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09|22|2011 03:12 pm EDT

Are Parking Companies Replying to Emails?

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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Inspired by Elliot Silver, who pointed out an article in the Wall Street Journal where the author (a reporter for the Associated Press) sent an email to his friend and mistyped the domain “” by leaving out the “m” at the end. Apparently he received an auto-response trying to get him to click through an affiliate link.

Here’s a real-life example of how it works: An Associated Press reporter accidentally sent a message to a “” address instead of the proper “.com” and got this response, ostensibly from his contact “tom”:

“I am out of office right now on a my (sic) dream vacation and will get back to you when I return. If you don’t hear from me, my assistant should contact you shortly. You should check this site to see how I scored the best travel deal for my trip.”

That’s followed by a link to a site that advertises luxury resorts. Presumably, the owner of makes money when someone clicks through to any of the resort sites.

It appears that the domain used to be parked at Bodis, but currently does not resolve and according to the article some other sites stopped sending replies like this as well when the AP reporters inquired about them. Quite a bit of good research for the article, since they are even explaining how domain parking works. DNN tested a few domains that are parked on Bodis and appear to have a high potential for email address typos, but none of them was set up to receive email.

The whole concept reminds of the Reply Cycle project launched in 2008. As it appears this project is not currently active any more, as their website appears to be down.

09|21|2011 12:40 pm EDT

DomainFest NYC Online Auction Ends with $120,000 Total Sales

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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The DomainFest New York auction ended yesterday with little fanfare and a paltry $120,289 in sales. The top sale went to for $58,830.

The 2011 Domain Fest event did not have a live auction event like in 2010, rather they chose to run an online-only auction. It is interesting to note these changes, but debatable if the format has anything to do with the results as there are a variety of factors in the success of an auction.  It will also be interesting to compare these results with the upcoming TRAFFIC auction where the promoters have announced that there will be no online bidding at the live-only auction event.

The results haven’t been “officially” released by Oversee but the Moniker/Snapnames site has posted the results. They have been copied below.$58,830.00$23,530.00$17,650.00$5,250.00$3,112.00$2,500.00$1,315.00$1,250.00$830.00$750.00$675.00$590.00$525.00$501.00$431.00$400.00$325.00$325.00$300.00$300.00$300.00$300.00$300.00


09|15|2011 02:15 pm EDT Lays off 13% of Workforce

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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As announced via email by today, the company has laid off 13% of its workforce. The official announcement sent to DNN in an email says:

As part of its plan to address new growth opportunities, has realigned its work force resulting in a staff reduction of 13 percent. These moves, along with pending new hires, will allow the company to leverage core assets to innovate more effectively, improve competitive positioning and achieve growth.

When question about the areas of reduction, the company stated they would not provide details, but stated that “the workforce reduction was across all functions”.

09|14|2011 09:50 am EDT

DirectI to Merge Big Jumbo and Domain Advertising Parking Brands

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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DirectI, the parent company of BigJumbo,, Logicboxes and ResellerClub amongst others has announced today with an email to its customers that it will be merging the DomainAdvertising and BigJumbo brands.

From the email: is pleased to announce today, the merger of & into a single Domain Parking Platform. The merged entity will function under the brand

This merger combines the best features from each of the platforms, further strengthens our position in the domain parking market. The move brings with it a gamut of advantages and possibilities – the combination of’s graphic-rich, topical templates and’s superior keyword optimization technology, more resources on the account management and optimization front, greater industry insights and access to more intelligence– just to name a few.

According to the login details email sent out to customers, it seems that Domain will also continue to accept traffic via URL forwarding.

DomainAdvertising was launched at the Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show in New York in 2009 and then hired former executive Dan Warner as a CEO. He left the company at the end of June 2011.

See the full email after the jump.

09|11|2011 12:23 pm EDT

Internet Marketer Meets Domain Names Webinar Today

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Internet marketer and chiropractor “dk” (as Dr. David Klein is known) networks with all the big names in Internet Marketing. Once a year he holds a thinktank event where many successful business professionals network and exchange ideas. Some domainers have already been there too. In order to promote this years event he’s holding a series of webinars and has invited Adam and myself to join him to bring the world of domainers and marketers together.

The webinar takes place today at 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT – make sure to register now to participate.

To learn more about dk, read this interview by our friends over at

Here is how dk announced the webinar to his list today:

Having a premium domain name without good content on it, is like owning a piece of ocean front property and not bothering to build a home on it.

And for those of you who know how to build sites that make money, there are tons of domainers sitting on quality domains, who don’t know where to begin to build them into real sites. They literally would beg you to build out their premium domains into real sites.

Frank Michlick domain consultant and expert, and Adam Strong domain name wizard will be joining dk, who has helped all kinds of sites, including to make more money.

We are not selling anything. This is simply part of the ramp up to dk’s thinktank, which takes place next week. It is an invite only event, which takes place on the beach for three days, with top guys from all parts of the internet business world.

Should be a fun ride for domainers, and guys who turn domains into money machines.

Tonight at 5:00 pm PDT, 8pm EDT. Click here to register.

Join us – we’d love to answer your questions there.

09|07|2011 12:27 pm EDT

Yahoo! Up For Sale?

by Adam Strong in Categories: Search Engines

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The big tech news yesterday was that Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, was fired.  Today the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Yahoo! is a possible takeover target (when weren’t they a takeover target).  As Business Insider puts it,”That’s the equivalent of sticking a FOR SALE sign on the lawn.”  Yahoo! may have missed their opportunity back in 2008 when Microsoft made the play to acquire them.

Obviously, Yahoo! has been one of the top upstream providers for domain parking and many large portfolios have relied on their feed over the years including Kevin Ham and Frank Schilling.  Parking companies like Skenzo, and TrafficZ  also rely heavily on Yahoo!.

The continued uncertainty about the future of Yahoo! can not be good news for anyone in the space.

09|02|2011 02:06 pm EDT

Andrew Rosener Cashes Out of Site 2 Weeks After Launch

by Adam Strong in Categories: People

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Domain name broker Andrew Rosener recently delved in to building out an online business, launching a daily deals aggregator at  I ventured over to the site to see how things were progressing and noticed a dramatic change to the layout and what appeared to be new ownership in the whois. DNN contacted Rosener who confirmed with us that the domain name was sold.

Rosener told us “I’ve only owned the domain for 60 days and the site hasn’t even been up for 2 weeks but made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.”, based out of Hong Kong,  is one of the oldest deal sites for electronics.  Fellow blogger Andrew Alleman questioned whether the domain name would help stand out in that space.   The rarity of 2 letter domains like this obviously caught DealExtreme’s attention, so I guess we found out that the domain stands out.

Rosener told DNN he’s been looking for new projects to invest in like his daily deals site. Since wanted the domain only, Rosener intends to continue offering his daily deals service under a new name,  He also revealed that he has plans to launch a new video game site soon.

09|02|2011 09:55 am EDT

.FR Registry, AFNIC, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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The .FR registry AFNIC, is celebrating their 25th anniversary today. As a birthday present to itself, the company has updated its logo, webdesign, anniversary magazine  and is launching a contest “The French Connection” that rewards five .FR websites to “showcase the best Internet experiences in .fr domain names“.

The highlight of the program will be a special event held on 11 October on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower with the French internet community to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the .fr namespace. There will an award ceremony for the winners of the contest, at which more than 300 guests are expected.

[via Press Release]