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04|28|2010 12:41 pm EDT

Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan Live Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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Here are the unofficial live auction results of the Targeted TRAFFIC Auction held in Milan, Italy today. Out of 223 domains listed, 71 were sold in the live auction for a total of 406,350 Euro (appx. $536,544 USD). The top sales were:

  1. (90,000 EUR, appx.118,836 USD)
  2. (70,000 EUR, appx.92,428 USD)
  3. (40,000 EUR, appx. 52,816 USD)
  4. (17,500 EUR, appx. 23.107 USD)
  5. (13,500 EUR, appx. 17,825 USD)

As confirmed by bidders the invoices from the .EU opening auction are being issued in USD even though the bids were being placed in Euro.

Please see the full results after the jump.

04|27|2010 05:32 pm EDT

ICANN COO Doug Brent Steps Down

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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Doug Brent

Doug Brent, Picture From ICANN's website

As just announced on the ICANN blog, ICANN COO Doug Brent will be stepping down from his job at the end of July 2010. He has been with ICANN the beginning of 2007. The non profit has started the recruiting process for a successor.

He explains his decision as follows:

While my engagement in the work of ICANN has made this a difficult decision, the reasons I am leaving are simple. I accepted my role with ICANN in December 2006 with the expectation that I’d commute the 300 miles to Los Angeles four days a week. I did that for twenty months, after which I chose to relocate to Los Angeles – both to do a better job for ICANN, and to see my wife of 27 years every once and a while :-) . After relocating for what will be more than two years, and much family discussion, we’ve determined that our life is not in Los Angeles.

04|27|2010 02:39 pm EDT

Rick Latona’s Low Reserve .EU Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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The Targeted TRAFFIC .EU Low Reserve Opening Auction by Rick Latona was off to a low start.  Only 10 of the listed 50 .EU domains sold and the majority sold at their reserve bid of 500 €.

The domains that sold were:

  • 500 €
  • 500 €
  • 500 €
  • 500 €
  • 700 €
  • and 600 €
  • 600 €
  • 500 €
  • 600 €
  • 500 €

04|27|2010 08:02 am EDT Auction Ends Today

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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Today is your last chance to put in bids on the DomainNameWire and auction.  The auction, put together by Andrew Alleman of DomainNameWire, features names from his portfolio, other bloggers, as well as some larger portfolio holders. The event winds down today at 3:15 EDT at SnapNames.

As of our writing this morning 9 of the 53 domains have received bids that have met the reserve. More than half of the list of domains have “No Reserve” prices so there’s plenty of domains that can be picked off for next to nothing and still have no bids.  Like most auctions, these will be bid on at the last minute.

We don’t often do “picks” here but I’ll throw some out for my good friends at DNW: – at No Reserve seems like a no-brainer – at No Reserve but current bidding at ~$400 . Checkout for ideas. – sold for $18,500 on Namejet on 4/16/2010 making this priced to sell – The google search volume on this is ~60,000.  Disease/medical domains get reliable traffic and this one is priced to sell too. – at No Reserve is a no-brainer. Search volume seems low but this is a slam dunk domain for a realtor. – any 1 worder at No Reserve gets a nod from me.

Lastly, someone has to buy the ironic at No Reserve :)

There are quite a few auctions going on over the next few weeks and it’s hard to keep track of what closes when. We’ll try and keep you abreast on these events. Remember, half of the domain name game is just showing up to play. Make sure you check out this auction as the game is almost over.

Check the full list after the jump.


04|26|2010 08:10 am EDT

Comwired Becomes

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

Tags: , , , , , , , LogoWith a press release published this morning DNS service provider Comwired rebrands itself as The company is known in the domain industry mostly through Dan Kimball (CEO) and Sean Stafford (COO) who both have extensive experience in the domain & hosting industry through their work at ModernBill and other companies. Comwired was launched by Stafford and Kimball with Brian Smith and Eric Radtke in a private beta at the end of 2008.

With the purchase of the category defining domain,, Comwired wants to bring their product to a wider audience. The company has also redefined the details of their offering, the “anycast DNS network”, which also features location based DNS redirection.

The purchase price of the domain has not been revealed.

See the full press release after the jump. (more…)

04|23|2010 01:28 pm EDT Relaunches and Adds Paid Membership

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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Just in time for today’s drop, Jason Cupp and Patrick Ruddell have just relaunched the website. After some beta-testing, the site introduces a premium membership today for the monthly rate of $19.97 per month. A free membership remains available as well, but limits access to lists of .com & .net domains, whereas the paid membership includes access to .org, .us, .info, .biz, .me, .tv and .ca lists as well. The site operators are planning to add more TLDs to the service. Paying members also see additional data (search volume, search results, CPC, estimated value of the domain etc).

