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07|21|2010 12:18 pm EDT

BC Government Gambling Website Brought Down by Privacy Breach

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Apparently the Online Gambling site by the Province of British Columbia was not brought down by too much traffic after opening, as originally reported. The Globe and Mail now reports that the site was actually taken down because of a breach privacy that allowed players to see other player’s financial information and even use their funds for gambling.

“Someone could be playing away with [someone else’s] money,” said BCLC president and CEO Michael Graydon.

A total of about $8,000 had to be redistributed once the errors were discovered and affected individuals tracked down, he said.

As well, bits of the personal data of 12 players were viewed by others, including some numbers on their credit cards, Mr. Graydon said.

“We reacted very quickly and in a transparent way to the customers involved, and we will make sure this does not happen again,” he vowed.

“We are one of the first jurisdictions in the world to do this. … It’s a new frontier, and technology is changing very rapidly.”

In an unrelated charge the Lottery Corporation also faces a $600,000 fine by the federal Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), but is planning to appear.

07|19|2010 12:58 pm EDT

Sedo Launches Sedo Pro World Tour Website

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Events, Up to the Minute

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Screenshot of Sedo Pro World Tour WebsiteSedo has launched a new website for the “Sedo Pro World Tour” Events. The event takes place in five different cities across the world over the course of seven months. The tour starts off in the city of the US headquarter of the company, Boston and ends at the European headquarter in Cologne in February during the month of the big local Carnival. Here are the planned events:

  • Boston, USA (August 31 – September 1, 2010)
  • Seoul, Korea  (September 10-11, 2010)
  • Tuscany, Italy (October 8-9, 2010)
  • London, UK (November 2010)
  • Cologne, DE (February 2011)

As previous events, this tour remains exclusive to SedoPro members.

07|19|2010 12:40 pm EDT

Final Day for .CO Pre-Orders Before the Launch

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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Screenshot of 300.Com.Co SiteBefore tomorrow’s General Availability Launch of the .CO ccTLD domain registrations, today is the final day to place pre-orders. The local Colombian based registrar Mi.Com.Co has launched a site offering the top 300 places in its registration queue. Prices start at $300 and are lowered the later the spot in the queue is. Currently the site shows 50 registrations pending approval.

Domain Name Wire has published a handy guide listing a number of registrars where .CO domains can be registered.

Disclaimer: The .CO registry is one of our advertisers along with the company that operates the website.

07|19|2010 10:44 am EDT

Province of BC Overwhelmed by Success of Online Gambling Site

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous

Tags: , , , , , , Screenshot announcing "Technical Difficulties"While the US state of Kentucky is fighting online gambling by seizing domain names, the Canadian Province of British Columbia has decided to try to get a part of the online gambling cake and was apparently overwhelmed by its success.

The British Columbia Lotter Corporation had launched its controversial online gambling site,, last Thursday and was shut down by the initial spike of traffic.

“It’s been an overwhelming success with people in British Columbia to the point where we hit 100 per cent capacity in the first day,” Michael Graydon, president of the corporation, said Friday.

“So we decided to close the site down for a half a day, add some new hardware and servers to the system to be able to accommodate it. We’re in the process of doing that. Our IT people are working very hard to get it up and running.”

The site is still offline today. It will include casino games, bingo, sports, lotteries and other games and is expected to generate about $100 million in revenue.

[Via CBC]

07|19|2010 10:09 am EDT

.EE Matches the Amount of Registrations for Two Months in Two Days

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs, Registries, Up to the Minute


Two days after the Estonian Registry operator, Eesti Internet, has gone live with their new registry system, they added another 1,329 new domains, effectively doubling the amount of registrations processed over the course of the preceeding two months. The new model of the registry for .EE domains is now based on selling domains through  accredited registrars instead of direct sales through the registry. The changes went along with a broadening of conditions, allowing more people to register .EE domains:

(from the site:)

  • individuals are now able to register .ee domain names. For instance, they can use an e-mail address in the form;
  • foreign nationals can now register .ee domain names. For instance, they can set up an Estonian-language e-service environment;
  • one person can register more than one .ee domain name. For instance, if a company has several trademarks and wants to represent them all on the Internet under the .ee domain, they now can;
  • registration of domain names will start taking place at two levels, meaning that the Estonian Internet Foundation has delegated the provision of service to registrants to registrars. The list of registrars is posted on the Estonian Internet Foundation website; and
  • a regulatory fee has been established for domain names. The amount of the fee for registrants will be determined by registrars on the open market based on competition.

