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09|18|2008 02:01 am EDT

Multiple TRAFFIC Domain Auction Lists Released

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

With the auctions at TRAFFIC only a week away, much of the domain industry waits with bated breath for the release of the lists of domains to be auctioned at each of these events.  The lists are the first thing everyone starts talking about. It’s what gets the buzz going.  That turns in to a discussion on prices and how the acutions are run.  Based on these first looks at the 2 lists released so far this week and an exclusive sneek peek at the one list that hasn’t been released, this combination of auctions has the makings of a pretty amazing event. It’s a smorgasbord of domains, if you will.  DNN gives you the details about each of the three auction offerings from Moniker/SnapNames, Rick Latona and

The Moniker/SnapNames team released their preliminary lists of domains (excel) last week. It’s a stout list filled with over 2400 domains in a variety of price ranges, many of which will likely end up in the silent auction.  As is customary with Moniker auctions, the reserves aren’t specified, rather they are put in to price ranges. There’s some good domains at No Reserve including,,, and  It’s quite bold to put some really good domains like at a No Reserve price.  Hopefully the owner does some cleaning up of his own on that auction.

Typically the names on the Moniker list are pre-sorted and identify which are going to be in the live event and which will go in to the silent auction. With the current list however, it is unclear exactly which of these names will be put in the live auction.

Moniker has the “main event” auction on Thursday night which is allotted a 2 1/2 hour auction. In addition, Moniker will also be conducting an auction Tuesday night at the start of the show that features many of Rick Schwartz’s own domain names.  Register to bid online at

Rick Latona Auctions
In addition to a total redesign of his site Rick Latona announced his full list of domains today. Latona’s auction is also officially open for business as he has also started accepting bids on the domains. Users can go to and register to bid online.

Latona’s current list consists of 75 domains including domains like, (a “historic domain” registered way back in 1985), and The domain list has good descriptions and information provided on each domain, but doesn’t currently contain pricing information, so it is unclear what sort of reserves these domains will have.  Update 9/18: the list now contains reserves

A unique concept that Latona has included in his auctions is the addition of a mini-site developed by his company Domainers with no development knowledge can get a jump-start on developing their new asset by buying one of these “pre-made” sites.

Latona’s auction will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 EST, and he has an allotted time of 1 1/2 hours.
Finally, there’s, the new aftermarket company led by the combined efforts of Domain Tools and TrafficZ.  Obviously, Domain Tools has the experience of running auctions at Domain Roundtable events, but this team has changed the user interface and software completely according to their announcements.

There’s no “official” list released yet from the team, but after pushing I’ve been leaked a preliminary list of some of the names that have made the cut.  Here’s a sampling :,,,,,, and the package of and  The final list from is expected to be released by the end of the week. will also have a 1 1/2 hour time slot on Wednesday at 5 pm EST.

With all the domains available, an investor should likely find some picks of more than one name and spread their interest across all the different auctions.  The early auctions have the potential to deplete budgets if the names are priced right, but smart investors should also keep an eye on bargains in the later auctions as well as the silent auctions that follow the live events.

If you are looking to buy some domains, it’s time to start weeding through these lists and making some picks.  It’s also time to call and get your financing squared away.  Hopefully by the end of the week, we’ll start to see some more details so budget conscious domain investors can really begin to really refine their lists.

This should prove to be a very interesting three days of auctions.

Disclaimer : SnapNames/Moniker parent company is an advertiser on DNN.  The owner of the domains,,, and is also an advertiser on DNN.   Writer Adam Strong consults with, a company that assists with auction strategies.

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1 Comment

Jay Lohmann

September 18, 2008 @ 10:51 am EDT

Great run down of the event, the domains and what to expect. I was looking over Rick Latona’s list yesterday and was extremely impressed. Combined with Rick Swartzs’ list, this will probably be one of the strongest list of domains to go to auction in years. I hope the economy doesn’t affect prices to severely. et al is indeed a risky move. Why take the chance when all the other premium domains will be chewing up budgets? If they were the top of the heap, sure, but it’s pretty packed. Will definitely be watching that one close.

How did get in there? Weren’t Realtors one of the first corps to invoke WIPO? I know that word is TM’d. They were suing their own realtors to get domains back at least 18 months ago.

I also noticed a couple of .ws domains in there for $5k to 10k. Will be interesting to see if that ccTLD can break through the $4k mark.

Thanks again for the report. Can’t wait for this thing to kick off!

Jay Lohmann

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