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11|30|2010 09:05 pm EDT

Afternic DLS Sells For $297,500

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo and Afternic have been so kind to send us a few selected sales from their and their clients domain portfolios for the Week 47 of 2011. The top 5 sales were:

  1. for $297,500 USD (AfternicDLS)
  2. for $43,500 USD (Sedo)
  3. for $38,000 USD (Sedo)
  4. for $26,500 USD (Sedo)
  5. for 19,000 EUR (appx $24,750 USD, Sedo)

Domain Name Wire has more information on the sale and buyer of – the domain was last listed for $450,000 US before.

See the full reported lists after the jump.


11|29|2010 04:33 pm EDT

Namejet’s 3 Letter .Net and .Org Domain Auction Floods Market

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

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Shane Cultra at DomainShane pointed out earlier that Namejet is hosting an auction of 3 letter .net domains, in fact more than 1000 of them at one time. The names were originally had a backorder deadline over the Thanksgiving holiday week but it appears someone wised up an move the closing date to get in on these auctions to today 11/29/10.

In addition to the .net domains Shane pointed out, there are nearly 1000 more 3 letter .org domains up for auction on the same day. Many of the domains being sold are not expiring domains though, rather they are a batch of names that appear to have come out of Marchex. whois historyThe whois of the majority of these domains currently shows privacy, but using DomainTools whois history we quickly found that the majority (if not all) of the list comes from the MDNH Inc portfolio, better known as the Marchex portfolio of domains.  If you have a subscription to the service you can see an example with the domain being owned by MDNH as recently as the first week of October 2010 and further back you can see the name was owned by Ultimate Search.

Marchex bought the Ultimate Search portfolio of domain names back in 2005 and has been listing many of these domains for sale over the years. Marchex representatives informed DNN that these domain names are not being sold by the company. Shedding 3 letter .net and .org domains that likely aren’t providing targeted traffic toward those goals would make sense. Namejet reps would not confirm that Marchex was selling the domains trough the platform.

Wether it was a wise move to flood the aftermarket and put them all up for sale at once can be debated. It definitely wasn’t smart timing to put them for sale during the holiday week when most people aren’t sitting at their computers. As Shane points out, it’s tedious and cumbersome to even bid on multiple names at Namejet. Having them selling all at once is going to be a nightmare for anyone wanting to track or bid on multiple domains. I tried to put backorders on the entire group in fact and was told I entered too many domains.  Not a good error to see when an auction is clearly selling in bulk.

Either way this large scale auction is sure to get some attention.  A small sampling of the names at auction are posted after the jump. Check Namejet advanced search to find the full list . Backorders on this massive list need to be in by today at 8pm PST.


11|25|2010 04:04 pm EDT

Cyrillic ccTLD Launch Overshadowed by Legal Dispute

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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As reported earlier the Cyrillic .?? IDN ccTLD launch had reached a stunning number of 500,000 registrations in the first week. Considering the numbers, it was obvious that speculators were playing the TLD, but apparently six registrars are involved in registering many of the names for resale & auction and are now involved in a legal dispute as reported by TheMoscowNews. Many of the registered names have been frozen by the registry.

The accused registrar, RU-Center said there are no plans to stop sales, with spokesman Andrei Vorobyov saying: “We do not believe we have violated the law or the rules of the co-ordinating centre.”At the end of last week the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) launched legal action against six registrars claiming they had broken competition laws.

Apparently the RU-Center itself bought 38% of the names registered and acquired another 48% of the registered domains through partner companies – a total of 86%.

[via TheMoscowNews & DomainIncite]

11|25|2010 03:42 pm EDT

Top Level Domain Holdings Wants to Raise more Money for new TLDs

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Top Level Domain Holdings, parent company of Minds+Machines and trademark holder for a number of potential new TLDs has proposed a new placing allowing them to raise an additional £3m. In their corresponding filing, Antony van Couvering is quoted as saying:

“Having reviewed ICANN’s Final Proposed Applicant Guidebook, and in view of the ICANN Board’s historic decision to do away with cross-ownership restrictions between registries and registrars, we believe that the timing is right for additional investment by TLDH. ICANN’s registry-registrar decision means that additional gTLD business models are now viable, and we have already seen a marked increase in interest from prospective new clients. We intend to make sure we have the resources to take advantage of this opportunity.”

The company has been pretty much in a holding pattern waiting for ICANN to finalize their plans for new TLD releases. TLDH had posted a loss for their previous year.

[via StockMarketWire]

11|25|2010 03:14 pm EDT

Media Corp Wants to Sell to Fund Acquisitions

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Known for selling (and buying) Domain Names such as for £3.62 MM ($5,7MM USD) million and for €400,000 ($532,840 USD), public company Media Corp (LSE:MDC) is now looking to sell as reported by In 2008, the company bought for £135,000 ($212,460 USD).

