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08|27|2010 03:17 pm EDT

MeetDomainers Manchester Live Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

After the jump you will find the live auction results from thew MeetDomainers Event held in Manchester, UK by Daniel Dryzek‘s and NameDrive. Highlight was the sale of for £12,500 and for £3,000, but it is also worth mentioning the unusual auctioneer the event had – domainer and domain reporter Morgan Linton did the job.

The event sold 10 out of the 50 listed domains for a total of £20,100 (close to $31,000 USD), with the proceeds of the first two lots going to the Waterschool charity.

Lot #Domain(s)Opening BidStatusPrice£75SOLD£350 and£200SOLD£450 &£200pass &£100pass£100pass£100pass£100pass£100pass£100pass £200SOLD£250£250pass£300SOLD£450£350pass£500SOLD£950£500pass£500pass£500pass£500pass£550SOLD£550£750pass£750SOLD£800 £750SOLD£800£1000pass£1,000pass£1,000pass£1,150pass£1,500pass£1,750pass£1,998pass£2,000pass &£2,998pass£3,000pass
33HolidayInsurance.CO£3,000pass£3,000SOLD£3,000£3,000pass£4,000pass£4,000pass£4,000pass£4,000pass£4,500pass &£6,000pass
42HighChair &£10,000pass£10,000SOLD£12,500£10,000pass£10,000pass£15,000pass£10,000pass£11,000pass£20,000pass +




August 27, 2010 @ 5:54 pm EDT sold for £800


August 28, 2010 @ 12:57 pm EDT

Were we allowed to submit for this event ? when was that please ?

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