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06|12|2009 01:36 am EDT

Domain Roundtable Live Auction List Announced

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

Thought Convergence in association with DomainConsultant has announced the domain selections for the Domain Roundtable 2009 Live Auction which will take place both online and on-site in Washington, DC,  on June 16 at 4pm Eastern Time.

Check out the full list after the jump or skip ahead to early bidding by clicking here right away…

Domain Price Notes $3500 Top DC pick $1500 $3000 NR Big business $500 $2500 No brainer at the price. These are not cheap and demand never runs out. $500 $3000 Lincoln’s this year. Think coins $5500 Ole $12500 World-reknown city $30000 Growing demand in classics area $12500 Endless # of advertisers NR No reserve makes it very attractive for future growth $850 Ads up the ying-yang $30000 Blood in the water? Yes $1500 Very specific $17500 Massive and fun with end-users NR One of our top picks $150,000 Yahoo! owned name $3300 Solid and inexpensive. Think legal $500 Love it $5000 Awesome price on a product NR Top pick NR Nobody wants these but they all need them NR We love this 4 L e-name. $10000 Nice numbers and price on this four letter name for lots of stuff $4500 Treating exhaustion is becoming bigger and bigger. Top DC pick NR Product NR Getting and giving federal projects is profitable stuff. $500 Perfect for .org extension NR Timely too $17500 GIANT brandable and biblical/religious domain. Discounted from $35k! $2500 Great numbers $4500 Top-shelf .net with ads and business and ecommerce. $4000 Top DC pick $5500 Heated boots $5500 Fun and specific with ads and under $6k $100000 Traffic $300000 Cheaper than most of the homes it’s name refers to. Liquidation here $2200 $8000 Top DC pick. The future is LED $2000 $5 clicks $10000 Brandable and specific. Cool ass domain with ads and ecommerce. Discounted $25000 What was the last good name available? Love it at this price. NR No-brainer $750 Great numbers $60000 Multi-billion dollar product with ads $32500 Well-known $65000 Five-ten nosejobs make this back. Top pick fer shure NR $4900 Think baseball but also sales NR All you metrosexuals know what a deal this is. $3500 $4500 Product and brandable with ads. $2500 $3500 Massive and universal industry. Cheap .net gem. $5000 Top DC pick for price. We did double-take. $4500 Probably our favorite name in the bunch! $5000 All the women voted for this name. They are the market. $1000 No not washing machines! A growing exercise craze. $2400 $7700 Top blog name $1850 NR $7500 Top DC pick NR $100000 Big and profitable $1100 Another of our best picks $1000 $11500 Huh?? Top picks by committee. NR Relevant to domains $17500 Work shirts are an entire class of apparel – a gigantic and competitive industry. Look at the numbers

[via DomainTools Blog]

Full Disclosure: Adam Strong of DNN is also associated with DomainConsultant.

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