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09|30|2009 01:33 pm EDT

Single Character .Biz Auction Pulls In Over $360,000 at Sedo

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo just wrapped up their single character .biz auction today, pulling in over $360,000 on 31 domains, or an average of roughly $11,000 per domain.  Andrew at DNW pointed out that was the top contender with over 20 bids coming in and a whopping $66,001 price tag.   Several domains were not included in the auction including,,, and .  All of the results are unofficial as Sedo has yet to close the deals, but links to the auctions can be found below.

It’s safe to assume that most of the bidding was driven by speculation.  With the recent announcement by to acquire the domain, a certain credibility was given to these domains.  I’m sure other registries will take note of this play.  Often all it takes is one company/group to adopt something and a trend in speculation can be spiked.  The .Biz extention hasn’t likely seen this much interest since it’s launch.  – $32,003 – $5,801 – $7,601 – $7,601 – $8,100 – $7,877 -$8,200 – $7,901 – Not listed – $10,099 – $10,055 – $8,988 – $18,100 $26,110 – $66,001 – $8,250 – $9400 – $8,177 – Not Listed – $8,250 – $6,900 – $7,999 – $15,611 – $8,001 – owns, wasn’t auctioned – $7,878 – Not Listed – $8,855 – $8,211 – $7,602 – $10,099 – $6,100 – $13,500 – $10,099 – $8,988 – $8,988

09|30|2009 12:56 pm EDT

US Government Releases Control Over ICANN in Affirmation of Commitments

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy

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Effective October 1, internet governing body ICANN will no longer be under the control of the U.S. Government. The Affirmation of Commitments signed today by the US Government’s National Telecommunications Information Administration and ICANN commits to allowing ICANN remain a private not for profit organization.  It also declares ICANN is independent and is not controlled by any one entity. The commitment recognizes that ICANN is a multi-stakeholder model robust enough to review itself.  Previous agreements between the US Government and ICANN operated under a three year time period, but this new agreement is not limited in time, essentially completely releasing ICANN from direct U.S. oversight.  The  U.S. has commited to remain involved with ICANN’s mission through ongoing support of ICANN through the GAC (Government Advisory Committee).

ICANN was created in 1998 for the purpose of “coordination of the Internet’s unique identifiers by the private sector through a not-for-profit organization where policies were developed from the bottom up.”  A Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and the US Government was created at that time and a Joint Partnership Agreement (JPA) between the two parties was renewed and revised over the last 11 years.  According to the ICANN website “the Affirmation of Commitments places beyond doubt that the ICANN model is best equipped to coordinate this vital resource and places reviews of ICANN’s performance in the hands of the community.”

The move was one that many predicted as the close ties between ICANN and the US Government had come under fire by some in the international community. All reports indicate that this news has been welcomed by many in the internet community.  Quotes from many in the community can be found on the ICANN website.  ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom was quoted by the BBC as saying “It’s a beautifully historic day.”  What the changes could mean specifically over time to the domain community as a whole is up in the air, but one could safely assume that the weight of US opinion on future endeavors by ICANN, such as the new gTLD launch, will have less of an impact than previously under the JPA.

09|30|2009 10:06 am EDT

AdLINK to increase Sedo ownership to 100%

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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AdLINK Group (DUS:LKI) has recently completed their display marketing unit, AdLINK Media and will use the gained funds in order to .buy the remaining 24.06% of shares (currently owned by the founders) in order to increase their ownership of Sedo to 100%. The company will pay 4.25 Million of newly created AdLINK shares, as well as 5.5 Million Euro in cash (Appx 8 Million USD).

AdLINK will also be selling their shares in Hi-Media and Goldbach Media to United Internet AG (ETR:UTDI).

Stéphane Cordier and Marc Stilkewill leave the board as of the end of this month. Tim Schumacher, currently managing director of Sedo GmbH, will become the CEO of AdLINK Group together with Alexander Röthinger (president of Afilinet GmbH) as a CTO. They will also be forming the new board of the company together with Andreas Janssen (CFO of Adlink Group).

In October of 2006 23.8% of the founders shares were purchased for 35 Million Euros.

