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02|24|2012 12:01 am EDT

European Banking Authority (EBA) asks ICANN to stop .fin and .bank

by Frank Michlick in Categories: new gTLDs

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According to a release on the website of the European Banking Authority (EBA), the organization calls ICANN to reconsider plans to allow .fin and .bank gTLDs and is asking ICANN to ban the establishment of financial services gTLDs alltogether.

As main concerns it states:

  • the potential lack of tie from the new financial TLDs to specific supervisors in specific countries
  • the cost for existing banks to protect their trademarks in new gTLDs
  • protection of the new gTLDs against fraud and phishing
  • a “not-as-yet identified benefit”

The Association reviewed the concept of new gTLDs targeting the financial market such as .fin or .bank in detail. The EBA’s Board of Supervisors then discussed this topic in detail in December 2011 and a related release was then finally issued yesterday after a letter was sent to ICANN on February 20th. The application process  for new gTLDs started on January 12th, 2012. The EBA was set up as one of Europe’s three European Supervisory Authorities in 2011.

See the full text of the release and the related letters to ICANN after the jump.

02|23|2012 10:03 pm EDT

Godaddy Girl Crashes in Last Lap of Her Inaugural Gatorade Duel Race

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Not really a domain name story, but I was sitting in a sports bar for lunch today and noticed something pretty dramatic on the live broadcast of the Gatorade Duel races in Daytona. I’m no race fan but just as I looked up the pack of cars was coming around a turn after a previous wreck. I looked up and paid attention because I noticed the hard-to-miss bright green Godaddy car driven by Danica Patrick near the back of the pack and remembered hearing something about this being one of her first races.

A few seconds later and suddenly Danica’s car goes screaming across the infield and slams the front passenger-side of her car in to an infield wall.   It’s a pretty big smack, but she walks away . Too bad for Danica that the wreck puts her at the back of the pack but at least her sponsors are getting some more “screen time” and she’s still alive.

Check out the video at at about the 1:40 mark. and her reaction on the events here.


02|23|2012 01:28 pm EDT

.DE Registry Publishes Image Video

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

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Denic e.G., the German registry operator for .DE, has published a new image video on Youtube yesterday.

The German version of the video has attracted a large number of negative comments to date – what do you think of the video?

02|22|2012 03:36 pm EDT

Google Kills Hosted AdSense for Domains on Undeveloped Sites

by Adam Strong in Categories: PPC industry

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Google sent out a message today to publishers using Adsense for Domains.  After nearly 4 years of running the program, the company has decided to discontinue their hosted Adsense for Domains on undeveloped domain names.  The company is recommending migrating your domain names to a parking company.

Domainers relished the release of the Adsense for Domains program as a possible way to “cut out the middle man” and bypass the parking companies, but most domainers who spoke with DNN have found that the program provided no additional benefits.

One part of the announcement that seems puzzling, Google claims that the “benefits to our partner network” don’t make sense to continue, yet Google recommends switching to parking domains through a parking company that uses a Google feed.  Google is in essence including the middle-man in this scenario. The parking companies may be adding the benefit of aggregation, optimization and fraud screening that Google does not handle, but it would seem that this skill-set is in Google’s “wheelhouse” . After 4 years they could have easily handled these tasks if not great improved upon the optimization and screening already being done by smaller players.

See the full message from Google after the jump.


02|22|2012 11:34 am EDT

.CA Launches CIRA Factbook

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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CIRA Factbook

CIRA, the .CA registry announced today that they published a Factbook about Domain Names on their site. The new site features information such as:

  • History of Domain Names
  • Current Domain Name Registration Statistics
  • Information on registration trends and growth rates
  • Statistics regarding the Canadian domain space
  • Information on the Canadian Internet Economy

The registry will also be hosting the Canadian Internet Forum in the coming week (Feb 27th, 2012) in Ottawa.

