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06|27|2007 03:14 am EDT

Moniker Silent Auction Ends Tomorrow

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

Did you miss the live auction at TRAFFIC in NYC ? Well, the second best thing is Monikers silent auction. To some, it might be even better than the live auction as they diligently scour the lists looking for the hidden gems, hoping that others won’t see them as well. I’ve been through the list tonight, and I’ll probably be making a few bids myself. If you havent been through the list, you better get on it. You don’t have much time left. The auctions will be ending tomorrow. So far the bids seem low in volume, but I’d guess around 11am EST, when the auctions begin to close, there will be a frenzy of snipe bids being made.


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Mike F

June 27, 2007 @ 4:22 am EDT

I concur.

I put (girls in Spanish) in at a low reserve thinking that would insure it would get into the live auction – but it didn’t. Now its going to sell at a price beyond my comfort level.

That’s the risk in submitting though and will only get worse as auctions pass and potentially grow.

I, like Mr. Strong, encourage scrounging as well for domainers…later. JMHO, Mike

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