CEO Justin Drummond, in his announcement, says: “Whilst the group has significant cash reserves, we have recently seen a number of exciting acquisition opportunities in the online gambling and online advertising space. The successful sale of will give the group significant financial resources to pursue these acquisition opportunities.”

Drummond says Media Corp had already received approaches for It’s now appointed domain warehouse Sedo to broker a sale.

The company has £2.2 ($3.46) million in cash and reported an annual gross profit of £6.3 ($9.91) million on £25.6 ($40.28) million income.

[via Paid Content]

11|24|2010 05:15 pm EDT and Baidu Settle Lawsuit

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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According to a press release published by Marketwire, search engine Baidu and registrar have agreed to an undisclosed settlement. Baidu had sued earlier this year after crackers modified the DNS for its domain name, which was registered through The domain name has since been moved to Markmonitor and was set to be locked against changes on the registry level. issued the following statement:

“On January 11, 2010 (New York time) / January 12, 2010 (Beijing time), a breach of Register’s security by a cyber-attacker resulted in a severe disruption to Baidu’s website and operations. After an internal investigation, we found that the breach occurred because Register’s security protocols had been compromised. We have worked with United States law enforcement officials and Baidu to address the issue. We sincerely apologize to Baidu for the disruption that occurred to its services as a result of this incident.

“Security is essential to our business and to our client relationships. Over the years, as we have worked hard to be an industry leader in every aspect of our business, we have continuously reviewed and adjusted our security practices and technology in an attempt to stay ahead of the increasing sophistication of cyber-criminals. Security cannot be viewed as a static goal, but rather an ongoing process of improvement. That has, and continues to be, a top commitment to our clients.”

Baidu stated:

“We accept Register’s apology for the disruption to Baidu’s services last January. At Baidu, providing our users reliable search services is our highest priority.”

[via press release]

11|22|2010 05:15 pm EDT

Overstock Continues their Quest to Own o.*, Buys

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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According to a note DNN received from Sedo, Overstock purchased through Sedo for $9,000 USD. This continues Overstock’s quest to own as many o.* domains as possible, ultimately hoping to own

Here’s the note DNN received from Sedo:

Recently, Overstock purchased through Sedo for $9,000. This sale is only one of many recent domains sold through Sedo in 2010. The seller of, Gavin Durni, owner and founder of Durni Companies, has successfully sold several other domains with Sedo including, and Durni is well known in the domain industry as a savvy investor and is quite confident in the potential investment opportunities the extension offers. His top sales to date include several five figure sales and he continues to attract buyer interest with his portfolio of premium names for this up and coming market.

The extension is the ccTLD for South Africa and it’s already being widely used by local and global businesses to target the regional markets in South Africa. With the attention the 2010 World Cup brought to South Africa this past summer and the corporate expansion of businesses to the area, we expect to see more sales activity on the Sedo marketplace in 2011.

11|22|2010 12:52 pm EDT

Ning Partners with eNom for Domain Registrations

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars, Up to the Minute

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Social Networking Hosting company Ning, co-founded by Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame, has now partnered with eNom for domain name registrations. Customers that do not want to use the Ning-provided subdomains, can now purchase their domain directly through Ning’s reseller relationship with eNom for the price of $24.95 per domain name year. Previously Ning customers wanting to register their own domain had to do so outside of Ning.

It remains to be seen how many Ning customers will take them up on the offer at this comparably high price-point.


11|22|2010 11:21 am EDT

Metaverse Launches Product Parking Solution for Domains

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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Sample Screenshot of

As announced in a press release today, Metaverse has released a new product domain parking service. The “Metaverse for Domains” service displays products related to the domain name on the site and pays a 15-20% commission on sales. The service will only work with domain names in which the company has retail products to compliment the domain name. Currently Metaverse offers products for domains in the wall art, posters, and home decor markets, but is planning to add more product types.

Metaverse started in 2002 as a technology company, offering a web content management software package delivered as a hosted service. To showcase the features of their content management package, they launched – a demo site which at the time only displayed images of the master painters. The site grew a life of its own and was re-launched in 2004 as an online store. Sales on Fulcrum Gallery soon surpassed software sales, leading the company to switch focus on online retail. Today, their store offers over 200,000 art prints which can be custom framed or transferred to canvas.

Can this new service compete with existing solutions like NameMedia’s SmartName Shops or Epik? Will domainers trust the new entrant into their space? Metaverse also mentions that the sites generated through their service may be indexed by Search Engines, but will they ultimately face the same de-listing struggle as other services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

See the full press release after the jump.


11|19|2010 11:43 am EDT

More than Half a Million Cyrillic .?? Domains in one Week

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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The new Cyrillic .?? IDN ccTLD was just opened for registrations a week ago and has already passed the 500,000 registration mark. For the first year registrations are limited to those providing a local address during registration.

[via InternetX]