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02|26|2010 08:51 pm EDT

Congrats to Our Friends Joe and Jessica !

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Congratulations go out to DNN’s good friends Joe Higgins and Jessica Besseling who are now proud parents. Joe and Jessica have been long-time employees with (Jessica also worked with

According to Joe “Baby Gia was born in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg on Thursday, February 25th weighing in at a healthy 3.320 kilos (7.2 lbs) and measured 53 cm (21″). Jessica and baby are doing great.”

Joe and Jessica recently moved to Luxembourg to set up Oversee’s new European offices. Good luck to you both and to baby Gia !

02|26|2010 06:28 pm EDT

Gandi Gives Away 55,000 Domains to Celebrate their 10th Anniversary

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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The French registrar is giving away 55,000 Domain Names in celebration of the ICANN accredited company’s 10th birthday. The amount of promo codes given away will increase from day to day up to a total of 55,000. The longer a registrant has been with the company the more promotional codes they will receive. The coupon codes can be used by the registrant themselves or passed on to someone else. The special event is supported by a number of registrar partners and applies to the following TLDs: .be, .com, .eu, .fr, .info, .me, .mobi, .net, .tel and .uk. More information can be found on the anniversary website.

02|25|2010 10:18 am EDT

DomainConsultant Relaunches Site, Launches Two New Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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DomainConsultant’s Mike Fiol has contacted us to with the news that the company’s site has recently been relaunched in the form of a blog. The company is most known for their work assisting with the auctions held by DomainTools on the platform.

The company has also launched a new domain marketplace, meant for premium domains with little market exposure under the name “One of a Kind“. The domain name sold at the Silent Moniker/SnapNames auction for the Targeted TRAFFIC Conference in New York for $26,000 and was the top sale of the auction.

The latest tool launched by DomainConsultant is, a domain name analytics aggregator with the goal to provide as many relevant statistics for a given domain name as possible. Fiol stated that “This is a tool we built for ourselves that we decided to release to the public.  I don’t know of another public tool that has the number of data points that we do.  If we’re missing something, we’d love to hear other domainers suggestions .”

Disclaimer: Domain Name News Editor Adam Strong is a consultant for

02|22|2010 04:38 pm EDT

Network Solutions Takes Over ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

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As of this writing, the website has become a Network Solutions domain parking page.  Gawker Media first pointed out that the music industry website was no longer active.

I know what you are thinking, the domain expired and NSI took it over.  WRONGO!  The domain doesn’t expire until September 2011.

The company refers to the problem as a “glitch” .  A pretty good size glitch given that according to the site averages over 1 million monthly unique visitors.  This seems like a pretty large mistake  for a well-known publishing company to make on their own, so we’re left wondering who dropped the ball here.

Mashable is also covering the story and a commenter pointed out that the domain may be experiencing issues with their DNS provider or Akamai.

02|22|2010 02:04 pm EDT

Verisign Releases Domain Industry Brief

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registries

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Verisign, the registry provider for .com and .net, has released their domain industry brief today. The report can be found in PDF format here.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

–  At the end of 2009 there were 192 million domain name registrations across all TLDs, an increase of nearly 15 million since the end of 2008.

– An eight percent increase in new registrations from the third quarter 2009.

– At the close of 2009 there were 78.6 million ccTLD domain name registrations, an increase of nearly 7.5 million since the close of 2008.

– The Chinese ccTLD .cn regained it’s position as the most registered ccTLDs  but .uk notably was had the most growth with an 11% increase in registrations

– .com and .net grew to 96.7 million domain name registrations at the end of 2009. This represents an increase of 7% over the last quarter in 2008.

Lastly, Verisign looked at renewal rates .  The rate of renewals at the end of 2009 was 71%.

In analyzing renewals Verisign points out that 88% of the .com and .net domains are resolving to a site.  While 24% of that number represents “Onepage” sites including parked domains, under construction and brochure-ware sites.

If my math is correct that means there are roughly 23,184,000 “Onepage” domains.
How many of those do you think are being parked  : )

02|20|2010 04:23 pm EDT

Someone Smells Like a Freshly Registered Domain

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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I found an interesting  product today while searching for some domain news articles.  It’s Domain, the men’s fragrance by Mary Kay.

Mary Kay describes the fragrance :  “Wrap him in the scent of hearth and home with Domain® Cologne Spray. He’s a breath of fresh air and so is this blend of lavender and oak moss.”

Nothing says “Domain” like lavender and oak moss, eh?

Maybe we can offer a rewrite and remix with DNN’s version : “Wrap him in the scent of the sea breeze of a beach side bungalow and the musky air of a grotto with Domain Cologne Spray. He’s a breath of fresh .com registrations and so is this blend of whiskey and Cuban cigar aromas.”

