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06|20|2011 05:18 pm EDT

GeoPublishers Announces 2011 Expo

by NewsDesk Editor in Categories: Events, Up to the Minute

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GeoPublishers Expo to be held in Chicago from September 30th to October 2nd 2011 is the new trade association for the geodomain industry. The inaugural Expo will be in Chicago at the Fairmont Hotel. Starting with the President’s reception on Friday 30 September, there will be a day-and-a-half program of keynotes and
panels, and a sponsored dinner on Saturday 1 October.

Speakers so far confirmed include

  • Don Jones, President of New
  • Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates
  • Sandy Martin, Director of Mobile, Schurz Communications
  • Sara Mannix, Mannix Marketin
  • Dan Hippler, VP Marketing,
  • Sean Miller,

Registrations are now open for the early bird price discount of $495 (and reduced pricing of $395 for second and subsequent registrations from the same company).

Details are on the event’s website at

06|17|2011 03:46 pm EDT

Breaking : Three Oversee Execs Dropped

by Adam Strong in Categories: News

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DNN received an unconfirmed report today that had let go of several of it’s key executives, including President and CEO Jeff Kupietzky. It was also believed that because of these changes that the board had taken over.

When questioned about the topic Oversee’s Mason Cole confirmed with us over the phone that four three executives were leaving, but he would provide no further comments about HR matters.  Cole informed us that Kupietzky was staying with the company.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

UPDATE and CORRECTION : Mason Cole gave DNN notice that he incorrectly stated that 4 executives were leaving.  He has since corrected his statement. Only 3 executives had “departed in an executive realignment”.  Cole also confirmed our information that the executives departing were veteran Oversee staff  members Ryan Berryman, SVP and General Manager, Emerging Businesses, Jack Nelson VP of Human Resources and Peter Celeste, SVP and GM, Monetization Services Division.

06|15|2011 04:11 pm EDT

DomainFest Barcelona Auction Flops Again, Few Domains Sold

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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After the disappointment of the DomainFest Barcelona live auction cancellation, the re-do auction has ended with what most would consider to be more disappointment, only 4 5 domains sold for a total of $55,670. (Note this is an unofficial total).

The highest priced sale, at $50,870,  received the most activity on bidding with 19 bidders and at least 3 bidders battling for the name at over $20k.  The auction extended 30 minutes past the end time. It’s noteworthy to mention this sale was for one of the best names on this list started with a No Reserve price.

A few other domains appeared to receive bids that were seemingly near the reserve prices including,, and

One bidder with the alias “buyitfromme” chipped away at the price on over the course of over 30 minutes, essentially outbidding themselves.  The initial bid came in at $25,001 and the bidder kept upping their bid at the >1 minute mark. As I watched I kept thinking “Just keep bidding right away. Let’s get this over with. Why are you waiting until there’s >1 minute left”  Their bid amount reached $41,000.  After all that effort, the domain still didn’t meet the reserve.

Notably, received a bid of $2.5 million today, which means there is some high-level interest in the domain, but the offer failed to meet the reserve.  – $300 – $50,870 – $3000 – $900 – $600

All domains from the “live” auction will be entered in to the extended auction along with many other domains. The extended auction can be viewed online here.

As pointed out elsewhere, Moniker did broker for over the $1.5 million mark. The domain was on this list and removed before the auction, and it was not part of this auction or the results from today.


06|15|2011 01:25 pm EDT

Breaking: Receives $2.5m Bid at

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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After technical difficulties last week, the DomainFest Barcelona auction was re-scheduled to conclude online today. The auction of had gained some press and I’m sure the cancellation of the live event was a huge disappointment for the owner.   There’s nothing more disappointing than building up buzz and getting people to come to the auction and then having it fall apart.  Just ask the guys at

Good news just came in on though.  The domain name has a bid at $2.5 million (see below). It hasn’t met the reserve but this is a pretty good sign regardless.  You don’t just lay out a $2.5 m bid if you aren’t serious.    Check out the auction action as the names close at



The auction closes in a little more than 2 hours.  What do you think ?  Will sell today ?


06|13|2011 06:59 pm EDT

3M Sues Registrars, Webhosts and DNS Hosts for Cybersquatting over Gambling Domains

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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3M has filed a broad lawsuit naming a larger number of registrars, webhosts and dns hosts for cybersquatting and infringing on the company’s brands. The lawsuit is also filed against some individual domain names that include the letters “3M” and “mmm”. A large number of the sites named in the lawsuit appear to be gambling sites, some of them using a logo that looks quite similar to the 3M logo. Some example domains names in the suit are,, and

[via George Kirikos]

See the full list of the entities and companies the suit was filed against after the jump.


06|10|2011 02:22 am EDT

Marc Ostrofsky’s Appearance on The View Talks Up Domains, Other Get Rich Click Ideas

by Adam Strong in Categories: People

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Entrepreneur and domain investor Marc Ostrofsky appeared on ABC Television’s The View on Thursday for a brief segment to promote his book, Get Rich Click!.  Ostrofsky talked up domain names to the five female celebrity hostesses, who grilled him with a seemingly enthusiastic interest in making money online.  As Ron Jackson at DNJournal points out, Ostrofsky did a great job on camera and in handling question coming at him rapid-fire, literally, from all sides of the table.  Marc’s appearance can be seen in the last segment at the end of this clip.

