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12|29|2009 05:40 pm EDT

Google Loses Domain Name Dispute Over

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues

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gfailInternet giant has lost an arbitration case over the domain name In a decision released today, The National Arbitration Forum, dismissed Google’s complaint which claimed that it was entitled to the domain name Google claimed that the domain name  is “confusingly similar” to its trademark for “Google”.

The unanimous three person panel ruled that “is not confusingly similar” to Google’s trademark, “Google”.  Google has commenced 65 similar domain name disputes and this is only the second time that it has ever lost. Domain name lawyer and Internet law expert, Zak Muscovitch is responsible for successfully defending the “little guy” against the mega-corp Google.

The domain is owned by Canadian entrepreneurs Jacob Fuller and Ryan Fitzgibbon, who launched in 2007. As Fuller explains, “Groovle was created to provide users the ability to upload photos and customize their Internet start page. We thought it would be a cool feature to have a nice photo of friends, family etc., every time you launch your web browser”. Says Fitzgibbon, “since we launched Groovle in 2007, Google, Bing and have each come out with something similar”.

The pair are elated with the decision. “We were stunned when Google launched the domain name dispute as we have great respect for Google and have always had a good relationship with them”, said Fitzgibbon. Fuller added that, “Google never had anything to fear from our web site. The arbitrators’ decision that the two domain names are sufficiently different should put Google at ease and we look forward to a renewed positive relationship with Google”.

Muscovitch concluded “Google clearly miscalculated here however my clients are prepared to put this behind them”.

12|23|2009 11:43 am EDT

Free Desktop Calendar For Domainers

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Give Away


2010, the domain industry’s event calendar and Domain Name News with the support of Targeted TRAFFIC, Domainer Mardi Gras, Geo Domain Expo and Domain Convergence bring you a free calendar giveaway. With the help of our sponsors, we’ve printed 250 desk calendars and one of them can be yours. Simply fill out the form after the jump and if you’re one of the first 250 respondents you will receive a free calendar featuring the most important domain conferences of the next year in the mail. (more…)

12|18|2009 02:26 pm EDT

Twitter’s DNS Compromised

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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Screenshot Of Twitter DNS Hack by tenz1225 on Flickr

Screenshot Of Twitter DNS Hack by tenz1225 on Flickr

As per a tweet from Twitter’s Biz Stone last night followed by a blog post it appears that Twitter’s DNS servers have been compromised yesterday. The cracker redirected the DNS so it displayed a message from “The Iranian Cyber Army”. As far as we can tell with the NameServer History tool at DomainTools, it appears that the change would have been made directly in the DNS entries. This is confirmed by the statement from Biz Stone that the API had not been affected by the attack, so most likely that DNS entry was not change.

12|18|2009 11:17 am EDT

Namedrive NDX Domain Market Sales Numbers, To Introduce Whitelabel Portfolio Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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While NameDrive’s NDX Market has usually never published any domain sales, the company has now shared some of its sales with us since the launch of the site six months ago. The company has sold 4,526 domains for a total amount of $4.64 million USD, at an average price of $1.025 per domain across 24 different TLDs. .COM and .DE took the lead with a combined 40% of all transactions. Listing & selling domains on the market place still is commission free.

The highest sale on NDX Market to date was a domain for 8900 GBP which has been kept private. The most unusual sale was perhaps for just $10.

The first week of trading on the marketplace saw some of the highest-ever Polish-language .com sales:

  • (Dating) – $ 3500
  • (Wallpaper) – $ 3000
  • (Sex dating) – $ 2000

Other notable sales include:

  • – 3000 EUR
  • – 3000 EUR
  • – 1950 EUR
  • – 1200 EUR
  • – 775 EUR
  • – 750 EUR
  • – 500 EUR
  • – 500 EUR

NDX to Introduce Whitelabel Domain Porfolio Sites: NDX Market OneLink

In the line of the current market trends of individual domain portfolio sales sites, NDX Market will shortly be announcing a beta launch of NDX Market OneLink, a product allowing portfolio owners and NDX Market partners to integrate a fully-branded, white label domain marketplace simply by implementing a single link to the hosted portfolio solution.