The transition to the new domain rules also applies to all .ee domains registered according to the old rules. These will be subject to a six-month transition period during which the domain registrants must choose a registrar and renew their domain registration with the registrar.

In parallel to the transition to the liberalised domain system, an independent body will be established within the Estonian Internet Foundation in order to resolve disputes related to domain names – the Domain Disputes Committee. The objective of the committee is to provide an expedited procedure as an alternative to judicial procedure so as to resolve any cases of misuse of domains where registration of a domain violates the rights of third parties, such as in the case of trademark infringement.

[via DomainPulse]

07|19|2010 09:54 am EDT

Survey For Registry Service Providers (new gTLDs)

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

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In 2008 Jothan Frakes held an impromptu survey for registry service providers for new gTLDs at the ICANN meeting in Paris. The results were then consolidated into a matrix and published on the Names At Work blog by his friend Antony van Couvering – unfortunately DNN could not locate the information on the site today. Now, two years later and a bit further into the introduction process for new gTLDs- ICANN has published the 4th revision of the Applicant Guidebook for New gTLDs – Jothan Frakes has started a follow-up survey.

The first survey also seems to have had a big part in funding of the new gTLD service & consulting company Minds + Machines, which Frakes was part of. Now that he is not with the company any more, he can once again collect data in an independent survey of the registry services industry.

The survey will run until August 4th, 2010 and service providers (for ccTLDs & gTLDs) interested in having their information included can participate here: Registry Service Provider Survey

[Via Jothan Frakes’ Blog]

07|19|2010 09:38 am EDT

Rick Schwartz Sells to

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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Rick “DomainKing” Schwartz has just posted a press release on his blog according to which he sold the domain name to Punchbowl Software, Inc , a developer of party and event planning website. The sales price of the domain has not been disclosed and the company states that it still working on a new site for the domain. Currently the domain name redirects to their site ““.

07|17|2010 10:12 am EDT

Minds + Machines Parents Posts Loss While Waiting for new gTLDs

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Top Level Domain Holdings LogoThe parent company of Minds + Machines, Top Level Domain Holdings [AIM: TLDH] reported their revenue for the period to the end of April with £32,000 ($49,000), with a loss of £462,000 ($708,000). The company is pretty much in a holding pattern until the release of the new gTLDs by ICANN and is expecting finalization of ICANN’s new gTLD Applicant Guidebook by November and is hoping for the opening of the first round at the ICANN Meeting in December. The company still has almost £4m in cash and equivalents and appears to have been bootstrapping operations. One of the former key-employees, Jothan Frakes, is not with the company any more. Potential threats to the company could be further delays of the release of new gTLDs through litigation.

[via DomainIncite]

07|08|2010 07:30 am EDT

SnapNames .US Auction Ends Today

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SnapNames’ .US domain auction in honor of Independence Day ends in about 7 hours at 3:15pm ET. So far only 20 of the 86 domains have received bids. is currently leading the pack with a bid of $1,615, but many domains such as, and are not attracting any bidders, even though names like this would sell in other extensions ( and are amongst recently reported sales). See the full list of domains up for bids on the SnapNames website.

07|08|2010 04:45 am EDT Launches Yexa Beta for Registrars and Resellers – Exclusive Interview

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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As  Andrew at Domain Name Wire revealed, is going to be releasing a new solution for Registrars and Resellers by the name of Yexa. According to the PDF published on the preview site, that also hosts a sign-up form for the beta of the software, The software is going to allow customers to sell domains, SSL certificates and Hosting.

DNN chatted with Jen Sale about the launch and the features of the new product via Instant Messaging. Read the full interview and learn more about the new product after the jump. (more…)