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01|30|2009 09:34 pm EDT

NIC Mexico Announces the Re-Opening of .MX Registrations

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ccTLDs

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Network Information Center (NIC) Mexico announced they are planning to re-open top-level .mx registrations after 20 years of restrictions.

Since February 1, 1989, the registration of first level .mx domains has been extremely limited. At first it was only to be used by educational institutions, but in 1996 that too was taken away with the extension.

Throughout its 20 years of history, NIC Mexico has always tried to help local users  promote their ideas, business, and culture through a variety of extensions including,,,, and However, it believes it is necessary to take the next step by opening direct .mx registrations and promoting the development of the Internet in Mexico on a larger scale.

The re-opening will tak place in phases, giving first priority to current holders of .mx domains under the various classifications. The process will be articulated in February and launched in May, so stay tuned!

[via NIC.MX]

01|29|2009 04:39 pm EDT

DOMAINfest Global Premium Live Auction Results

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction


We have just finished liveblogging the DOMAINfest Global Premium Live Auction where over $600,000 worth of domains were sold with sales ranging in value from for $500 to for $100,000.

Only 29 percent of the domains listed were sold today (58 of 200) with the rest heading for the DOMAINfest Global Extended Auction at SnapNames, which takes place online from January 29 to February 5.

Check out the complete auction results after the jump, but please note that we do not guarantee their accuracy…


01|29|2009 10:53 am EDT

Sedo weekly sales up to January 26

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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While domain auctions are front and center this week with DOMAINfest Global going on, Sedo continues to deliver excellent results with nearly $600,000 worth of domain sales in the past week.

Some of this week’s highlights included for 30,000 EUR, for 30,000 USD, for 25,000 USD, for 24,000 EUR, and for 20,500 USD. Check out the full list after the jump…


01|29|2009 10:33 am EDT

Internet REIT Selects Bob Hurtte as New CEO

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Internet REIT, has chosen Bob Hurtte to replace Craig Snyder as their CEO.

Hurtte joins the company with over 25 years of success in leadership and corporate development. Prior to iREIT, Bob was the Chief Operating Officer of Gurwitch Products, LLC, the worldwide distributor of Laura Mercier brand of cosmetics, and helped the company grow from a small start-up to distributing its product in over 25 countries.

Hurtte, who holds a BBA in accounting from the University of Texas in Austin, also enjoyed many prior successes when he worked as an accountant for Ernst & Young, LLP.

Internet REITs domain portfolio includes,,,,,,,,, and many more.

[via Domain Name Wire]

01|28|2009 05:17 pm EDT

SnapNames and Moniker Introduce Self-Serve Listing Service

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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SnapNames and Moniker, a leading domain registrar, have joined together to allow sellers to list domains for sale on directly from their Moniker accounts.

The listing service will provide domain sellers with an increased reach into the industry’s largest pool of qualified buyers, where over 15,000 sales occur each month. In turn, the buyers will benefit from receiving a larger selection of quality domains at any price point.

“After listening intently to buyer and seller marketplace requirements, we are offering this new functionality to our community of users,” said President Jeff Kupietzky.  “As people continue to develop Internet identities and expand their demand of domain names, it’s absolutely essential to offer a comprehensive selection of quality domains. By allowing users to list from their Moniker accounts, we can quickly increase the availability of quality domains that may otherwise not be available.”

The new service provides two different listing formats (auction or fixed price), automatically transfers the domain from the seller to the buyer on the day of the transaction, and sends the proceeds from the sale to the seller within seven days (in most cases).

The companies, which are both run by, made the announcement at DOMAINfest Global, the industry’s leading conference and trade show.


01|28|2009 05:16 pm EDT

Click Fraud Higher Than Ever Reaching 17.1% in Q4 2008

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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According to the latest Click Forensics report, industry click fraud reached new heights in Q4 2008 with the average rate growing to 17.1%, up from 16% from Q3 2008.

The company’s reporting service – the Click Fraud Index – monitors and reports on statistically significant industry PPC data collected from online advertising campaigns across all the leading search engines. Some of the key Q4 findings included: (more…)

01|28|2009 10:07 am EDT

NameDrive Launches Beta for NDX Market

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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NameDrive NDX Market ScreenshotNameDrive, known to most as a parking company, are announcing at DomainFest today that they are launching NDX Market – a service that will provide domainers with a fast, secure and powerful public marketplace for buying and selling domains. According to their own numbers included in the marketing material for the new product, NameDrive also is a big market player in private domain brokerage, selling 147,760 domains for a total of $5,782,830 USD in 2008.

The new service will  is intended to benefit three different sets of buyers:

  • First-Timers: NDX Market guarantees a smooth transaction of domains and funds while also having available NDX Market Brokers ready to assist at all times.
  • Professional Domainers: NDX Market updates exclusive inventory daily from several global sources and includes domain statistics whenever possible.
  • Portfolio Buyers: NDX Market will hold monthly domain portfolio auctions with excellent savings for high-volume buyers who purchase domains by the thousands.

And with over 50,000 active users each month and a recognizable brand (NameDrive), NDX Market will also provide one of the best selling experiences around. Sellers will be able to list their domains for “Best Offer” or put them up for public auction, while also being able to choose a final BuyNow price for either option. And the sales are sure to be a smooth with NDXs escrow process as well as the professional transfer agents that are in place to ensure the domain and funds are exchanged as quickly as possible.

NDX Market will accommodate every kind of domain asset including high-end one-word generic dot-coms, popular ccTLDs, expired domains, and branded sales.

If you are attending the DomainFest Conference today, drop by the NameDrive booth and receive an invitation to beta test the NDS market site.

01|28|2009 09:00 am EDT increases security with VeriSign Identity Protection Network

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars


Verisign Identity Protection Keyfob

Registrar and Verisign just announced that you can now protect your domains with the security of a two-way authentification keyfob via a new partnership between the two companies. The keyfob, which you should carry with you at all times displays a 6 digit number that changes frequently. Only if this number is entered correctly in combination with your username and password you will be allowed access to your account. In addition, also allows you to limit access to your account to specific IP address.

The full press release follows after the jump.


01|27|2009 10:22 pm EDT

DomainFest Global 2009 Opening Night Auction Results

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

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DSC_0081Once again we were live blogging the auction results of the auctions at the DomainFest Global 2009 Conference in Hollywood, California.

There were over $150,000 worth of domains sold at the Opening Night Auction including for $14,000, for $12,500, and for $12,500.

As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results. Check out the full list after the jump… (more…)

01|27|2009 08:36 pm EDT

DomainFest 2009 Updates

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Headlines

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