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04|29|2009 10:59 pm EDT

Updates for 2009-04-29

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Headlines


  • Domain Name Wire: Minnesota Wants to Block Gambling Domain Names – #

04|29|2009 06:44 pm EDT

LIVE : Sells for $1.4 Million [Update: Video added]

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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The domain name sold at the TRAFFIC auction tonight for $1.4 Million. The winning bidder seen on the video feed and reported by people at the show was Divyank Turakhia of

04|29|2009 05:35 pm EDT

LIVE: Targeted TRAFFIC Silicon Valley Auction by SnapNames & Moniker

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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After a late start (on our end), we will be blogging blogged the live auction results of the Moniker & Snapnames Live Auction at Targeted TRAFFIC conference in Silicon Valley. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

91 names have sold for $2,133,350, bringing the average sales price to $23,443. The top name taking $1.4 million of that number.

Names marked with asterisks were brought back after the main auction and sold.

You can see the results after the jump.

04|29|2009 04:01 pm EDT

NameDrive launches NDX Market

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News


Not just DNHeadlines is updating their site – as always the week of the TRAFFIC conferences seems to be a week for news, be it the domain auctions or even company purchases.

NameDrive NDX Logo

NameDrive is making their own headlines, since the company has just launched their NDX Market. The new public marketplace for buying and selling domains had been launched as a beta at DomainFest. The relaunch of the domain parking interface, which is launched at the same time, brings a complete revamp of statistics and improved optimization tools down to the country level. The addition of virtual folders allows for easier grouping and sorting of domain names within a portfolio.

Ash from Namedrive about the launch:

Our goal was to create a fast, secure and powerful market environment that makes buying and selling domains easy for first-time users and also caters to portfolio owners and buyers who actively speculate on domain assets.

Features of the NDX Marketplace:

  • best offer or public auction listings
  • ending date of auction can be selected by user
  • bidding can be based on current earnings of the domain or generic value
  • Sales commissions are capped at 7% and can be as low as 3% if the domain is parked with NameDrive
  • No minimum commission price
  • For the remainder of April and all of May 2009, all commissions and escrow fees are waived

You will find 7 videos showing you the overview of the new NameDrive interface and NDX Marketplace as well as the full press release after the jump.


04|29|2009 03:58 pm EDT

DNHeadlines Overhauls Website With Complete Re-Launch

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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The New DNHeadlines DesignDNHeadlines, the domain name news aggregator, has re-launched its website with a number of major changes including a complete redesign, easier navigation, and improved feed information while also introducing its new DNHeadlines Exchange, a Facebook-based interactive platform that offers domainers to exchange any domain related information with one another. They can also share the content to Facebook and Twitter. The site also added three new sections: Events, Law and Video.

Michael Rhodes, founder of DNHeadlines told DNN:

“The changes to the look and feel, and feature additions in the relaunch are designed to inject a little fun into the experience, while at the same time increasing the scope and breadth of available information. Anything newly learned is by definition ‘news’, and with so much happening within the industry and across so many different platforms and mediums, that it all had to be considered for inclusion, Facebook, Twitter, Video, and a host of related topics and Events are all important elements to the Domain Industry that to not include it is simply providing an incomplete experience.”

Click here to visit to find out more about DNHeadlines Exchange and see the new look for yourself.

[via DNHeadlines]

04|29|2009 03:33 pm EDT

Geo-Domain Extended Auction Open Until May 5

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

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The Geo-Domain Extended Auction is continuing until May 5 – and there are still over 30 premium domains available to bid on including…

  • – $15,000 – Augsburg, Germany, is a city with a population of 270,000.
  • – $3500 – Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the 34th largest city in the US with a metropolitan population of nearly 850,000.
  • – $14,000 – Beach Haven is a beach-front resort on the southern part of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The median home value there is over $600,000.
  • – $21,000 – Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico outside of the San Juan metropolitan area with a population of nearly 200,000.
  • – $35,000 – Santa Clarita is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, California with an estimated city population of over 175,000.
  • And many more.

As Andrew Allemann at Domain Name Wire points out, several names have already received active bidding (,, after the live event closed and that means these domains will sell.

Click here to visit the GeoDomain Extended Auction and check out the discounted prices that will only be around until 12:00pm PDT on May 5.

Extended Auction Page:

More Info/Geo-Domain Map:

[via Aftermarket]

Disclaimer: Adam Strong is affiliated with both Domain Name News and Domain Consultant.

04|29|2009 12:18 pm EDT

Network Solutions Front-Running Leads to $1 Million Class Action Settlement

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured, Legal Issues

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Network Solutions just emailed notices regarding a class action settlment that came about from the NSI front running domains incident back in January 2008.   The email which can be seen after the jump details a class action lawsuit settlement which could cost the domain name registrar up to $1 million .  The complaint was originally filed against both NSI and ICANN by plaintiffs Chris McElroy, Todd Matzke and James Lee Finseth in  The US District Court for the Central District of California. The Court has approved the proposed settlement.  Anyone who has registered a domain at NSI between December 14  2007 and March 15 2008, may want to look in to this settlement.

04|28|2009 10:59 pm EDT

Updates for 2009-04-28

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Headlines


04|28|2009 05:51 pm EDT

Sedo weekly sales up to April 27

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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This week’s Sedo sales report reached over $750,000 in reported sales including for over $73,000 (€56,000), for over $52,000 (€40,000), for over $42,000 (€32,500), for nearly $40,000 (€29,900), and for $35,000.

Check out the full list of results after the jump…


04|28|2009 05:43 pm EDT

LIVE: RickLatona TRAFFIC Silicon Valley Auction Results

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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We will be blogging blogged the live auction results of the Rick Latona Auction at Targeted TRAFFIC conference in Silicon Valley. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.  From our tracking 34 names sold for a total take of $390,675 $374,675 .    ( did not sell when it appeared to have sold the first time.) Several lots were brought back at the end of the auction and two of them sold.

You can see the results after the jump.