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11|29|2010 04:33 pm EDT

Namejet’s 3 Letter .Net and .Org Domain Auction Floods Market

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

Shane Cultra at DomainShane pointed out earlier that Namejet is hosting an auction of 3 letter .net domains, in fact more than 1000 of them at one time. The names were originally had a backorder deadline over the Thanksgiving holiday week but it appears someone wised up an move the closing date to get in on these auctions to today 11/29/10.

In addition to the .net domains Shane pointed out, there are nearly 1000 more 3 letter .org domains up for auction on the same day. Many of the domains being sold are not expiring domains though, rather they are a batch of names that appear to have come out of Marchex. whois historyThe whois of the majority of these domains currently shows privacy, but using DomainTools whois history we quickly found that the majority (if not all) of the list comes from the MDNH Inc portfolio, better known as the Marchex portfolio of domains.  If you have a subscription to the service you can see an example with the domain being owned by MDNH as recently as the first week of October 2010 and further back you can see the name was owned by Ultimate Search.

Marchex bought the Ultimate Search portfolio of domain names back in 2005 and has been listing many of these domains for sale over the years. Marchex representatives informed DNN that these domain names are not being sold by the company. Shedding 3 letter .net and .org domains that likely aren’t providing targeted traffic toward those goals would make sense. Namejet reps would not confirm that Marchex was selling the domains trough the platform.

Wether it was a wise move to flood the aftermarket and put them all up for sale at once can be debated. It definitely wasn’t smart timing to put them for sale during the holiday week when most people aren’t sitting at their computers. As Shane points out, it’s tedious and cumbersome to even bid on multiple names at Namejet. Having them selling all at once is going to be a nightmare for anyone wanting to track or bid on multiple domains. I tried to put backorders on the entire group in fact and was told I entered too many domains.  Not a good error to see when an auction is clearly selling in bulk.

Either way this large scale auction is sure to get some attention.  A small sampling of the names at auction are posted after the jump. Check Namejet advanced search to find the full list . Backorders on this massive list need to be in by today at 8pm PST.

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