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02|28|2009 04:36 am EDT

Other Domain Name News for Feb 16-28, 2009

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Headlines


02|27|2009 05:30 pm EDT

Toys”R”us Buys Domain Name for $5.1 Million

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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The domain name bankruptcy auction is now over. I caught the tail end of the auction and listened and Twittered as the 2 final bidders ToysRus and National A1 Advertising fought it out with $5,000 bid increments.  The final blow by Toys”R”us was a $5,100,000 bid that trumped National A1’s $5,000,000 bid.  Up until this point, the 2 bidders were volleying back and forth with $5,000 bid increments and dragging out the process by requesting breaks before putting in their counter bids.  The auction started at 1pm CST and drug on until about 4:25 pm

Bidders included the winner, Toys”R”us, back-up bidder National A1 Advertising,  domain investors Frank Schilling as well as Larry Fischer and Ari Goldberg who were the previous stalking horse bidder.

02|27|2009 04:09 pm EDT Live Auction

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Larry over at is live blogging the auction. So far Frank Schilling has dropped out of the auction and the last bid was placed in the amount of $3,130,000 by National A1. Minmum bid increments have been set to $5,000.

[Update]: Adam is now also tweeting the Auction.

Toys’R’Us bought the domain for $5,100,000 – more details here.

02|27|2009 11:45 am EDT Auction Ends today

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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The silent auction portion for Domainer Mardi Gras ends today at 5pm EST. Two of the passed domains from the live auction have now received bids. The current bid for is $13,500 and is currently at  $4,500 . In addition all of the remaining no reserve listings have received bids and some new domains have been added to the auction.

See the full list of domains after the jump. (more…)

02|26|2009 06:18 pm EDT

Sedo’s No Reserve Auction Is Underway

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

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Sedo’s first themed auction of the year, the No Reserve Auction, started today at 1:00 PM EST and will run through to March 5 at 1:00 PM EST.

There are plenty of great domains available under a wide range of categories – including,,,,, and many more.

The highest bid that goes beyond the starting price of 70 (£/€/$) for each domain will win! Check out the full auction list by clicking here and start bidding today!

[via Sedo]

02|25|2009 02:40 pm EDT

Sedo Weekly Sales Up To February 23

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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Last week Sedo reported an incredible $1 million worth of domain sales. Although the results weren’t quite as high this week, closing at around $800,000, there were plenty of impressive sales including for $399,990, for $33,000, for just under $30,000 (23,400 €), for $17,500, and for $15,000.

Check out the full list of sales after the jump…


02|25|2009 10:54 am EDT

AfternicDLS Weekly Sales Up To February 22

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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It was another solid week for AfternicDLS with over $500,000 worth of reported domain sales. Some of the highlights included for $10,000, for $9,800, for $8,000, and for $6,750.

Check out the full list – which includes several notable non-English .coms, a few decent IDNs, and a $5,000 .info domain – after the jump…


02|25|2009 02:24 am EDT

ICANN Mexico Meeting Goes Mobile with

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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ICANN has gone mobile for the upcoming public meeting in Mexico City, using to publish useful information for all attending the event.

The mobile version of the website will help conference attendees access information directly from their phones including the full meeting schedule, a map of the venue, a twitter feed, security advice, taxi numbers, hotel information, restaurant and bar reviews, as well as the weather forecast.

[via ISquattedYour.EU]

02|25|2009 12:44 am EDT Adds More Domains and More Money to Charity in Extended Auction

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

Tags: , , , , announced on their blog today that they have added 10 more no reserve domain names to their Domainer Mardis Gras extended auction which ends on Friday Saturday. The company is also continuing their charity raising effort by agreeing to donate $100 for each No Reserve domain sold – no matter what the sales amount is.  Since the names are set at a no reserve price, it’s certain that the company will be donating another $1,000 to the New Orlean’s Habitat for Humanity from their own pockets. The company raised $850 by auctioning a variety of items at the live event in New Orleans.

The Additional domains added to the No Reserve list includes :

Bidding is also still open until Friday for domains that were not sold at the live event.  Currently, it appears that at least one more domain name from the first list will be selling as the domain has met the reserve price.

The list of additional domains, with estibot valuations, and notes can be seen after the jump. (more…)

02|24|2009 10:48 am EDT

Sedo buys Revenue Direct from Dotster

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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SedoSedo announced this morning that they purchased parking company RevenueDirect from registrar Dotster and expanded their partnership with the registrar.

From the Sedo Press Release: The acquisition of RevenueDirect’s substantial customer base significantly increases Sedo’s North American market share. In addition to the acquisition, Sedo has formed a strategic long-term partnership with registrar heavyweight and former RevenueDirect parent company, Dotster. Through the strategic partnership, Sedo will benefit from the company’s large inventory and strong registrar presence, while RevenueDirect customers will gain considerable value from Sedo’s superior monetization engines and access to the world’s largest secondary market for buying and selling domain names.

From Dotster’s Press Release:  Demonstrating this continued Internet services investment, Dotster has recently acquired two companies, EmailBrain® and®, to expand its online marketing and hosting offerings. Also introduced in 2008, Dotster Connect is an online community platform. The product provides a complete suite of social networking and media sharing capabilities such as blogs, forums, video, real-time collaboration and more. Users of all sizes can achieve improved results with Web 2.0-enabled customer websites and intranets.

Traditionally Sedo has it’s strongest market presence in the European market and this acquisition will help strengthen Sedo’s position. Also the additional traffic can help Sedo negotiate better revenue share deals with it’s partners in the future.

[Sedo Press Release, Dotster Press Release, TechCrunch, Domain Name Wire]