password.

We want you to know that we are taking every possible measure to protect our Customers from this attack and mitigate its impact. We are working very closely with the Registries as well as ISPs to detect any new domains from which these attacks are coming and shut them down.

It’s good to see NSI working to tighten up security and keep customers informed of issues like this.

10|30|2008 02:36 pm EDT

Poker Rooms Blocking Access From 13 States

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Poker website released a statement to customers today (PDF) informing them that the site would begin blocking access from several States starting October 30th.  Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Washington and of course Kentucky were listed as the States that whose IP addresses would be blocked from accessing the poker client from (more…)

10|29|2008 11:41 pm EDT

NameJet Auction Blunders Cause “Re-do”

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

Tags: , announced in an email to customers tonight that several auctions that occured on October 26th will be re-done with an ending date of October 30th.  The company issued the statement and blames technological problems relating to daylight savings time rules and server settings for auctions closing AFTER the closing times.

Typically, when auctions are re-ran, it is because server loads have caused interruptions preventing users from being able to bid.  In this case it looks like the auctions went too long and more bids may have come in after the hammer fell.

Daylight-savings time ends on November 2nd, so it is unclear how this problem may have affected the auctions on October 26th.  According to the email, customers who won domains at auction will have those names taken back, refunds given and the names auctioned again.

The full email sent to email customers follows after the jump. (more…)

10|29|2008 09:19 pm EDT

WARNING: Network Solutions Phishing Scam

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Fast on the heels of the recent Enom phishing scam, another phishing attack attempting to con domain name registrants into providing their customer information is under way. Network Solutions (NSI) domain customers are the target this time.  The spam email messages being sent out warn the user of their domain expiring.  Current reports show that the domain name is being used and disguises itself as a site that looks identical to  As the public and internet providers become aware of the abuses, both the Enom and NSI phishing attackers are adapting to these reports by changing the domain name addresses they use.  See full phishing email after the link. (more…)

10|29|2008 01:31 pm EDT launches

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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After DNForum launched a special forum in July where users could list expiring domains from their portfolio that they were not planning on renewing, has launched yesterday. The service allows you to list domain names from your portfolio that you are not planning to renew. The listing is free and domains prices always start at $100 and are dropped by $10 per day (at 5pm EST) if the name is not sold. The service charges a 30% commission if a name sells. New domains are added every day at 3pm EST for premium members and 4pm EST for all members.

10|29|2008 12:48 pm EDT

.B.BR Provides Banking Security in Brazil

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ccTLDs

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Online banking is safer than ever in Brazil thanks to a new second-level domain being used by financial institutions within the country to provide safe transactions online. .B.BR offers vastly improved online security for over 30 million people that use online banking in Brazil – an area that accounts for 17% of the total banking transactions of the country.

The extension, already being used by eBradesco, will only be available for the banks that guarantee major levels of protection against common frauds such as phishing. The registry will be using DNSSEC to validate the authenticity of websites and allow for safer transactions by digitally signing the DNS information.

[via email from Juan Enrique Sanchez, President of]

10|29|2008 11:04 am EDT

Tucows launches YummyNames

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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Tucows (AMEX:TCX, TSX: TC) has just announced the launch of their YummyNames site, which lists domains from their portfolio of names for sale online. The company has before sold individual and groups of names directly and via various brokers and is now formalizing some of their offering under a new brand.

“YummyNames, the public face of our domain portfolio service group, provides an additional means by which to realize the value of our domain portfolio assets to drive continued growth for the Company,” said Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows. (more…)