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01|29|2008 09:25 pm EDT

Salient Properties Teams Up With Domain Strategies to Develop

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Development

Salient Properties and Domain Strategies have joined together to create a new company, WiFi.Com, LLC. By teaming up to develop, the companies believe that they will be able to grow the domain into a leading technology center for the WiFi industry.

In 2006, was purchased by Stuart Wood, President of Salient Properties, for $225,000. Since then the domain has acted as a successful WiFi technology portal. But according to Wood, Rob Monster and his team at Domain Strategies convinced him that there was more potential for the website with a partnership.

Domain Strategies has developed a three-step process for domain assessment and development. After successfully applying this process to numerous top tier domains, they believe that will see similar results.

“By partnering with the premium domain owner and aligning interests through a joint ownership of a new company, we are able to focus available capital on the building of the business rather than simply buying a domain,� Rob Monster, Founder and Chairman of Domain Strategies explained. “By partnering, we extend the range of our capital, include the domain owner in the vision and allow everyone to participate in a significant increase in value of the enterprise.�

It will be interesting to see what happens with as this partnership begins building the domain into a broader business model.


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