The site monitors the state of the domains and offers a daily live chat during from 2pm to 3pm ET during the COM & NET drop. While GoDrops does not register the names for you, it will help you to find the right names to try to register during the drop.

See the full press release after the jump.


04|23|2010 08:30 am EDT Launches Local Search Site

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Development

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Domain investor Michael Bahlitzanakis, aka Mike B, has launched the beta of his newest venture,  The local search site lets local consumers search, review and rate the businesses in their local market.  The site already includes 16 million local businesses in their search index.  According to the company they have also developed partnerships with leading publishers to include events, local blog content, maps and full integration in to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The company is also focused on creating a better and “more transparent” product than their competition. Bahlitzanakis told us that he’s seen local businesses upset at the lack of transparency on other local search sites and has heard from business that they are looking for cost effective strategies to reach local consumers.  He sees a big opportunity in helping these local businesses. has built a team of marketing professionals who will be “on the street” meeting with businesses and providing direct marketing services.   The company has also established syndication and content partnerships that enable businesses to control their listing information at, while having that same data syndicated to over 100 local search providers including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and

Bahlitzanakis also told us about some of the planned features for the site to be released soon, most of these are geared to helping small businesses connect with consumers.  One of the future plans of the site may be of interest to domainers who hold geo-based domain names though. In the coming months, the site will be releasing a local sponsored syndication which will be looking for geo-targetted traffic ( or for example). “We want all of that kind of traffic we can get” Bahlitzanakis told us when we inquired about whether the company plans to develop relationships with domain owners with geo-based domains.

It’s always nice to see a gem domain polished up and released as a professional service like this.  It’s even better when that business can benefit other domainers.  We look forward to seeing what the future holds for

04|22|2010 04:24 am EDT

Results of the Latonas / Edwin Hayward Auction

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction, Up to the Minute

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Here are the unofficial results of the Latonas/Edwin Hayward $1 reserve auction. 80 domains were sold for a total of $27,625 USD. $2,209.00 $1,850.00 $1,742.00 $1,434.00 $1,433.00 $1,175.00 $1,111.00 $988.00 $775.00 $758.00 $742.00 $658.00 $638.00 $563.00 $542.00 $525.00 $495.00 $494.00 $480.00 $435.00 $401.00 $345.00 $338.00 $336.00 $330.00 $327.00 $326.00 $313.00 $301.00 $291.00 $286.00 $282.00 $275.00 $272.00 $265.00 $245.00 $236.00 $221.00 $201.00 $201.00 $167.00 $161.00 $138.00 $131.00 $128.00 $126.00 $126.00 $111.00 $109.00 $105.00 $105.00 $101.00 $101.00 $101.00 $91.00 $81.00 $81.00 $71.00 $71.00 $62.00 $61.00 $54.00 $51.00 $51.00 $51.00 $41.00 $36.00 $31.00 $31.00 $31.00 $31.00 $21.00 $21.00 $21.00 $21.00 $21.00 $21.00 $21.00 $2.00 $1.00

04|21|2010 01:37 am EDT

Latonas Daily Auction Net Sales Go Up As Reserves Go Up

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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Now with a few “daily” auctions under their belts, Latonas seems to have worked out the minor bugs and is progressing forward with more sales.  Today’s most recent auction raised the prices from $1 reserves to $1000 reserves and netted $100,731 on 51 domain sales (according to our unofficial tally).  33 domains on the list went unsold at the $1000 reserve mark.

The last $1 reserve auction that we tracked only brought in $19,474 on 48 domains.  The recent auction had pretty pathetic results with  14 of 200 domains selling for a total of $880 (see below) and the Richard Whitney $1 reserve auction brought in roughly $46,000 in sales on 100 domains.

We’ve included the “unofficial” sales results we tallied from the past 3 auctions including today, the auction and Richard Witney’s after the jump.  The next auction is slated for tomorrow and includes a collection of 80 domains at $1 reserve from long-time domainer Edwin Hayward.


04|20|2010 12:03 pm EDT Tops this Week’s Sedo Domain Sales Chart

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo’s sales chart for this week is headed by, which sold for $94,000 USD. The brokerage company and domain sales website also reports the results of their .TV auction in today’s chart, lead by for $17,002. Other sales of note are at $15,000 USD, for $37,500 and many German language domains.

See the full list of Sedo’s reported sales for the week after the jump.