12|18|2009 10:53 am EDT

ICANN | Advisory Concerning Posting of Registrar Fees for Restoring Deleted Domain Names

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ICANN / Policy, Up to the Minute

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In light of eNom following suit and increasing their redemption fee to $250 (as reported by DNN), ICANN has published the “Advisory Concerning Posting of Registrar Fees for Restoring Deleted Domain Names” yesterday. In the advisory ICANN does not limit the amount chargeable for domain redemption, but does remind registrars that the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) requires them to publish the fee amount on their website. According to the RAA, the fee “must be clearly displayed on the website” and that it must be posted “both at the time of registration and in a clear place on its website […]”.

12|17|2009 05:05 pm EDT

Verisign Registry to Increase COM & NET fees in July 2010

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries


Verisign (VRSN) just sent an announcement to their Registrar list saying that they will increase the registration and renewal fees for COM & NET domains as of July 1st, 2010. The registration, renewal and transfer fee for .COM domains will then be increased from $6.86 to $7.34 and the .NET annual fees will be increased from $4.23 to $4.65. Verisign had not increased their prices in 2009. According to a settlement in for lawsuit between Verisign and ICANN in 2006, the company is allowed to increase their prices on an annual basis with increases of up to 7% per year for .COM.

12|16|2009 02:32 am EDT

Ohashi Wins Business Plan Competition

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domainers

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Kevin Ohashi, a domainer and student, recently won the Venture Cup Syd business plan competition in Sweden.  Ohashi, who is studying for his second Masters in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University, won the top prize for student business plans and another top 10 recognition for a second plan.

Naturally, both of Ohashi’s plans revolve around internet based ventures. His “Twitter Jobs” plan uses social media to match job seekers with employers through  The other plan “Brand Research”  involves a brand monitoring service that allows companies to learn what consumers are saying about their brands on social media websites. Ohashi’s winning plans netted him a prize of $17,500 SEK.

We enjoy hearing about people in the domain space who find success in other ventures, especially when those ventures spin off of domain name or internet-based businesses.  Congrats Kevin. Keep up the good work.

12|16|2009 01:25 am EDT Sells For $65,000 in Sedo Weekly Sales Report

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo closed $750,000 in weekly sales including Büromö for $100,000 (€69,000), for $65,000, for $40,000, and for $40,000.

Büromö stands for “Office Furniture” in German. was purchased by SPB Software, a mobile software company located in New Jersey. is a geo-based domain that could be used for the town in Spain, the town in Chile, the municipality in Honduras, or the Lake, Volcano, and Conservation Area of that name in Costa Rica.

Other notable sales were for $25,900, for $22,222, for $18,000, and for $15,000.


12|16|2009 01:11 am EDT Charity Auction Underway

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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The charity auction is underway featuring quality domain names donated by,,, DomainNameWire, YummyNames, Chef Patrick, and Latona’s.

The five-day auction started on December 14 and runs until December 18. It is the first auction to be used by Rick Latona Auctions’ new auction platform and services at Click here for a list of the domain names.

The highest single bid from all the combined auctions will choose the charity to receive all net proceeds.

Visit for more information.

12|16|2009 12:58 am EDT

NameCheap Hosting 2nd Annual Twitter Trivia Contest

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Contests

Tags: , , , , ,, a leading domain name registrar, is hosting its second annual holiday Twitter trivia contest, featuring $20,000 in prizes including domain name credits, Dell Studio 15 laptops, and Barnes & Noble nooks.

“We had a great time with our trivia contest last year and felt our clients and new users did as well so we wanted to bring it back this year and make it a sort of tradition with us,” said Richard Kirkendall, CEO of NameCheap. “Not only does it allow us to give back and say thank you to all of our clients, it also helps us interact directly with them and lets them know we are always here and are real people standing by to help and serve them any time. Overall, it’s just a fun experience for us and hopefully adds to the spirit of the holidays.”

From December 14 until December 24, NameCheap will ask a new question on Twitter on the hour, every hour. So make sure you click here to follow NameCheap on Twitter if you wish to participate. Eight winners – the first to answer correctly and seven other correct respondents chosen at random – will be chosen for every question and be credited $9.69 in their Namecheap accounts (enough for a domain name).

Additionally, the three highest scoring winners will receive Dell Studio 15 laptops ($699 value) and the two runners up (4th and 5th place) as well as one contestant chosen at random will receive Barnes & Noble nooks ($259 value).

To participate in the contest, visit And while you’re at it, make sure to follow DomainNameNews on Twitter as well.

[via Namecheap]