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06|09|2010 07:16 pm EDT

Targeted TRAFFIC Vancouver .CA Live Auction Results

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

We will be live blogging blogged the auction results at the Targeted TRAFFIC Vancouver .CA Live Auction in Vancouver. As always we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

According to our numbers 18 of 53 (34%) domains sold for a grand total of $263,050 with the top sale of the geo-domain pulling in $195,000.

See the full unofficial auction results after the jump.

Lot NumberLot TitleLot DescriptionStatusPrice
10Wed.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
20Zombies.ca1 – 1,500pass
30Drinks.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
35Awards.ca1 – 1,500conditional$400
40Fund.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
50Spanish.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
60Streaming.ca1 – 1,500pass
70Townhomes.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
80Townhouses.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
90Vehicles.ca5,001 – 20,000SOLD$9,000
100Designs.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
110HighSchool.ca1,501 – 5,000conditional$1,800
115Denim.ca1 – 1,500SOLD$500
120BowlingBalls.ca1 – 1,500pass
130BowlingShoes.ca1 – 1,500pass
140Choppers.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
150Rockers.ca1 – 1,500conditional$600
160VancouverTravel.com1,501 – 5,000pass
165Importing.ca1 – 1,500conditional$400
170Diet.ca5,001 – 20,000SOLD$20,000
180Cupid.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
190Mike.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
200Wakeboards.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
205Peaches.ca1 – 1,500pass
210Snowboards.ca20,001 – 100,000conditional$20,250
220Skateboards.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
230Race.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
250NovaScotiaJobs.com1 – 1,500SOLD$1,000
260Branding.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
270SurreyRealty.ca1 – 1,500SOLD$400
275Giveaways.ca1 – 1,500pass
280Lot of 50 Domains1 – 1,500SOLD$1,300
290NurseryRhymes.ca1 – 1,500pass
300LZ.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
310TroutFishing.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
320Lot of 50 Domains1 – 1,500SOLD$1,200
330HL.ca1 – 1,500SOLD$2,800
340Lot of 50 Domains1 – 1,500SOLD$1,300
350VancouverAttorneys.com20,001 – 100,000pass
360VancouverLawyers.com20,001 – 100,000pass
370RX.ca20,001 – 100,000pass
380LoseWeight.ca20,001 – 100,000pass
390Lot of 50 Domains1 – 1,500SOLD$1,100
400Lesbians.ca5,001 – 20,000pass
410TrustAccount.ca1 – 1,500pass
420TrustAccounts.ca1 – 1,500pass
430Recovery.ca1,501 – 5,000pass
440Lot of 500 Domains1 – 1,500SOLD$4,500
450Jazz.ca1 – 1,500SOLD$1,500

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June 9, 2010 @ 7:16 pm EDT

Thanks Frank, will be interesting to see. The .ca cannot get a better venue so its make or break imo.


June 9, 2010 @ 8:48 pm EDT

Thanks for posting these results.

What is the ‘conditional’?

Daniel Dryzek

June 9, 2010 @ 8:56 pm EDT

Well, rescued whole “.ca” auction. Te same keywords but in Polish and with .pl TLD would get higher bids, which is quite odd for me. I would expect at least 50% more but for .ca names. Does anyone can explain to me why, or didn’t find buyers?


June 9, 2010 @ 9:05 pm EDT was saved itself lol Thats a huge sum for that name.

R. M.

June 9, 2010 @ 10:45 pm EDT

I love the automated appraisal sites.
Valuate states that Surrey is worth $ 82K.
And, they are willing to sell it at a discounted price for the owner.

Congratulations to the seller of Surrey.

June 9, 2010 @ 11:05 pm EDT

@Daniel, good question, there are several reasons that .ca did’t get higher bids as you would expect.

Canada being an early adopter of the internet adopted .com first, and .ca second. Also most companies in Canada depend heavily on trade with the US something like 80% for some, so many don’t want to brand themselves with .ca domains, fearing that somehow this might inconvenience their customers, or make them less of a “global” company.

The .ca domain is not as popular (or as valued) as perhaps is in UK , .de in Germany, and .pl in Poland. Although more and more (local) companies are starting to choose .ca domains for their business. Another factor is that english-speaking market in Canada is smaller than polish speaking in Poland.

And again there is the Canadian presence requirement, which might affect the prices by curbing speculation, it’s not clear.

All in all the .ca domains are undervalued in my opinion.


June 10, 2010 @ 12:25 am EDT

“Another factor is that english-speaking market in Canada is smaller than polish speaking in Poland.”

