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10|01|2007 03:53 pm EDT

Michael Mann, Launch

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket, News

Michael Mann, who pioneered the domain after-market as the founder of, has soft-launched his latest company, His last domain sales company,, was sold to Highland Capital and Summit Partners in 2005 for an undisclosed sum.

The current version of the site includes a list of close to 1300 domains which Mann previously had listed on his personal site and are currently listed on his site.  Mann commented to me today that another 1500+ domains were also being added today. The selection includes a variety of categories, including a category exclusively for charitable projects. Many, if not all, of the domains on the site appear to be redirecting to the home page.

The site launch comes on the heels of an email Mann sent out in mid-August detailing his plans to enter into the premium domain sales market. intends to build the world’s best and most liquid online market for the immediate sale of premium domain names by credit card or wire. To do so leaders from the domain industry will gather some of the best unused .com assets from our community and guarantee them for immediate sale at a fair, professionally appraised price. Only names that pass the stringent qualifications of world leading domain dealers will be placed on .

Currently DomainMarket has approximately 35-50 million worth of committed .com domains to start this market, with a considerable pipeline of potential future name additions. will be a relatively small market as far as the numbers of names, but is likely to ultimately become the most valuable and profitable of all domain markets given the quality and controls surrounding the inventory and our ability to appeal to domain buyers. You will not find valueless domains, overpriced domains, extremely offensive domains, random cctlds, or any of the typical mistakes of popular domain markets who enable their customers to create a “free-for-all” market atmosphere.

Mann and also plan to launch live auctions (likely under a separate brand) focused on sales of developed websites and premium domains valued over $100,000. also recently announced the launch of and the re-launch of


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