02|22|2012 11:12 am EDT

UDRP: Abusive Supplemental Filings in the case of

by Paul Keating in Categories: Legal Issues

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The following is a guest post by Paul Raynor Keating ( He is a domain industry attorney with offices in Barcelona and London.

The recent decision in is a perfect example of things going from worse to horrible. While the decision itself contains many substantive flaws, my overwhelming issue is with the lack of due-process rights evidenced by this UDRP.

The complaint was limited to a 3-paragraph argument which asserted a USPTO registration for “Auto-Owners”. The complaint asserted lack of legitimate interest because the domain was used in PPC and included links to insurance (surprise). The complaint did not allege bad faith registration and allegations of bad faith use were limited to the same PPC argument.

Read more after the jump.


02|22|2012 08:20 am EDT

Why Businesses Should Not Rely On Facebook URLs For Advertising

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Social Media

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Recently we’ve seen more and more companies use Facebook URLs in their advertising. While other marketers, and also of course domainers, are against the practice, it appears this is now a more relevant question. Facebook recently took the URL away from the official city portal and reserved it for their own use.

Facebook URLs – Yours today, gone tomorrow? Facebook is planning to create city portals

As German news-site Heise Online reported Facebook apparently took away the URL from the official portal of the city Munich (Muenchen in German) first citing technical difficulties as the reason. For more than a week the Facebook page has not been reachable under its old address.

Screenshot of

The page had gathered almost 400,000 fans according to Lajos Csery, who is the manager of the company operating the city portal. In an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk, he stated that there had been no advance notice from Facebook and when they inquired about the issue they were told that there was a technical issue. Later on they found out that Facebook is planning to set up their own city portals and Facebook has now moved the page to (city portal Munich), which so far only has about 1,200 “likes”. Facebook told the operator that the “fans” will still be moved to the new page. City names without additions are no longer permitted as Facebook URL names according to the recently changed rules of Facebook.

In a similar story pharmaceutical company Merck sued Facebook, in order to receive information why “their” Facebook URL to a US company with the same name. According to the BBC, Facebook had cut a deal with the company but had not followed through with giving the company the URL.

As Facebook becomes an important marketing tool and usernames and vanity URLs become more coveted, you can be sure that Facebook will find a way to monetize on this.  Savvy marketers should be more and more wary of using these URLs in offline marketing and protect themselves for the possibility that “their” Facebook URL will be taken away too.

02|21|2012 08:26 pm EDT

Top Domain Sales For the Past Week

by NewsDesk Editor in Categories: Domain Sales

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The following list shows the reported domain name sales for the previous week. The top 10 reported sales were:

Rank Domain Price Marketplace
1 $59,000 Sedo
2 $55,000 Sedo
3 $27,500 Sedo
4 $26,000 DomainMarket
5 $25,000 Sedo
5 $25,000 Afternic
6 $22,000 Sedo
7 $20,000 Afternic
8 $18,500 Sedo
9 $18,500 Afternic
10 $15,000 Afternic

We’ve included sales from Afternic, Bido, DomainMarket, Flippa and Sedo in our report.

See the full list after the jump.

02|21|2012 02:50 pm EDT Creates Promotional Video

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

Tags: , , , , published a video today promoting their domain name aftermarket services. What do you think? How long do you think until someone registers the sample domain used in the video,

Sedo had published a video as well that explains the value of premium domain names.

02|20|2012 03:19 pm EDT

Domain Guardians launches monthly Domain Newsletter, Offers Domain Brokerage

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Since the sale of that Jen Sale and Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians brokered last year, they told DNN that they’ve had a lot of demand to broker a number of other premium domain names.

Thus they have decided to roll this service out publicly. As a part of the new offering, they are launching a monthly newsletter.

Domain Guardians was founded last year as an ICANN accredited registrar providing domain estate planning and management services to domain professionals.

Disclaimer: Adam Strong, Managing Editor & Owner of DNN, also is a partner in Domain Guardians.