[Press Release]

09|30|2009 09:23 am EDT

Snapnames/Moniker partner with Domain Distribution Network

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

Tags:‘s Moniker and Snapnames divisions have partnered with Dark Blue Sea’s (ASX:DBS, parent company of Domain Distribution Network (DDN). Customers that have their domains listed on for sale at Moniker or Snapnames can now also list their domains on the registrars that participate in the Domain Distribution Network. Domains listed with the DDN today will also be offered for sale through Moniker and Snapnames.

After GoDaddy canceled their participation in the DDN earlier this year, this new partnership may help increase domain sales for the network. Current partners include, Tucows/OpenSRS, Network Solutions and Melbourne IT.

Find the full text of the press release after the jump. (more…)

09|29|2009 04:31 pm EDT

MeetDomainers Live Auction Results

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

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MeetDomainers supported by hosted the only live domain auction in Poland earlier this week and sold 34 of 60 domains for a total of nearly $120,000 (€80,000).

The top sale was (“Doctors”) for $50,000 (€33,750). Check out the full list of results from the event, which attracted 100 domainers, after the jump…

09|29|2009 02:02 pm EDT

AfternicDLS Closes $600,000 In Weekly Sales

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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AfternicDLS reported over $600,000 in weekly sales including for $13,200, for $12,000, and for $8,000.

However, the biggest sale of the week was undoubtedly which was sold through, although the terms of the sale remain confidential.

Check out the full list of results – including over 400 domains – after the jump…


09|28|2009 09:58 pm EDT

Passing On Some Inspiring Stories of Good In The Domain Business

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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While I know that the desire of those who give of their “time, talent and treasure” is not to seek recognition, I’ve decided to point out several stories from people that I’ve met in the domain business that are giving back in ways that I find inspiring. Over the last few months, some of their stories have inspired me to think differently and look at the world in a different light. Some of them are donating money to charity, some of them are putting in time and serving and some are donating their talent to do good. I thought I’d share these short glimpses of what others are up to as a way to pass along the inspiration I felt from their efforts, in hopes of inspiring more stories.

I’m sure I’ll forget a few, but several stories that come to mind from the past include Donna Mahony and Bido’s benefit auction for the burro rescue, Michael Mann’s efforts with,  Eytan Elbaz’s whose PSA “Dear Parents” donated $25,000 to the Museum of Tolerance, Domainer Mardi Gras auction benefiting New Orleans Habitat for Humanity and’s head shaving fun (several times) to benefit cancer research. Domain registrar behemoth even touted charitable donation of a bunch of money toward several charities last year.

Recently, Ron Jackson pointed out a story of a group of domain investors and domain business leaders who are travelling to Kenya to learn of the efforts of the Water School.  The Water School a charity that is aiding in efforts to bring clean water to Africa.

Continued after the jump. (more…)

09|28|2009 04:01 pm EDT Clears $100,000 In Sedo’s Sales Report

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo posted its weekly sales results with over $700,000 worth of domains in total. The top sales this week were for $103,000 (65,000 GBP) and for $50,000.

Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire believes whoever has taken charge of is trying to make a play on, the disputed trademark that has been creating quite a mess.

Other notable sales include for $32,000 (€22,000), for $31,000, for $25,500. for $20,000, and for $20,000. Check out the full list of results after the jump…


09|28|2009 12:44 pm EDT

German DomainForum.Info sold to ForumFactory

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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The German language forum was bought by a company that operatos forum websites, ForumFactory. While the purchase price was not being published, the asking price was in the low Euros range plus VAT. The site was sold by previous owner NICit.

09|24|2009 02:05 pm EDT

Elephant Traffic Releases Online Interface For Direct Navigation Traffic – Looking For More Premium Domain Names

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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elephant-trafficElephant Traffic has launched its new online service for direct navigation advertising – offering domainers a risk-free monetization method for high quality, high traffic generic domain names.

The Elephant Traffic service allows domainers to use their traffic for direct navigation advertising, offering the traffic from the domain names to advertisers on a cost-per-visitor basis and re-routing visitors to the advertiser’s site of preference.

The company currently uses thousands of domain names including,,,,,,,, and

“One of the most surprising things about internet use is that 14% of online searches are done by using direct navigation,” said Wei-Hai Chu, CEO of Elephant Traffic. “Elephant Traffic gives advertisers the ability to capture this highly targeted traffic quickly and easily using a streamlined interface.”

The only problem facing Elephant Traffic at this moment, however, is the need for more domains. (more…)