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08|29|2008 11:59 am EDT

SnapNames/Moniker auction hit by Human Error again

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

In the Silent Domain auction for the SES conference, which originally was supposed to end yesterday, the domain “” was re-listed accidentally, even though it had originally been reported as sold at the Internext for $17,000.00. Participants in the auction were informed about the problem via email a few hours before bidding ended. Recently Moniker/Snapnames had accidentally listed and sold a .com version of a domain instead of the .net version. Read all the details after the jump.

The first email from Moniker stated:

I regret to inform you that we have an issue with this domain and it will need to be removed from auction. We appreciate the bid but we will have to cancel this auction and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I will email you when the auction is removed and you are not responsible for purchasing the domain.

In a second email Moniker provided some additional information about the cause of the removal:

[…] It sold at the Internext Live Auction and this appears to be the problem. They [sic] system didn’t recognize this sale at the beginning of the month as all the rest were removed from availability. Apparently this domain was the only Live Sale at Internext that was also positioned for the SES auction. Similar instances were dealing with Internext Extended auctions that were sold and positioned for the SES auction, thus they were removed when sold.

Again, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of the issue but this appears to be the logical explanation. Also checking to see if this bug is affecting any other domains.

SnapNames has promised us an official statement about this incident after their investigation completes.

In addition the SnapNames auction site was hit by another downtime just as the silent auction for the SES domains was concluding. According to Snapnames, the silent auction was completed before the downtime.

[Thanks to NameWise & Stefan/Adblogger (German) for bringing this to our attention]

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[…] i wanted to buy together with good friend adblogger, due to errors besides snapnames/moniker the auction failed. thanks to frank michlick this issue becomes public coverage. […]

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