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11|28|2008 05:52 pm EDT

NameCheap Free Domain Names and Hosting Christmas Giveaway on Twitter

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

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Domain name registrar has decided to add some social media to their marketing mix and also spread some holiday cheer by giving away domains and hosting. From December 1st through December 25th, NameCheap will be giving away $17,000 worth of domain names and hosting packages. The giveaway involves an hourly trivia contest that the company will be holding at  The hourly trivia contest requires any one wishing to participate sign up for a Twitter account, follow Namecheap and be the first to answer the questions. For more information on the contest check out the Namecheap site.

This seems like a great contest and an easy way to score free domains and hosting. There’s no cost to sign-up at Twitter and follow Namecheap.  While you are at Twitter don’t forget to follow Domain Name News too :)

Press release can be seen after the jump (more…)

11|27|2008 01:00 pm EDT

Sedo’s numeric domain auction starts today

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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11|25|2008 08:48 pm EDT

Sedo weekly sales up to November 24

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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Last week there was only one Sedo sale beyond 15,000 EUR – this week there were seven with,,,,,, and all reaching the mark. Check out the full list after the jump.


11|24|2008 04:33 pm EDT

“Buy Low, Sell High”. Why are Domainers Ignoring Their Most Basic Principle?

by M. Fiol in Categories: Featured

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The live portion of the Down Under auctions may have concluded, too abruptly in some cases, but some of the names that did not make the ‘cut’ are still on auction – ready for savvy domainers to ratchet up and purchase. Prudence favors the bold in times like these – opportunities were missed in both Australian auctions.

To that end, there are several gems still waiting for someone to snatch and capture, revalue and conquer down the road. Again, DomainConsultant chose every name for the auction with three criteria in mind: quality, price and value – with value being defined as ‘short’ and ‘long’ term. Latona was also able to offer value in multiple forms – a major tourist Mecca like San Juan for $150k?  Again, opportunity knocked and domainers, so eager before, did not answer the door. (more…)

11|21|2008 07:11 pm EDT

Fixed Price Domain Marketplace launched by

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

Tags: , , , , , has just launched a new fixed priced domain market place: The site looks like a relauched version of their previous DomainCargo site where the company listed domains from their own portfolio. DNEX (Domain Name EXchange) currently lists over 3,000 COM, NET & ORG domains at prices ranging from $59 to $8,000 USD, payment is accepted via Paypal, check or wire transfer. It is expected that more domains will be added to the site.

11|20|2008 12:03 am EDT

After Late Start, Rick Rolls Through Full Auction List

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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Technical difficulties continued to plague the auctions in Australia this evening (afternoon in Australia). Rick Latona’s auction experienced similar audio/video issues that experienced earlier in the day at their TRAFFIC Down Under auction. When the audio and video feed came in, it was quite clear Latona was agitated by the over 1 hour delay.   He was heard saying before the event “Let’s go. We’ve got business to do.”  He managed to knock out the list of 69 names in around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The auction moved along smoothly after the late start and only had one minor hiccup between the bidding of and  It was hard to follow what exactly happened and we might not have this right. It seems that an onsite bidder was still wanting to bid on, which was displaying on the screen at the event,  but the auctioneer had already closed bidding and moved to another name.  That being the only minor problem in the technical side of things, the auction moved on smoothly.  Latona sold a total of 40 names, many coming in from the large pool of no reserve names he had included. The lots also attracted a lot of on-site bidding, as was the case in the earlier auction as well.  Latona netted a total of $413,640 in sales.  The top position went to and tied with a top bid of $150,000 for both of these names.

(Yeah I said Rick Rolls in the title . . . clever eh? )

11|19|2008 10:06 pm EDT

TRAFFIC Down Under Rick Latona Live Auction Results

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction


We will be were live blogging the auction results of the auctions at the TRAFFIC Down Under conference in Australia, this time for the Rick Latona Auction. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results. You can see them after the jump. (more…)

11|19|2008 09:03 pm EDT TDU Auction Starts Out Strong But Flops From Technical Difficulties

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

Tags: , , , , got off to a late start early Thursday morning (Australian time) with their TRAFFIC Down Under auction. The start of the auction was delayed 20 minutes with technical problems with the audio and video feeds.

However, once the auction got going, it seemed like the auctioneer really was moving the names well.  We counted around 60 viewers online according to the Ustream video feed.  Very few names seemed to past, given the No reserve prices on many names. The activity really skyrocketed through, which sold for $35,000 . Around the time lot 38 came up it was clear that their were technical difficulties as these auctions didn’t show as closed on the users side once the hammer fell.  By the time the auction reached lot 48, the team decided to pull down the auction and take a 5 minute recess. Word from the team on the ground was that they were having technical difficulties on their network back in Washington. (more…)

11|19|2008 05:56 pm EDT

TRAFFIC Down Under Live Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction


We will be were live blogging the auction results of the auctions at the TRAFFIC Down Under conference in Australia, this time for the Auction. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

Since the auction was delayed several times due to technical difficulties, the live auction ended without going through all of the names so these results may not be complete. The last bids were received on and then the remainging were sold as well as and which had already received online bidding. The remaining names will continue to be listed for a silent auction until November 26th at’s site.

You can see them after the jump.

11|19|2008 03:29 pm EDT

Live Current Raises $1.06 Million Through Private Placement

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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After news hit that they were running low on cash, Live Current Media (OTCBB:LIVC), a developer of numerous high-profile e-commerce websites, was able to raise $1.06 million by selling 1.63 million units through private placement at $0.65/each.

Investors – including Live Current CEO and chairman, Geoffrey Hampson; President and COO, Jonathan Ehrlich; Chief Corporate Development Officer, Mark Melville; and numerous outside investors – paid 65 cents per unit for the shares which closed at only 51 cents yesterday. Each unit also includes a two-year warrant to purchase one-half of a common share at a 20% premium to the unit price and a three-year warrant to purchase one-half of a common share at a 40% premium to the unit price.

“This financing, in addition to the expected proceeds of the previously announced sale of up to six non-core domain names,” explained Hampson, “is consistent with management’s strategy to ensure that sufficient cash resources are available to meet our obligations through the end of 2009 while minimizing dilution for existing investors.”

According to Live Current’s blog, “a second tranche for additional proceeds of up to $1 million is expected to close within the next 15 days.” It is also believed the company will sell,,,, and in an effort to continue developing,,, and the rest of their premium domains.

[via Live Current Media]