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05|30|2008 03:03 pm EDT Partners with Domain Strategies to Create Next-Gen Career Development Resource

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Development has teamed up with Domain Strategies, a leader in domain development, in an effort to create the ultimate career development resource center.

“When I registered the domain and founded in 1995, it was my hope that one day the site would be recognized as among the leading career information web sites in the world,” explained Marc D. Snyder. “Having the chance to work with Rob and Scott and the Domain Strategies team is making that dream a reality.”

In an industry that receives nearly 10% of all internet traffic, the potential for is obvious. Top job sites such as, and have experienced consistent growth for years. By providing a cutting edge service that is focussed on helping people through their entire adult life – whether selecting schools for higher education or researching and choosing a career path – believes it can provide its visitors with the solutions they need.

“ is a great domain name that has already been built into a solid business as a career resource directory,” said Scott Fasser, President and COO of Domain Strategies. “Marc and I believe there is a lot more that can be accomplished on the domain as a partnership between our design, development and marketing expertise with Marc’s research and career management expertise.”

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