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01|25|2008 01:39 pm EDT

LA Times Covers DomainFest Auction

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

DomainFest Global was a big hit last weekend, drawing attention from all the big names in the industry, hundreds of domainers, and even a local newspaper – the Los Angeles Times.

With the DomainFest auction taking place in the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel ballroom, people from all walks of life were trying to get in on the action. Companies were looking to find their home on the internet, domainers were looking to find slick deals, groups of people were watching the action, and a Los Angeles Times staff writer, Joseph Menn, was chasing down stories so that he could explain to others what a domain auction was.

In a story published on January 24, 2008, entitled “Porn sells; Satinpanties too,� (registration required) Joseph Menn covered the DomainFest auction, explaining to readers the ideas behind domain sales and the purpose of investing in domain names. “As with real-world property speculation, the Internet domain name business is built on limited supply and high hopes. It has booms and busts, rising corporate powers and rookies who wished they’d bought in the 1990s.�


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