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09|03|2010 10:26 am EDT

Domainvermarkter Forum Live Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

Albeit with a very late start, we‘re were live blogging the auction results of the Domainvermarkter Forum Live domain auction held in Munich, Germany by Moniker/Snapnames today. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

The auction sold 107 domains out of 157 for a total of 75,290 Euro (appx. $96,700 USD). Notable sales include for 10,000 EUR (tuning in German, appx. $12,850 USD), for 5,000 EUR (appx.$6,4000 USD ) and Militä (military in German) for the same amount.

See the full unofficial results after the jump.

Lot #Domain NameOpening Bid/RangeCommentsStatusPrice (EUR)
10RückreiseVersicherung.deNo Reserve-999 EUR& English Translation: return trip insurance Goggle KW Results(3140) SOLD240
20Duft-Kerze.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: scented candle Goggle KW Results(68500) SOLD50
30Fussbaelle.atNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: balls for soccer Total Backlinks(7)SOLD210
40Heckenrosen.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: dog roses Goggle KW Results(393000) SOLD410
50Smaragde.orgNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: emeralds Total Backlinks(1)SOLD230
60Kostbarkeiten.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: treasures Goggle KW Results(382000) SOLD510
70Juwelen.orgNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: jewels Total Backlinks(40)SOLD900
80AutoWerkstatt.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: garage Total Backlinks(8)SOLD450
90Customizer.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(12)SOLD110
100Chromfelge.comNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: chrome wheel rim Goggle KW Results(819000) SOLD400
110Räder.atNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: wheels Goggle KW Results(4890000) SOLD450
120Tunen.de10.000-20.000 EUR& English Translation: german slang for tuning Goggle KW Results(523000) SOLD10000
130Anabelle.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: german female firstname Goggle KW Results(2180000) SOLD220
140Björn.orgNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: German first name Goggle KW Results(16800000) SOLD200
150Hochzeitsanzeiger.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: wedding advertiser Alexa Rank(5577274)SOLD1500
160Jörg.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: German first name Alexa Rank(8410581)SOLD500
170Jil.atNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(8)SOLD150
180Populär.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: popular Goggle KW Results(4580000) SOLD650
190Stärker.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: stronger Goggle KW Results(9580000) SOLD650
200Vwq.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(19)SOLD180
210Amateure.orgNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: amateurs PageRank(1)SOLD2000
220Ekstase.orgNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: ecstasy Goggle KW Results(697000) SOLD90
230SexClubs.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(2)SOLD3100
240Interracial.atNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(49400000) pass
250GrosseBrüste.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: big breasts Goggle KW Results(262000) SOLD550
260HängeBrüste.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: sagging breasts Goggle KW Results(585000) SOLD400
270KleineBrüste.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: small breasts Goggle KW Results(83400) SOLD500
280Füsse.netNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: feet Goggle KW Results(3430000) SOLD400
290Löcher.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: holes Goggle KW Results(2800000) pass
300Pornster.deNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(125000) SOLD170
310Zfh.atNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(8)SOLD110
320AutoVollkasko.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: car comprehensive cover Total Backlinks(1)SOLD750
330Tarifverträge.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: collective (labor) agreements Goggle KW Results(451000) SOLD2000
340Versicherungstarife.net1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: insurance tariffs Total Backlinks(3)pass
350TarifVergleich.org1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: rate comparison Alexa Rank(3218778)pass
360RentenVersicherungen.com10.000-20.000 EUR""English Translation: pension insurances PageRank(1)pass
370LebensVersicherungen.de200.000-300.000 EUREnglish Translation: life insurances pass
380Analgetika.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: analgeticSOLD200
390BioMedikament.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: organic drug Total Backlinks(7)SOLD900
400Herzfehler.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: cardiac defect / cardiac defects Goggle KW Results(190000) SOLD600
410Potenz-Mittel.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: virility health Goggle KW Results(914000) SOLD210
420Hode.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: testicle Total Backlinks(1)pass
430Unfruchtbar.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: Infertile Total Backlinks(1)SOLD1000
440Hühnerauge.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: clavus Goggle KW Results(108000) SOLD500
450Wannenlift.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: bath tub lift Goggle KW Results(21700) SOLD700
460Qe.de1.000-9.999 EUR"" Alexa Rank(8410581)SOLD5000
470Wq.de1.000-9.999 EUR"" Alexa Rank(15045800)pass
480Staumeldungen.chNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: traffic jam news Alexa Rank(19307946)SOLD100
490FlugTarife.infoNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: air fares Goggle KW Results(350000) SOLD200
