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04|30|2013 05:08 pm EDT

RV company buys for Undisclosed Sum

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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As announced in a press release today, Good Sam, a provider of products for the RV and outdoor recreation consumer  purchased for an undisclosed sum. The domain name was owned by Dometic Group, another supplier for the RV and Marine Industries.

The company is planning to develop the domain name into a new site by August 2013 and is hoping to benefit from 20,000 links the site currently has according to the press release. The site will cater to the “Good Sam Club” member base and offer information, access to new and used RVs, how-to videos as well as social components.

“The term “RV” defines not just a type of vehicle, it defines a lifestyle,” said Good Sam Chairman and CEO, Marcus Lemonis. “We strive to be the one-stop shop for everything in the RV lifestyle and integrating into our suite of Web-based services for RVers further solidifies our position as the leader in this industry.”

The whois of the domain has yet to be updated to the new owner.

[Hat tip to Mike of Domain Guardians]

04|25|2013 08:58 am EDT

Sedo’s Greatdomains and Snapnames Dotster Auctions Ending today

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction


Today two domain name auctions are ending – first the GreatDomains auction at Sedo then the Dotster Auction at SnapNames.

Here are the domains and their current (at the time of this post) bids at Sedo ends in less than 3 hours:

moms.com71,000 USD6
assurances.com51,000 EUR6
fzo.com8,100 USD21
kmr.com6,100 USD19
sport.it5,000 EUR14
cup.net3,600 EUR12
ejz.com3,100 USD3,000 GBP5
bet.it2,700 EUR9
heri.com1,555 GBP6,500 USD2
vaccinate.com1,500 USD3,500 USD1
chiens.com1,500 EUR4
sudoku.de1,300 EUR3
hotelsparijs.nl1,250 EUR4,111 GBP5
nachhilfekurse.de1,050 EUR1
randomdate.com1,000 USD1
toxicologist.com1,000 USD1
moda.it1,000 EUR3
windsurfers.com1,000 USD6
hotelbarcelona.es999 EUR2
actress.tv990 USD2
female.tv975 USD2
seen.tv750 USD4
ovulate.com750 USD4
remunerate.com650 USD1
good.info613 USD8
bambino.it570 EUR3
recycling.de520 EUR2
c33.com510 EUR11
kunststoff.de500 EUR1
salubrious.com500 USD1
predestined.com500 USD1 GBP2
televisione.it500 EUR2
nuclear.info490 USD2
opportunities.info490 USD1
teamwork.info490 USD1
ofd.net480 EUR8
zuy.net460 EUR25
hotelsonline.nl450 EUR4
espresso.net400 USD6
startdating.net399 USD9
qsu.net325 EUR5
qlu.net325 EUR4
slaapmiddelen.nl310 EUR8
hotelpricecheck.com310 USD5
yso.net310 GBP13
mitbewohner.de300 EUR1
bhuda.com210 USD3
ruur.com201 USD15
babyfoons.nl200 EUR3
articles.me165 EUR5 GBP1
carrentals.biz149 EUR6
exgb.com119 USD4
portalnoticias.com110 EUR2
privatebanking.eu100 EUR1
segurodeaccidente.com100 USD1
otcy.com99 EUR1
exhaustive.com99 USD1
oqru.com99 USD1
woobs.com99 EUR1
alquilerpisos.net99 EUR1
scheidingsadvocaat.nl99 EUR1 GBP1


Here are the domains and their current (at the time of this post) bids at Snapnames ends in less than 6 hours:

