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11|05|2008 01:31 am EDT

Sedo to Host First Ever Numeric Domain Auction

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

Sedo has announced plans to host the inaugural numeric domain auction from November 27 at 1pm until December 4 at 1pm EST.

The numeric-themed auction will be hosted online at and will feature premier numeric domains including,,, and There will also be less generic domain names including popular zip codes, area codes, and other valuable numbers.

“Numbers are the language of science and carry a lot of secondary meanings in cultures around the world – certain pairs are often associated with luck and prosperity, for example,” explained Jeremiah Johnston, the Chief Operating Officer of Sedo. “These factors make short, two-digit domain names valuable in any market.”

Sedo is still accepting domains for this event and will consider submissions meet the following criteria:

  • two-to-three numbers long with a .com or .net extension
  • four-numbers long with appeal (such as,, or
  • five numbers long with a .com and relevant appeal (such as a zip code)

You can contact Matthew Rosebrook, a Sedo broker, for more information at Matt.Rosebrook [at] or submit your domains directly through your Sedo account.

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