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12|19|2007 09:55 pm EDT

Sibername introduces premium .ca auctions

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

.ca domains have often been called the “hidden gem” by Canadian Domainers. The drop process for the registry takes place once a week, and most of the bidders at the drop-catch registrars know each other personally. Population-wise, Canada is a rather small country with only about 33 million people. It’s TLD, “.ca” is more popular than ever before despite it’s strict limits as to who is able to register a domain.

So far only SnapNames has been auctioning groups of selected .ca domain names on occasion. Now the registrar Sibername is running it’s first premium domain auction. From their announcement email:

We are pleased to announce that Sibername will be debuting the first ever Premium Canadian Domain dot ca auction this week. Bidding will conclude on the same day as our regular TBR auction, which is one day after CIRA Wednesday drop.

We are planing to run weekly auctions. If you would like to send us domain names for the Premium Domain Auction list, please specify the domain name, starting and reserved bid amounts at

The first auction is ending tomorrow, and here is the list of the first batch of names:


The list and future lists, will be listed on Sibernames TBR[2] page, which also lists domains that will become available in the weekly .ca drops.

[1] CIA world fact book, 33,390,141 (July 2007 est.)
[2] TBR = To Be Released, a term from the Canadian Registry’s (CIRA) vocabulary




December 20, 2007 @ 11:09 am EDT

Of course has been catching .CA domains for quite some time and making them available for auction as well. From what I can see, they have one of the highest success rates of all the CA drop catchers. And of course, just like the com/net drop, they only charge for a CA backorder if the domain is successfully grabbed.

Frank Michlick

December 20, 2007 @ 11:35 am EDT

Richard, Thank you for your comment.

This post was not meant to refer to Sibername’s TBR service, but rather to the additional auction specifically only for .CA domains they are running. While there are several .ca drop-catchers all with various degrees of success, I am not aware of a domain auction that exclusively listed .ca domains.


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