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01|10|2008 05:49 pm EDT

SnapNames/Domain Fest Live Auction List Released

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

Snap Name Live AuctionA preliminary list of domains for the Domain Fest Global Snap Names Live Auction was officially released yesterday. The list is available for download at SnapNames.

Domain Name News took a little time to review the list and the domains on the list look very strong. One thing that we noticed however was that the list has no prices or reserve ranges listed. Live auctions by Moniker and DomainTools tend to release lists in advance with prices or a range that the reserves might fall into. We called on Jothan Frakes at Oversee to get some answers and find out more about the auction.

Frakes told us that their ultimate goal is to have the best names on auction at prices that are rational and attractive to a potential bidder, and there’s a big focus on what he calls the “‘duh’ factor�. He described the “’duh’ factor� as being clear attraction to names and prices for a buyer. It basically means they are ensuring that the amount of time per name a buyer spends scratching their head to figure out where the valuation is justified or how many decades before breaking even on investment are being minimized or eliminated.

“SnapNames is where people go to get the best quality domains in the secondary market, and the vast pool of SnapNames buyers are repeat buyers because of the quality of inventory and value pricing. The auction is a natural extension of this same experience. This is an auction that was made for buyers. We’ve put a lot of painstaking review into selecting the best names ever on a live auction list, at prices that will attract buyers” Frakes said. “We have almost a dozen extremely experienced staff members who have rated and hand picked every name on this list”.

Frakes informed us that the list has been culled down to 2500 domains for the three auctions, 2 live and one extended auction on SnapNames. Ultimately, 400 names will be selected for the live event. With these sourced from over 120,000 domains submitted, the focus has been on domains that had a clear and apparent value.

In reviewing the preliminary list, we spotted a higher number of 2 character .coms than we’ve seen at other auctions (, and There are some very strong geo domain names such as and Additionally, the adult domains, which in our 2007 Year in Domains were noted to be hot, are well represented by the pair and With the current high prices in the adult sector, attractive reserves on these domains will surely spark some interest. Frakes also added that the live event will include a list of “some very attractive .mobi domains released from the premium registry list “.

When pressed for more information on the reserve prices Frakes wouldn’t give up the secrets, but quipped that this auction will be “fantastically attractive event for buyers seeking good quality domains and appropriate reserves” and low reserves should spark a ton of bidding both online and live.

The final list of domains for the event is scheduled for January 16th and will be published shortly. For more information on attending the event visit the DomainFest site and for information on bidding visit SnapNames.



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January 11, 2008 @ 1:19 pm EDT

Just wonder. How owner can sell domain of Athens, the world’s largest producer of fillo dough and fillo products?
Should the buyer purchase the whole product company? :)


January 11, 2008 @ 1:27 pm EDT

Wonder if they’re still accepting domain entries for the auction?

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