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02|05|2008 04:02 pm EDT – Fishing For Offers on Ebay

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

An eBay auction for the domain name ended Monday afternoon with a bid of $310,000, but there was no sale yet. The high profile domain gained a lot of attention and speculation from domainers on whether or not the auction was legit.Apparently the auction was real as the details of the sale were covered by the Missoulian. According to the article, the sellers seemed more interested in testing the waters and would be more likely to look at offers in the 7 figure range.

“For us, the eBay auction was a chance to see what it’s worth in that setting, and the price did not meet our expectations,â€? . . . .

if someone walks through the door to Blackfoot with a $2 million check for, the company will gladly hear them out.

DomainNameNews is aware of several previous state .com sales, and an offer around $310,000 seems a touch low but a decent offer based on previous sales information and the size and demographics of the state. Ebay may not have been the best venue for such a high profile auction. Smart auction houses are probably on the phone with the owners right now trying to secure the rights to auction that domain.


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