What?… actually I know what you mean but what does that have to do with the extension. So I suppose dot com suffers globally lol And btw over 80% of Canadians hold english as their first language ( census ).

For your theory to hold water it would mean that non english speakers around the world wouldnt use dot com either and within Canada .ca, nonsense.

June 10, 2010 @ 1:53 am EDT

Quebec is the largest Canadian province in area size, and the second largest in population. Quebec is a mainly French-speaking society, and the defence of its language and culture colours all politics in the province.

so this fact has a lot to do with the .ca extension, and its use.

Also comparing .com to .ca in this sense is silly as .com is global, whereas .ca is country specific tld


June 10, 2010 @ 3:54 am EDT

Following through on the economic argument put forward earlier by
– Canada’s economy is largely driven by exports to the US. In fact, the US represents over 2/3rds of all Canadian trade (imports & exports combined). A .ca domain can act a ‘barrier’ for US customers to visit and/or purchase (both b2b and regular consumers).
– Despite .com being a global-TLD, it is often thought of as being the ‘American’ extension. Given the economic reality (mentioned above), it is vital that Canadians ‘speak’ & ‘talk’ in the language of our American neighbours (err: neighbors – hehe). And, in the language of the internet, a .com speaks more to a US citizen than a .ca (or even a .us for that matter).
– America’s largest trading partner is Canada (16% of total US trade); and represents the largest trading relationship of any 2 countries worldwide.
~~~ 2009 US Trade – Exports & Imports (in $USD) ~~~ [source: US Census]
– #1 – Canada – $429.64 Billion (~16% of total)
– #2 – China – $365.98 Billion
– #3 – Mexico – $305.53 Billion
– As mentioned, Canada’s largest trading partner is the US (~66% of Canada’s total trade – proportionally much larger than the 16% Canadian share of total US trade).
~~~ 2008 Canada Trade – Exports & Imports (in $USD) ~~~ [source: Stats Canada]
– #1 – US – $482.16 Billion (~66% of total)
– #2 – China – $42.40 Billion
– #3 – Japan – $21.12 Billion

Daniel Dryzek

June 10, 2010 @ 6:40 am EDT Some good points mentioned by you: .com being adopted earlier than .ca (similar in France – .com earlier than .fr but now it is changing), a lot of cooperation with the US + presence requirement and I have answer for my question :) Thank you.

Sharon Hayes

June 10, 2010 @ 7:04 am EDT

I’m in Canada but have rarely owned any .ca domains and for clients we broker/acquire domains for out of Canada, there is very little interest in .ca. Unlike a business is regional and limited in scope to Canada, it just makes no sense as most companies with significant funds for domain investment also do business or plan to do business in the US so a .ca extension would hurt or limit expansion.


June 10, 2010 @ 7:59 am EDT

“Quebec is the largest Canadian province in area size, and the second largest in population. Quebec is a mainly French-speaking society”

And this is why .ca isn’t taking off?

What does are have to do with anything, most speak perfectly good english (again maybe you missed the census).

You seem to mix fairly good points with absolute stupidity.

The .ca hasnt taken off and struggled like most all others for one simple reason, dot com. Its the king, the world knows it and trade with the US etc doesnt stop small business from using .ca, heck they likely cant get the .com for a reasonable sum. Your excuses are just that, excuses.

And youre talking with someone who has likely sold more valuable .ca than nearly anyone else for years.


June 10, 2010 @ 8:06 am EDT


80%+ Canadians speak english, its a non factor.
Small business and even large do not reject .ca because of international trade, they couldn’t even get or afford the .com if they wanted to, its a psycological issue.

Your trade numbers mean NOTHING unless you can show the bulk of that number coming from Canadian companies who reject .ca, wheres the proof?


June 10, 2010 @ 8:12 am EDT

No need to post proof, found it in 5 minutes, looked at Canadas largest importer/exporters, almost all use a .ca, I suppose they should send of letters to Canadian residences and small biz to let them know its ok to use .ca?

At the end of the day there is money to be made in everything, aim for the best and stop the crying when your crap doesnt move, the only thing that would need immediate change to see success is your business model.

Frank Michlick

June 10, 2010 @ 10:32 am EDT

@TV “Conditional” means that the bid was below the reserve and needs to be accepted by the seller.


June 13, 2010 @ 11:50 am EDT

What has language got to do with .ca domain popularity anyway? Are you trying to say that French speaking Canadians dont use the Internet or something?!!! Wake up!!!

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