500Tur.atNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(73700000) SOLD430
510AsienRundreise.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: asia round trip Total Backlinks(1)SOLD230
520FlugPläne.atNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: flight schedules Goggle KW Results(183000) pass
530Vfd.atNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(2)SOLD250
540Nordkorea.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: north korea Alexa Rank(17305885)pass
550Vorpommern.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: german region Total Backlinks(6)SOLD750
560Verreisen.orgNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: to travel PageRank(2)pass
570Buchen.info1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: booking Goggle KW Results(14400000) pass
580StädteFlug.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: city flight Goggle KW Results(48000) pass
590FlugDatenbank.de1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: flight database PageRank(1)pass
600Flohbänder.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: flea collars Goggle KW Results(9600) SOLD60
610Jackett.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: jacket Goggle KW Results(200000) SOLD800
620Kinderwaegen.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: baby buggies Goggle KW Results(330000) SOLD1000
630KochBlog.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: cooking blog Goggle KW Results(221000) SOLD420
640TopWeine.comNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: top wines Goggle KW Results(205000) SOLD140
650MilitärFahrzeuge.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: military vehicles Goggle KW Results(166000) SOLD550
660MilitärShop.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: military shop Goggle KW Results(46800) SOLD500
670Weinbrand.comNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: brandy Goggle KW Results(175000) SOLD1500
680Kleider.info1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: clothes Total Backlinks(1)pass
690Speisen.de1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: food Alexa Rank(22698010)SOLD1600
700Stiefelette.de1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: half boot Alexa Rank(17305885)pass
710Würstchen.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: Sausage / sausages Goggle KW Results(639000) SOLD1550
720Militär.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: military Goggle KW Results(6070000) SOLD5000
730Waschmaschinen.de100.000-149.000 EUR& (Paket) English Translation: washing machines & washing machine pass
740Saeugetiere.atNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: mammals Goggle KW Results(526000) SOLD80
750Eidechsen.comNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: lizards Goggle KW Results(150000) SOLD1000
760Farmen.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: farms Total Backlinks(40)SOLD310
770Bikeblog.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Alexa Rank(3218778)SOLD280
780PokerFriends.deNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(41600) SOLD40
790PokerHaus.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: poker house Total Backlinks(1)SOLD40
800PokerHoldem.deNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(287000) SOLD100
810BaumHaus.atNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: tree house Alexa Rank(19307946)SOLD200
820MusicalStuttgart.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(1)pass
830Spö.comNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(1610000) pass
840Stierkampf.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: bullfight Alexa Rank(9714958)SOLD950
850Wetter-Cam.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: weather cam Total Backlinks(3)pass
860FilmBlog.de1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: movie blog Alexa Rank(11490490)pass
870Bankverbindungen.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: bank data Total Backlinks(4)SOLD100
880Festgelder.netNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: fixed deposits Goggle KW Results(28600) SOLD500
890Hedgefond.orgNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(2)SOLD600
900KreditKosten.infoNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: credit costs Goggle KW Results(64300) SOLD70
910Privat-Girokonto.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: private bank account Total Backlinks(2)SOLD100
920PrivatkontoVergleich.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: private bankaccount comparison Total Backlinks(4)SOLD40
930TagesgeldKonten.chNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: day-to-day money accounts Total Backlinks(10)SOLD110
940Versicherungspraemie.comNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: insurance rate Alexa Rank(15065791)pass
950KleinkreditVermittlung.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: Small Credit Agency Goggle KW Results(22) SOLD300
960Techblog.de1.000-9.999 EUR Goggle KW Results(2230000) pass
970Debitkarten.com1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: debit cards PageRank(2)pass
980Nu.de10.000-20.000 EUR"" PageRank(1)pass
990Umruestung.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: modification Goggle KW Results(607000) SOLD1050
1000ErdgasUmrüster.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: natural gas modificators Goggle KW Results(31400) SOLD150
1010UmzugsTransporter.comNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: relocation transporter Alexa Rank(15065791)SOLD310
1020AutoVerleiher.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: car rentals PageRank(1)SOLD600
1030Kleinlaster.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: light lorrySOLD700
1040ErdgasUmbau.comNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: natural gas modification Goggle KW Results(6530) pass