Domain NameBiddersPriceReserveStatus
aadg.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
backyards.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
bargainchooser.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
bystreet.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
californiafires.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
careerdeveloper.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
cheques.net0300Reserve: $201 - $500Reserve Not Met
christianfamilycenter.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
christianhelp.com0500Reserve: $1,001 - $2,500Reserve Not Met
christianlegalservices.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
classifier.com21050Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Met
clearthatdebt.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
collegesportwear.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
creativeuniverse.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
decoys.net0300Reserve: $201 - $500Reserve Not Met
doodles.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
educationevaluations.com0300Reserve: $201 - $500Reserve Not Met
effecting.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
enameled.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
encourages.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
fictitious.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
findaffordablerates.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
freescan.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
fsra.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
genes.net0500Reserve: $1,001 - $2,500Reserve Not Met
gptd.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
healthiernation.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
hkrn.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
honouring.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
jkbn.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
jkfn.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
jupe.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
jyss.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
kidsquestions.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
kuar.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
leaderless.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
legalassistance.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
limiters.com2920No ReserveReserve Met
lowered.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
mannered.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
mantes.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
mediatory.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
miek.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
minted.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
moppy.com3800Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Met
moviecorner.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
mycreditstatus.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
nbdy.com1325No ReserveReserve Met
nearsightedness.com0500Reserve: $1,001 - $2,500Reserve Not Met
offerer.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
onlinebooks.net1325No ReserveReserve Met
onlinebuyer.com1325No ReserveReserve Met
onlinemessengers.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
overdrive.net4875No ReserveReserve Met
phoo.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
pilsner.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
pragmatical.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
premierhomebuilders.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
promoters.net1525Reserve: $1,001 - $2,500Reserve Not Met
psdk.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
realtoragents.com2775Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Met
ruralist.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
securedassets.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
spins.net0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
spyinstructors.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
spystuff.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
sunned.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
trainingsupervisors.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
tuth.com1750Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
unreligious.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
unsee.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
vanities.net0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
vectors.net11550Reserve: $1,001 - $2,500Reserve Met
venous.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
waffles.net2375No ReserveReserve Met
weldings.com0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
wenny.com0300Reserve: $501 - $1,000Reserve Not Met
yare.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
yate.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met
yeas.net0300No ReserveReserve Not Met


04|18|2013 04:06 pm EDT

Bill Sweetman to Leave Tucows, Starting Domain Name Consulting Firm

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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As announced on his personal Blog, Bill Sweetman is leaving his job Vice President, Domain Portfolio at Tucows as well as General Manager of YummyNames, on April 26, 2013. He joined Tucows in 2007 and is now planning to launch a “boutique domain name consulting firm later this quarter”.

Bill writes about his change: Over the last few years I’ve discovered that what I really love doing, more than anything else, is helping people and companies with their domain name challenges. More specifically, I love domain name consulting, especially working with startups, entrepreneurs, and marketers to find and buy their ideal domain name. So, after much reflection and soul-searching, I’ve decided to leave Tucows to do domain consulting and domain buyer broker work full-time under my own new brand.

04|13|2013 11:48 am EDT is Back

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute


After a brief hiatus, Jamie Zoch at has returned to blogging.  Jamie lost all of in a hosting move and decided to take some time off .

Jamie always had good content and interesting insights, so I’m glad to see him back at it.  Frankly, domain blogging seems to be a sea of copycatting daily domain lists, weekly sales reports, and who bought what.  Jamie always had a knack for coming up with new content.  It takes a lot of work to crank out that original content.

04|09|2013 09:52 am EDT

Mali to give .ML domains away for free

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs


While a large part of the domain industry gathers at the 46th ICANN meeting in Beijing this week, big news are being made in the country of Mali in Africa. As reported by The Guardian, .ML domains will be available for free in July 2013. The registry will be operated by Freedom Registry, the same company that currently operated .TK (ccTLD for Tokelau). .TK currently has over 16 million active domain names according to the registry operator.

Sunrise starts on the 1st of May 2013 and will last for one month until May 31st. Landrush will begin the following day and will end on July 14th 2013. General Availability starts on July 15th at the ICANN meeting in Durban, South Africa.  There will be no restrictions to registrations of free domains and anyone can register their own .ML domain. Free .ML domains work exactly like any other extension and can be renewed each registration period at no charge.

Further details on the launch schedule, FAQs and the reseller registration process are available on

[via The Guardian, Press Release (PDF)]