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04|13|2012 01:48 pm EDT

A domain with history sells at Go Daddy for $2,312

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

After helping to recover for the community a few years ago (the domain had ended up in a Tucows’ private portfolio after the original registrant let it expire and Tucows was kind enough to help return it to the community for a reasonable charge), I was watching this auction carefully. Had gone for a lower price I would have been bidding as well in order to keep this name in the community.

Which community? What’s IRCnet are you asking? I’ll give you a quick intro if you’re not familiar with these terms. IRCnet is a huge text based chat network made up of servers all over the world and is the oldest of IRC chat networks. IRC is older than the World Wide Web (created in 1988). For more information – check out the Wikipedia page on IRC, Internet Relay Chat.

As you may notice (as I just did when researching this), itself does not resolve to a website, but does – I’ll chat with my friend about that. has displayed a message that it’s out of service since September 2009. The domain had been registered to a registrant with an Italian mailing address and an email address in Iran for a long time. The original registrant will still be able to renew the domain per Go Daddy’s and ICANN’s renewal terms until the domain name is handed over to the auction winner.

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