1050MpuBeratung.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: consultations to get a driving liscence after drink & drive Goggle KW Results(64200) SOLD600
1060JahreswagenBörse.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: one year old car market place Goggle KW Results(19900) SOLD600
1070Anfänger.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: Beginner / beginners Goggle KW Results(5280000) SOLD1050
1080Kühler.com1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: radiator Goggle KW Results(4000000) pass
1090Probefahrten.org10.000-20.000 EUR""English Translation: test drives PageRank(2)pass
1100Leihwagen.de100.000-149.000 EUREnglish Translation: rental car pass
1110DigitalRahmen.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: digital frame / digital frames Goggle KW Results(235000) pass
1120Günstige-Handyverträge.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: cheap cellphone contracts Goggle KW Results(187000) pass
1130Hd-Empfänger.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: hd-receiver Goggle KW Results(5080000) pass
1140HdSatellitenreceiver.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: hd satellite receiver Goggle KW Results(34500) pass
1150TouchMonitore.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: touchscreens Goggle KW Results(261000) pass
1160FotoDrucke.comNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: photo prints Total Backlinks(1)SOLD800
1170WlanKamera.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: wlancam Goggle KW Results(182000) SOLD500
1180HdFernseher.atNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: hd televison / hd televisions Goggle KW Results(152000) pass
1190DigitalKameras.de150.000-199.000 EUREnglish Translation: digital cameras pass
1200Kameras.de200.000-300.000 EUREnglish Translation: cameras pass
1210Präsentation.orgNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: presentation Goggle KW Results(4720000) SOLD160
1220Raeumung.netNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: Clearance / dispossession Goggle KW Results(410000) SOLD60
1230Us-Immobilie.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: US-real estate Goggle KW Results(12200000) SOLD100
1240WerbeFahnen.comNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: advertising flags Alexa Rank(22698010)SOLD950
1250Sonderfracht.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: special cargo Goggle KW Results(1860) pass
1260Brauchwasseranlage.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: raw water system Goggle KW Results(92600) SOLD700
1270Awu.atNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(3)SOLD150
1280Verkaeufe.netNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: sales Goggle KW Results(1690000) pass
1290Bwö.deNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(51000) pass
1300Whoisprotection.de1.000-9.999 EUR Goggle KW Results(25500) pass
1310Wirtschaft.org1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: economy (also pub) PageRank(1)pass
1320Firmen.de200.000-300.000 EUREnglish Translation: Firms / companies pass
1330HostingLoesungen.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: hosting solutions Goggle KW Results(124000) SOLD130
1340Scams.deNo Reserve-999 EUR Goggle KW Results(233000000) SOLD300
1350ServerGehaeuse.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: server rack / server racks Goggle KW Results(123000) pass
1360ServerRack.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(1)SOLD500
1370ComputerVirus.deNo Reserve-999 EUR"" Total Backlinks(1)SOLD900
1380Lüfter.com1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: fan Goggle KW Results(3490000) SOLD2500
1390Freemailer.de1.000-9.999 EUR Goggle KW Results(45500) pass
1400Azubis.atNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: apprentices (short term) Total Backlinks(9)SOLD110
1410Graphikerin.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: female designer/ graphic artist Goggle KW Results(119000) SOLD340
1420Nebenbeschäftigung.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: auxiliary income / spare-time work Total Backlinks(1)SOLD210
1430Unterstufe.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: lower grade Goggle KW Results(311000) SOLD200
1440Vertreter.chNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: Agent / ambassador / door-to-door salesman Goggle KW Results(9710000) SOLD30
1450Leibwaechter.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: Bodyguard / bodyguards Goggle KW Results(147000) SOLD1000
1460Grafikagentur.netNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: graphic agency Total Backlinks(1)SOLD360
1470Offsetdrucker.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: offset printer / offset printers Goggle KW Results(70000) SOLD200
1480KuenstlerService.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: artist service Goggle KW Results(33300) SOLD390
1490Buchführung.atNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: accounting Goggle KW Results(1020000) pass
1500Neben-Verdienst.deNo Reserve-999 EUR""English Translation: auxiliary income Total Backlinks(3)pass
1510Buchprüfung.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: checking of accounts Goggle KW Results(61500) SOLD650
1520RechtschreibPrüfung.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: spell check Goggle KW Results(286000) pass
1530LuxusKuechen.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: luxory kitchens Goggle KW Results(25500) SOLD600
1540MarkenTeppiche.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: brand carpets Goggle KW Results(2100) pass
1550PraxisStühle.deNo Reserve-999 EUREnglish Translation: (medical) practice chairs Goggle KW Results(9170) SOLD300
1560Einbauküche.ch1.000-9.999 EUR""English Translation: built-in kitchen Total Backlinks(8)SOLD1000
1570HotelMöbel.de1.000-9.999 EUREnglish Translation: hotel furniture Goggle KW Results(91700) pass