Could this be the perfect gift for your domainer husband/boyfriend ? Unfortunately, Domain cologne is not available at the domain    : )

02|18|2010 02:57 pm EDT Goes In To Foreclosure

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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In the ongoing drama that is another major twist in the story has occurred. has now been listed at Maltz Autctions as an asset to be sold at a foreclosure auctionElliot Silver scooped the legal documents listing the domain name, the loan agents, as well as the investors involved.

The domain name was sold in January 2006 for a rumored $14 million to a group of previously private investors. It was rumored at the time that Internet RealEstate and former BuyDomains owner Michael Mann were involved.  The rumors obviously can be confirmed by this filing. is already a popular domain by nature of the subject matter. The 2006 sale gave it the highest domain sale bragging rights.  It’s the one domain that has been the focus of two books, one by Kieren McCarthy and one by lawyer Charles Carreon.  It’s been stolen and returned and then sold and now it’s gone in to foreclosure.  If it’s popular subject matter didn’t make this name interesting, surely the history and ongoing story behind makes it one of the most popular domain names ever.

02|17|2010 09:10 pm EDT

National A1 Sells for $1 million

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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As reported earlier on TechCrunch , National A1 Advertising has sold the domain for $1 million to poker company . The transaction is cited as the highest recorded .org sale price. runs a portfolio of other domains including, and .

This is a great sale and shows the value of a category killer keyword domain may be in it’s ability to rank well in a category, not just in it’s extension. DNN predicts that there’ll be a resurgence in speculation in alternate extensions like .net and .org  and that the domain blogs and forums will be buzzing on this story for awhile.

02|15|2010 01:56 pm EDT

PCWorld Recommends to Block

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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IDG’s PCWorld just published an article by Jared Newman about 15 Internet Annoyances and how to fix them. Of course the author thinks that parked domains are one of them, even if they may actually get the user to where they want to go. So Newman recommends all domains that involve framed parking on the owned domain:

13. This Web Site is Bogus

Sometimes when you mistype a URL or click an old, abandoned link, you’ll come upon these junky Web sites filled with useless links, a search bar that returns who-knows-what and a deliciously ironic slogan, “What you need, when you need it.” This is the work of cybersquatters, who occupy Web sites in hopes that you’ll click on those links and make them some money.

The Fix: Firefox users can once again use BlockSite to turn one major cybersquatter’s Web sites into blank pages–just add “*” to your restricted list. This will foil one major cybersquatter whos sites always refer back to that domain, but unfortunately the same trick doesn’t work in Internet Explorer’s list of restricted sites. No matter what browser you’re in, never give squatters the satisfaction of clicking on anything.

Of course the article also calls anyone who would re-register and park a previously registered and expired domain a cybersquatter, forgetting that the term implies an actual infringement on someones trademark. Maybe we should add journalists who do not do proper research to the list? I guess I could post that as a comment on his article, but then again, that would require registration on the site, which also is one of the annoyances he lists.

02|12|2010 01:56 pm EDT

FaceBook Humor Site Sues Owner of Better Domain Name For Framing Their Content

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues

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TechDirt covered a unique twist in domain name disputes last week.  Pet Holdings, Inc, the company behind wildly popular websites such as, and, sued the owner of the domain name because the owner framed PHI’s site on his domain and put a for sale banner on the top of the page. owner Cristian Castillo claims that he made a mistake framing the content but was using it to demonstrate what the domain could be used for while attempting to sell it. Based on statistics sent to us by Castillo the domain seems to be generating around 10,000 unique visitors a day. Castillo is still offering the domain name for sale for $50,000.

As a result of  the domain owners actions of framing the content of, Pet Holdings is claiming cybersquatting, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition, and breach of contract.  Castillo clearly has the better domain and one that predates by 3 years, a domain that PHI likely covets but is unwilling to pay $50,000 to acquire.

It’s unclear why PHI sued first and didn’t file a UDRP or simply send Castillo a cease and desist to stop his actions.  Posts on TechDirt and the current Failbook site indicate Castillo believes that suing and not sending a cease and desist was over the top.   We wonder why they didn’t just go with a UDRP instead. Based on several recent bad UDRP decisions, DNN believes Castillo might be lucky that PHI didn’t go that route.  Actions like this seem to be readily pinned as bad faith in a UDRP proceeding, so he’d have lost the domain.  As far as we know, PHI still has the option to file a UDRP.

Techdirt makes the argument that PHI shouldn’t be bothered and that in fact benefited from the traffic from the framing of their site, but others clearly don’t see it the same pointing out that the action could confuse users in to thinking one site was the other.  The legal battle seems to have continued in the comments section with both sides making additional arguments. Arm-chairing techies also seem to be chiming in on the issue. Debate centers over whether Castillo’s actions were or were not harming PHI and if the actions were more of a defrauding on potential buyers of the domain.

The case is ongoing and will be interesting to follow and see where this leads.  PHI has offered a settlement which calls for Castillo to pay PHI around $8,000, but it doesn’t appear that he is going to accept that any time soon.