I’ve read parts of Marc’s book and from what I’ve read so far, Marc has stacked the book full of great information, insight and examples for a beginner to learn about all the different angles to make money online.  It covers a lot of material about a lot of different topics. I’m sure I’ll pick up a tip or two, but the book’s material is geared for a novice. The book covers a lot of introductory material for those who might know nothing about things like domain names, SEO, lead generation, affiliate programs, social media, and morec  It seems to be a good time for this book release since there are so many unemployed and likely in need or seeking insight in to these topics. I’m even considering giving this book to my parents and friends who question me on how I and others make a buck online .  That might be the most valuable contribution this book gives me personally.  :)

Marc’s laid things out simple in his book and continued that way for the hostesses of The View as well.  During the segment Elisabeth Hasselbeck exclaimed “Get Out!” to Marc’s basic explanation of making money with affiliate programs.  He later pointed out that someone in Australia owns and Goldberg said he was wrong.  Well Whoopi, unless you are the newest customer of DomainSponsor we think you are wrong.  These moments of amazement and misunderstanding, in that short segment, left me thinking this book really is filling a gap.  The appearance showed that most people still really don’t know anything about the things we in the domain space have knowledge of and likely take for granted.  Sure they’re celebrities and might be insulated from that mundane stuff .  They have reps or agents handle things like domain names, but I’m sure their reps would have figured out that Whoopi’s domain name isn’t hers and she would know that by now.  Too bad the show doesn’t seem to own either  . . . maybe Marc can help them out there too. :)

With Marc’s book selling well, what do you think will happen to the domain name space as readers begin understanding more about making money online ?



06|08|2011 09:33 am EDT

Moniker DomainFest Barcelona Auction Results

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction


DNN will be live blogging was planning to live blog the results for the DomainFest Barcelona auction today.  Oversee has been having some technical difficulties this morning (US time), with all of their network offline including their core sites like,, and being offline.  Let’s hope they get things back up and running before the live event broadcast in roughly 30 minutes.

The auction has been canceled for today. To me the slow/lack of response of the servers looks like some serious network problems or a potential denial of service attack. According to a statement we received from an spokesperson, the auction has been moved to next week:

Due to a technical issue, the Moniker Live auction in Barcelona slated for today will not be conducted as scheduled. Our tech team is working to identify and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Moniker and SnapNames very much regret the inconvenience this has caused our customers. The difficult decision was made in order to protect the integrity of our auctions for both buyers and sellers.

I will have an update for you as soon as possible regarding the auction inventory and rescheduled auction activity.

[Update] We received further information regarding the new auctions: The live auction lots have been transfered to a discrete online auction.  This auction was opened today and will conclude on Wednesday, June 15 at 3:15 p.m. U.S. Eastern time.

The extended online auction for additional seller-submitted names has also begun. This auction will conclude on Wednesday, June 22, at 3:15 p.m. U.S. Eastern time.

06|07|2011 05:01 pm EDT Relaunches as Web Site Brokerage

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According to a press release sent out today, Latona’s, formerly an auction platform for generic domain names has been relaunched as a brokerage firm for money generating web properties.

Rick Latona defines web properties as, “A digital asset that resides in cyberspace such as a website, domain, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, email marketing lists, mobile phone and tablet applications”. Latona went on to explain that what makes his new venture stand out is that any “property” that gets listed must generate cash flow and the asking price can’t be more than five years earnings. He continued, “when discussing our new strategy we put as much effort into what not to sell as we put into what to sell.” Latona’s will still sell domains from time to time but only money making domains.

Or in Rick’s words, “It’s difficult to sell speculative premium domains for five or six figures, much less seven figures when the state of the world has people selling homes and businesses at a fraction of their true value. What sells in 2011 is cash flow. Buyers want to the stability and earnings. Occasionally domain owners can get lucky with a good sale but it’s nearly impossible for a brokerage firm to make a business out of selling them. Actual big sales are just too rare”.

Each listing on the site will remain there for six months or until sold. The team at Latona’s has been busy lining up agreements but will be rolling out and announcing the listings on a weekly basis, adding inventory at a rate of five to fifteen properties per week. Their reasoning is that the market can only digest so much at once. Listings will be announced in newsletter format and newsletters will only be sent out once a week to avoid sending too much clutter. Interested parties can subscribe on the website to receive these listings. Submissions will also be reviewed; those who wish to have their properties included and marketed can fill out the submission form on the site .

06|02|2011 08:39 pm EDT

Trademarkia Adds Domain Registration Services with Trademark Verification

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars, Up to the Minute

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Screenshot of Trademarkia Domain Search

According to GigaOm Trademarkia has released a domain name registration service. As reported in the comments on GigaOm, the domain registration service will only notice trademarks that exactly match an existing trademark.Another caveat is that the notice of the potential infringement is only displayed relatively late into the checkout process.

Trademarkia is a trademark-research and production site/service. According to the domain registration service description it appears that their service will also help you register a trademark for your domain. Domain pricing starts at $2/year for domain.

The new service recognizes domains that are registered already and will offer the customer to “bid” on the domain name – potentially the sign of a coming brokerage service. It also displays a screenshot, social media comments and other information about the domain name. As pointed out by DNW, the service also offers you to file a cease and desist for $185 should there be an existing domain infringing  on your trademark (using the thumbnail search).

[via GigaOm]