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September 3, 2010 @ 12:52 pm EDT

Top keyword, surprised it did fly = Life Insurance


September 3, 2010 @ 1:17 pm EDT

Twitter Trackbacks…


September 3, 2010 @ 3:15 pm EDT

2nd (equal) and 5th highest sales go to IDN’s?


[…] A recent Domainvermarkter Forum sale held in Munich, Germany by Moniker/Snapnames today yielded nice results for German IDNs — with over $20,000 in IDN sales as listed below. Rü (return trip insurance) 240 EUR Rä (wheels) 450 EUR Bjö (a first name) 200 EUR Jö (a first name) 500 EUR Populä (popular) 650 EUR Stä (stronger) 650 EUR GrosseBrü (Large Breasts) 550 EUR HängeBrü (Sagging Breasts) 450 EUR KleineBrü (Small Breasts) 500 EUR Fü (Feet) 400 EUR Tarifverträ (Collective Labor Agreements) 2000 EUR Hü (Clavus) 500 EUR Flohbä (Flea Collars) 60 EUR Militä (Military Vehicles) 550 EUR Militä (Military Shop) 500 EUR Wü (Sausage) 1550 EUR Militä (Military) 5000 EUR Anfä (Beginner(s)) 1050 EUR Prä (Presentation) 160 EUR Lü (Fan) 2500 EUR Nebenbeschä (Spare time work) 210 EUR Buchprü (Checking of Accounts) 650 EUR PraxisStü (Medical Practice Chairs) 300 EUR Einbaukü (Built in Kitchen) 1000 EUR Credit goes to DomainNameNews for first publishing the full set of sales along with the translations here. […]

Frank Michlick

September 3, 2010 @ 8:07 pm EDT

@Philip: It looks like most of the names that sold were low reserve names, buyers probably saw more of an opportunity in those. Nobody seems to have been willing to go for the more expensive ones, other than “”.

@Drew: Yep, it’s interesting to see IDNs taking a center stage in German domain sales.


September 6, 2010 @ 7:14 pm EDT

@Drew we grew up with these three IDNs, so why should’nt we use them?

and btw: I know of a problem about one IDN-sale…


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