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02|25|2009 12:44 am EDT Adds More Domains and More Money to Charity in Extended Auction

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction announced on their blog today that they have added 10 more no reserve domain names to their Domainer Mardis Gras extended auction which ends on Friday Saturday. The company is also continuing their charity raising effort by agreeing to donate $100 for each No Reserve domain sold – no matter what the sales amount is.  Since the names are set at a no reserve price, it’s certain that the company will be donating another $1,000 to the New Orlean’s Habitat for Humanity from their own pockets. The company raised $850 by auctioning a variety of items at the live event in New Orleans.

The Additional domains added to the No Reserve list includes :

Bidding is also still open until Friday for domains that were not sold at the live event.  Currently, it appears that at least one more domain name from the first list will be selling as the domain has met the reserve price.

The list of additional domains, with estibot valuations, and notes can be seen after the jump.

Domain Price Estibot Notes NO RESERVE $110.00 Natural, year-round brandable without SEO but with traffic and revenue – so no need to say more at NR. Very rare seven L music name with mountains of potential upside. NO RESERVE $12,000.00 Rare one word generic at NR, something about this name – can’t stop looking at it. Valued at over $12,000 by Estibot. NO RESERVE $5,700.00 Perhaps the best deal of the lot, this name is a combination of all things solid about keyword-rich domains. Timely and effective name too with $5 bids. NO RESERVE $620.00 All sorts of big potential for this type of recognizable, relevant phrase used regularly – one of these days someone will release a ‘healthy menu’ and it will blow up. NO RESERVE $4,000.00 Emerging and growing business – from commercial to personal. Terrific keyword-rich name with $5 bids and $4000 Estibot evaluation. Big opportunity! NO RESERVE $6,000.00 Targeted to a ‘T’ or should I say ‘P’. Nice, specific search volume with lots of ads and $6000+ valuation. NO RESERVE $3,300.00 Nice niche term with advertisers. Could be used for Realestate, Legal docs, or even domain broker/buyer services NO RESERVE $2,600.00 Great sounding, positive 1 word domain that has brand potential in many sectors, medical, building trades, engineering, and IT. NO RESERVE $4,900.00 Top-level and keyword-rich with nice search volume, ads and resale value. NO RESERVE $10,000.00 Haven’t seen a destination at NR – ever! Perfect for development, sponsors and travel niche. SEO value to boot.

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